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Chapter Ten: Say What You Need To Say

(About) One Year Later...

The feeling was back, this time in a different situation. She knew by the first week that she was pregnant again.

Emotionally, Sarah was ecstatic. Ever since she returned to Chuck, she had wanted to try for a child, but she knew that they had to work through the pain first, and so that was exactly what they did.

Chuck, with the addition of Ellie, helped her get through the resurfaced hurt of the miscarriage as well as some of the problems Sarah had bottled up inside her from her past. Ellie helped boost Sarah's confidence and slayed all of her insecurities.

The main thing Chuck had to overcome was his fear of Sarah leaving. Every night, Sarah reassured him that she was here to stay, and by marrying her, he put his faith and trust in her.

Once the two had overcome the insecurities and fears, they started a life together, and before they knew it, a year had passed by.

Chuck, being the resident nerd, insisted that they got married on the anniversary of when they first met and Sarah happily agreed. Now, they had been married for a little over a year and they were in the beginning stages of starting a family.

All she had to do was to tell Chuck, but she couldn't get herself to do it. The nervousness overwhelmed her one lonely, rainy day and it led to her phone conversation with her best friend Ellie. Ellie, as the time before, was overflowing with excitement for the two and even helped Sarah come up with a way to announce it.

Later that same night, when Chuck entered their apartment, Sarah had everything ready, but was hit with a surprise herself.

"Honey, I'm home!" Chuck yelled, in a joking matter. Sarah made her way out of the kitchen and met him for a brief kiss.

"I love it when you say that." she admitted.

"Good, well, I've got some news for you," Chuck started. "Remember that game I was working on?"

"The one with the weird guns and snakes that eat pancakes and-"

"Water and marshmallow guns are not weird. And just because snakes enjoy eating pancakes doesn't-"

"Chuck?" Sarah interrupted, trying to get his attention. "What is it?"

"Oh, well, guess who just bought it? EA!"

"That's great sweetie!" Chuck smiled as he stole another kiss.

"Well then, while we're announcing things..." Sarah's voice trailed off as she walked into the bedroom and retrieved two items wrapped in light green and yellow tissue paper. "Open these."

Sitting down on the nearby couch, Chuck slowly ripped the green tissue paper with a grin.

"It's a... plastic rattle?" he asked, not understanding the meaning behind it. "Gee, thanks?"

Sarah looked at him in disbelief. Of course only her genius husband by the name of Chuck Bartowski wouldn't get the hint. "Open the next one."

Equally as slow, Chuck opened the present as Sarah stood and watched on. After carefully unraveling the tissue paper, Chuck froze when he saw the positive pregnancy test fall into his hands.

Chuck looked up at her with question in his eyes. "You mean?"

"Yes Chuck, I'm pregnant."

Chuck stared at her for another moment, putting things together before saying, "Well, I guess we'll need a bigger place then."

Sarah laughed at the stupidity of his answer as she smiled and kissed the father of her child, happily.