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chapter 5: Meet Ino, killer kunochi

TenTen searched the stack of papers faxed over to her by Kin to find out all that she could on Ino.

She sat on her king sized bed and read.

"Ino Yamanaka... mind altering jutsu's that allow her to transfer her mind inot the body of her enemy controlling their every move but any hit that lands on the hosts body is also sent to her own unconscoius body, lived with both parents, no siblings, has been sent on over fifty missions, never failed once, was reported missing from her hometown when she went to join 'red' an underground assassin hideout. She was sent on her first mission when she was thirteen, never showed sorrow or guilt when killing, grew up with mainly males in her life, cant stand competion and is also very competivtive, uses ruthlessness to kill anyone who stands in her way, short tempered, stabs her enemies in vital parts, head, and heart to ensure that they die, born on September 23, blood type- B, height:151.2 cm, weight:38.5 kg, Mind transfer jutsu range- 0-10km, mind destruction jutsu sends confusion to the target and sends them attacking their own allies unable to stop themselves and must maintain the hand seal to complete the jutsu or it will stop, has white blond hair with side bang, green to blue eyes, and wears a purple ansamble." TenTen read to herself.

"That wasnt much" she sighed to herself throwing the papers on the side night stand.

Time to kill my target she thought getting up from her bed and walking out the door.

She swallowed hard. She didn't know if she should feel sorry for her or glad that she was crying but she did know that she was feeling a bit of jealousy seeing them like that on the beach.

She was going to do what she was there to do, to kill Neji but on the way there when she spotted him walking by the boardwalk she had the instinct to follow him and now that she had in a way she regretted it.

She looked on from her table where she was ''eating''. They were starting to move, or at least Neji was, while he carried Sakura's unconscoius body away from the beach.

TenTen wasnt sure if she should fall them. She sat arguing with herself silently fapping the menue she was looking at in all directions.

She glanced back and saw they were getting further and further away from her. Getting up she followed them making sure that she was spacing herself from them.

Through the town Neji got confused looks as he walked down the crowded street with the body of his friend. TenTen almost felt sorry for him but could only laugh as she watched from a building roof.

She continued to follow them with her eyes when she spotted a blond haired girl dressed in purple with pale blue/green eyes.

She almost froze for a second and was sure that she hadnt been spotted but before she knew it Ino shot a quick look at her and was then in a blink of an eye standing in front of her.

"My, my i think you've lost your way little girl. That's MY target your following around." came the annoyed voice of Ino hands on her hips with a menacing hint to her high pitched voice.

"You must really be confused if you think Im going to let you take the credit of killing a Hyuuga. You might as well go back home miss Ino Yamanaka who ran away from her hometown to join the 'red' that right?" TenTen shot back resting her hand on her chin and glaring back showing perfect posture.

Ino rasied her eyebrow upon hearing about her past from someone she never met before.

"Get lost I got here first and you are really mistaking if you think Im going to let a blond bitch beat me." TenTen added.

"And your going to make me? Keep dreaming bitch" Ino fired back walking closer to TenTen.

They soon came face to face glaring at each other.

"Well then I guess we'll have to see who wins this one first." Ino compromised.

"I think we know that I'm going to win this one INO so get the hell out of here and you'll save yourself humiliation from being beat by me." TenTen smirked.

Ino didnt say anything but TenTen wasnt going to give her the chance to either.

"First and last warning, get the hell out of this town." TenTen threatend. She kissed her two fingers and shoved Ino from the ledge of the building down and laughed at her. With that she happily jumped off into the air and disappeared.

Before Ino hit anyone she landed safely on a store sign.

This was now personal she decided gritting her teeth.

TenTen felt pumped up. This was going to make things more intresting and she couldn't wait to see what the turn out would be.

Sitting on top of a tree she didn't know where to go now. Should she still follow Neji or should she call it a day?

Nightfall was starting to kick in and she decided that it was too early to call it a day.

"Thats that then" she told herself getting up and jumping from tree to tree to the Hyuuga residence.


He lay in his room on his red and gold quilted sheets on his king sized matress. He wasnt sure what to think.

Going to see Sakura was too soon. He hadn't meant for her to break down like that.

But he knew that it was the right thing to do when he kissed the girl that was sent to kill him.

He had the urge to see her again but he didnt know how he could. He was used to people coming after him to try to kill him but this was the first time that he wanted to meet one of them for other purposes.

She was somehow different since she was the youngest that he had ever seen that was sent to kill him.

He rubbed his temples with his fingers and sighed, this was getting complicating.

He sat up deciding that it was too hot in his room and went to sit on the balcony. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath in.

"Are you coming down from there or what?" Neji asked still closing his eyes.

TenTen was suprised. He actually sensed her and there he still was calm as if she didn't make any kind of threat to him.

She quickly jumped down and stood infront of him.

"Arent you going to say anything?" she asked taking out a kunai knife.

He opened up his left eye and looked at her and her weapon.

"You not going to get me like that I'll tell you that" he blankly stated.

"Lets see what you say after!" she boasted jumping on top of him.

She had him pinned down and was holding the weapon against his throat. Face to face TenTen smirked.

"What do you say now?" she asked.

Not moving at all he smiled and in one swift motion he turned the tables grabbing her arm and twisting her body around and holding the weapon against her as she lay on the black sun chair with Neji on top of her.

She swallowed hard before beginning to talk.

"Go ahead. Can you bring yourself to do it?" she sighed as if she wasnt in danger closing her eyes.

He was a bit taken back seeing as she made no attempt to save herself and one thing he wasn't about to do was kill a female who was defenseless, even though she came to him first trying to attack him.

"There, right there" she directed as she took his hand with the weaopn and placed it on her neck.

She opened her eyes when she heard the clattering sound the metal object made when it hit the floor.

She looked up at him and got angry shoving him off her.

"Why didn't you do it!! Do you see a weak person before your eyes!! Am I weak to you!!" she accused him as he stood there and blankly looked at her.

"You way too loud" he commented.

"..." she didn't say anything and looked away almost embarassed. She didn't know what to do. She didn't even know why she was really there and where this situation was now heading seeing as he didn't kill her.

"Why...Why do they even want you dead?" she hesitated to ask him, making sure not to make eye contact with him.

"W'ell if it you i can tell you" he whispered as if it were some great big secret. He motioned for her to come closer to him.

She wasn't sure she should but did any way.

When she leaned in he cupped her face and kissed her.

TenTen didn't know what to do. She wasn't sure if she should let him or if she should push himm off her. He was doing it again for the second time.

Making up her mind she shoved him off, "What are you doing?" she asked almost out of breath holding her arm to her lips.

He didn't reply only look on smiling almost making fun of her.

She didn't want to wait for him to respond and jumped off the balcony in a quick attempt to make her get away.

She ran and ran until she was sure he couldn't see her anymore confussed and shocked, not looking back.

He watched her run and disappear into the night and smiled, "check mate" he whispered to the wind.

His thoughts were broken when he felt his phone vibrating.

"Hello?" he answered flipping the device open.

"Is she dead yet?" came the voice of a high pitched female on the other end.

"Not yet"

"Well get on it! She can't come back alive" she stated.

"I'll get on it Kin" Neji sighed to the phone.

"Good" she remarked before he flipped his phone shut.

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