"Normal speech"

'Thinking or talking to a demon'

"Kyuubi speach"

'Kyuubi thought'

"Atanih speech"

'Atanih thought'

Just wanted to clear that up.

Stunned by the question and the horror of what had happened Hinata gazed upon the bloody mess that was her cousin. She slowly backed away numb to her surroundings she called, "I-I forfeit," just as the medical team was collecting Neji.

A silence hung in the air as her words registered in the proctor's thoughts. "You what?" he said approaching the girl.

"I s-said I forfeit Neji wins" 'Look what I've done now, I'm a monster.' She thought to herself. Soon Kurenai was at her side berating her with questions Hinata did not want to answer. So she did what she had always done… she ran. She ran away from the match, from the pain, from her past, from the site of him laying there looking just like She had when... No she shook her head violently to clear her thoughts.

"Uh alright I… guess, Winner Neji Hyuuga." The proctor said but she was no longer there.

The crowd of students stood stunned until Naruto broke the silence "What the hell was that?"

It was not a human that answered him but rather the Kyuubi "That Kit was one very pissed kitsune, a vixen to be exact."

'What's that?'

"A fox demon, a female fox demon."

'Did Hinata summon it or something?'

"Your guess is as good as mine, but I know one thing that was no summoning."

'That was not the Hyuuga girl, it was a completely different entity.'

"Yeah, Kakashi-sensei, what was that?" Sakura asked pulling Naruto out of his private conversation.

"I'm not quite sure Sakura, but it was probably a summoning of some sort or a transformation like Kiba used earlier."

"Oh but then why did she forfeit?"

"She probably felt she had done enough and wanted to train for another year before she took the exam again."

"Oh that sounds right."

With the hokage

"Hokage-sama should we send someone after her?"

"No give the poor girl time to cool down."


"What the hell was that, I set everything up perfectly!?"

'You were going to kill him!'

"And I don't see a problem there why do you let them hurt you?! If you didn't want me to, then why bring me out?"

'I just wanted to win for Naruto-kun so badly I didn't even think about it...'

"Stupid, weak human if you make a plan stick to it."

'I'm sorry, Atanih.'

"Well sorry ain't gonna win anything….. Hinata let out a pathetic whimper.Oh alright I forgive 'ya just don't be so stupid next time"

Hinata looked up she hadn't even realized where she had run.

It was there, her mother's willow tree, the only place that ever held any warmth for her.

She ascended through the branches of the ancient forestry firmly settling on the one she loved most. Hinata gazed out into the forest she couldn't see any sign of civilization, which was obvious being as she was about two miles past any normal city limits.

As the wind picked up she shivered and crawled onto the carved out hollow about 4 feet wide by 5 feet high just enough for a woman and her child to huddle in closely. Hinata rolled up there cuff of her jacket and examined the healed flesh. 'Thanks for healing me.'

The kitsune brushed off her thanks with a simple, "You needed it."

Hinata lay there with her memories of the past time when her mother brought her here, thinking back she could almost hear a voice in the treetops caressing her ears with a lullaby.