Author's Note: When 6teen got cancelled here in California, but before the DVDs came out, I had some bad 6teen cravings that could not be satisfied. So I decided to write a fanfic, except I didn't know what to write about. And since I had writer's block, I wrote about writer's block. And that's this fanfic! Enjoy.

SCENE: The courtyard near The Big Squeeze. Jude and Nikki are walking together, and Nikki is carrying a notebook.

Jude: So what's with the notebook, bra?
Nikki: It's for some lame creative writing project I have to do for school. I need to listen to some people who are talking and "transcribe their conversation".
Jude: Wait, you're going to, like...spy on somebody and write down whatever they say?
Nikki: Pretty much, yeah.
Jude: And you have to do this for homework?
Nikki: It's supposed to help me become a better writer.
Jude: Dude, that is the craziest homework assignment I have ever heard of! I wanna become a writer!
Nikki: are going to be a writer.
Jude: I can do it!
Nikki: Have you ever written anything before?
Jude: Well, no...but that's not gonna stop me from writing the greatest book ever!
Nikki: Whatever. If you need me, I'll be here writing down people's conversations.
Jude: Okay.

Jude leaves, and Nikki looks around for a conversation to write. She sees two people who are talking, walks up behind them, and starts writing down what they say.

Person 1: ...she had never gone horseback riding before!
Person 2: Never?
Person 1: She said that a horse—

Person 1 notices Nikki and gives her a strange look.

Person 1: Um, let's go somewhere else.

Person 1 and Person 2 walk away quickly. Nikki rolls her eyes, then goes and sits down at a table next to three people who are eating.

Person 3: The food here is awful.
Person 4: You get used to it after awhile.
Person 5: Get used to it? How can you—

Person 5 notices Nikki is writing down everything they're saying.

Person 5: Hey! What are you doing?
Nikki: Writing.
Person 5: ...Okay...

Persons 3, 4, and 5 not-so-discreetly move to a table farther away from Nikki.

Nikki: Hmmm...this may be harder than I thought...

SCENE: The Stick It. Jude has a pen in his hand, and is staring at a piece of paper, unsure of what to write.

Jude: Um...

Jude stares at the paper.

Jude: Huh...

Jude stares at the paper some more.

Jude: Oh...writing the greatest book ever is HARD!

SCENE: Wherever. Nikki's search to find a conversation has become so desperate that she has settled for listening to the clones.

Clone: So then she was all, "It's a brown shirt!" And I was all, "No it's not!"
Clone: No way!
Clone: Was it a brown shirt?
Clone: No! That's why I told her it wasn't!

Nikki pretends to gag, which catches the clones' attention.

Clone: Do you mind?! We're trying to have a private conversation here!

The clones glare angrily at Nikki, and Ron the Security Guard shows up.

Ron: I've been watching you, punk. You've been spying on everyone in the mall. You know what I do to spies?
Nikki: It's for a homework assignment. See—
Ron: If you don't leave quietly, or I will use force to—
Nikki: Fine! Whatever! I'm leaving!

SCENE: Wherever. Jude is asking Wyatt for writing advice.

Jude: Wyatt, I got a problem, bro. Can you help me?
Wyatt: Sure, Jude. What's up?
Jude: You know how you're always writing songs and stuff, right?
Wyatt: Yeah...
Jude: How do you know what to write?
Wyatt: It's simple. I just write what I feel like.
Jude: Hmmm...what you feel like...I think I can do that!
Wyatt: Everyone can. Writing's really not that difficult. I mean, how do you feel right now?
Jude: Kinda hungry.
Wyatt: Uh...
Jude: So I'll write about a guy who's hungry!

SCENE: Wherever. Nikki is reading Jude's story.

Nikki: "The story of the dude who was hungry so he went to the Taco Shack to get a taco."
Jude: Yeah, it's kind of a long title, but I think it works well.
Nikki: "Once there was a dude who was hungry, so he went to the Taco Shack to get a taco. The End." THIS is supposed to be the greatest story ever?
Jude: Aw...I'm not a good writer, okay? I can't think of anything to write about!
Nikki: (sigh) I didn't write anything either. Every time I tried to write down what other people were saying, they got mad at me and went away.
Jude: Let's just face it: we are the worst writers ever! We're going to fail our writing class for sure!
Nikki: Jude, you're not IN the writing class, remember?
Jude: Oh, yeah. Well, then it's just you who's going to fail.
Nikki: Gee, thanks for the encouragement.

A pause.

Jude: Hey! Why don't I help you fake a conversation?
Nikki: How?
Jude: I'll start talking to Caitlyn at the lemon. She can't go away because she's at her job!
Nikki: That's not a bad idea. Let's try it.

SCENE: The Big Squeeze. Jude and Nikki are hiding behind the lemon.

Jude: Operation Interesting Conversation is about to commence. You ready?
Nikki: Yeah.

Jude walks out in front of the lemon.

Caitlyn: Hi, Jude.
Jude: Caitlyn, I came here to tell you something.
Caitlyn: Sure, what is it?
Jude: Um...uh...I...
Caitlyn: Yeah?
Jude: I uh...hold on a second.

Jude ducks behind the lemon to talk to Nikki.

Jude: What do I have to tell her?
Nikki: Make something up!
Jude: Make what up?
Nikki: I don't know! Something...dramatic! Just go!

Nikki pushes Jude back in front of the lemon.

Caitlyn: So what did you want to tell me?
Jude: (thinking) Something dramatic...something dramatic...
Jude: I love you, Caitlyn!
Caitlyn: What?
Jude: I love you! Please be my girlfriend!
Caitlyn: Jude, this so...unexpected. Why are you doing this?
Jude: Well...I realized I love you have blonde hair, and I have blonde hair, so we both have blonde hair, so we're like...totally meant for each other!
Caitlyn: Jude, are you feeling okay?
Jude: Actually, I'm feeling...kinda hungry. Wanna go to the Taco Shack with me and get a taco?
Caitlyn: You mean, like, on a date?
Jude: Uh...hold on a second.

Jude ducks behind the lemon to talk to Nikki again.

Jude: She thinks I'm asking her out on a date!
Nikki: So what do you want me to do about it?
Jude: Hey, I agreed to help you do your homework, not date Caitlyn!
Nikki: Don't blame me! This whole thing was your idea!
Jude: Not it wasn't!
Nikki: Yes it was!
Jude: Aw...I hate being a writer! I wanna quit!
Nikki: Then quit! Nobody's stopping you!
Jude:'re right!

Jude goes back to Caitlyn.

Jude: I'm sorry, Caitlyn, but I can no longer be your boyfriend.
Caitlyn: What?
Jude: I have decided to stop being a writer, and so we must break up.
Caitlyn: ? But we were never togeth—
Jude: (getting extremely dramatic) No, no! Don't speak, my good ship lollipop! It was destiny!
Caitlyn: Jude, you're starting to worry me.
Jude: Maybe our paths will cross again someday...maybe you'll be listening and in the wind you'll hear my voice saying, "Don't cry for me, Caitlyn! I'm already there!"

Caitlyn grabs a towel and soaks it with water.

Caitlyn: Jude, you sound delirious. Here, put this wet towel on your forehead.
Jude: But I'm not...oh, whatever.

Jude puts the towel on his forehead and sits down.

Caitlyn: Good, I'll call Jen and have her bring a doctor or something.

Nikki sighs and steps out in front of the lemon.

Nikki: Don't worry, Caitlyn. Jude's not sick.
Caitlyn: Nikki? What were you doing behind the lemon?
Nikki: I was writing down the conversation you and Jude were having.
Caitlyn: (gasps) You were spying on us? I can't believe you!
Nikki: But it's for—
Caitlyn: Hmph!
Jude: Ha ha, Caitlyn's mad at you now!
Nikki: Jude!
Jude: I mean, uh...Caitlyn, it's not Nikki's fault. I was in on the plan, too.
Caitlyn: Plan? What plan?
Jude: Uh...

Author's Note: I can't figure out what to write here, so I'll skip to the finish. Just pretend you're watching the show, and there's a commercial break here.

Caitlyn: So it was all just for your creative writing homework?
Nikki: Yeah.
Caitlyn: That is the weirdest homework assignment I've ever heard of.
Jude: That's what I said!
Nikki: Yeah, well, it's not half as weird as the conversation I'll be turning in. "I love you because you have blonde hair, and I have blonde hair"?
Jude: Hey, I thought that was a good line!
Caitlyn: was a little strange, Jude.
Jude: Okay, fine! I'm not a good writer, OR a good actor! I'm just not creative!
Caitlyn: Don't worry about it. You're still a good friend.
Jude: Really?
Nikki: Yeah, you helped me finish my homework assignment and everything.
Jude: Aw...thanks, Nikki! You guys are awesome, too!
Caitlyn: (clapping) Yay! Friends forever!

A pause.

Jude: So...can I take the wet towel off my forehead now?
Caitlyn: Sure.