Okay, so I've had this idea floating around in my mind for a while now, and decided to act on it. I can't tell you much of anything about it, other than it's going to be really sad at times, but also filled with fluff.

Mentioned Characters: Chuck, Sarah, Casey, Beckman, Graham.
Episode: Comes after Chuck vs. the Marlin.
Pairings: Chuck/Sarah.
Extra Note: Yes, this is going to be mainly about Sarah, but it will have parts that are about Chuck, and ironically enough, the first focuses a little more on Chuck than Sarah.
Disclaimer: Sadly, I still own nothing. It's on my Christmas list though.. And my birthday list.


"What do I do now?" Chuck asked himself. He found that recently, he had been asking himself that question a lot.

His life had just started getting back to normal after Stanford when Sarah and Casey popped into his life. Sure, it took five years for him to begin letting Jill go, but then Sarah came along. Along with Sarah came a mixture of emotions. Chuck had developed feelings for her, but along with those feelings came hurt, rejection, anger, sadness, danger.

Sarah carved a perfect little trail for Chuck to follow, but in order for him to follow it, his heart had to break a little more with every step.

Day in and day out, Chuck would go after her, trying to get to the end of the path to the prize--Sarah's heart--getting hurt more and more.

In addition to his fracturing heart, there were a few good repairing moments. When Sarah kissed him like no tomorrow at the docs, Chucks heart had repaired a small bit. When Sarah disobeyed orders to go in search of Chuck, instead of Lizzy, Chuck's fragile, injured heart had healed.

The little moments previewing Sarah's true feelings more than overlapped the cuts and bruises that both her and Jill had afflicted upon his soft heart, bringing it back to its state of completeness.

When Sarah took the jump to take their "relationship" to the next level, only this time without everything only being for the sake of a cover, Chuck was ecstatic and had to refrain from jumping for joy. Sarah had told him that she wasn't permitted to have feelings for him, but that it wasn't going to stop her-- to stop them from becoming one.

Their only safe place was her apartment. Chuck spent most days and nights with her there. The superiors agreed only under the circumstance that it was good for their cover. Casey had rolled his eyes and made some smart-ass remark.

Chuck was allowed to ask her about her life; sometimes she'd give him detailed answers, sometimes vague ones.

They both knew that it'd only be a matter of time before Casey, or the superiors, found out the reality behind their relationship, but they weren't going to let them that stop them. Instead, it proved to be a catalyst for their relationship knowing that any day, at any given time, they could be caught and penalized, pushing their relationship to the extreme.

Little did they know at the time that the penalty would come in a different and unexpected form.


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