Team Snake Baby

Team Snake Baby

Summary: When team snake was destroying a village, Karin finds a cute little girl and decides to bring the girl with them. Sasuke is not pleased with Karin and is going to kill the little girl… or will he? Karin bashing!

It was an average day for team Hebi, killing innocent people. It started with a boy whose goal was to kill his older brother. He left his home village to achieve this goal. He joined a strange man named Orochimaru. Orochimaru was soon killed a few years later by the boy. He then gathered a team of two boys and one girl. The guys' names are Jugo and Suigetsu Hozuki and the female's name is Karin. All of them once were with Orochimaru in some way and decided to join the boy for different reasons.

Now that boy is an S-ranked criminal. He kills anyone in his way and won't stop till' his brother is dead. Who is this boy I speak of? His name is Sasuke Uchiha and his brother is Itachi Uchiha.

Due to the slaughter of Sasuke's clan Sasuke was mortified. It was all thanks to Itachi that Sasuke is this way.

You all are probably wondering, who am I to know all of this information about Sasuke and his team? My answer is… I'll just tell you in story mode!

My name is Sakura Haruno. I have pink, yes pink, hair and emrald green eyes. I am a greatly skilled medical ninja. I have two great guy friends who are like brothers I never had and an awesome sensei who is like a father I once had.

Naruto Uzumaki was the number one knuckle head ninja, till he grew up, but he still has those moments. He has spikey blonde hair and blue eyes. He love to wear orange. He also has a demon inside him; The nine-tailed fox. Naruto is very powerful thanks to the foxs' chakara. He was best friends with Sasuke and is determined to get Sasuke back.

Sai… (I don't know his last name)… Is an amazing artist and ninja. He has sort of long black hair that goes to his earlobes and black eyes. His skin is pasty white, like a ghost. He wears a black shirt that shows his abs and capri skin tight pants. He can be scary at times and he has tons of colorful words. He makes is art come to life and uses it in battle, but he likes to draw in his spare time for fun. Naruto and him don't get along very well.

Kakashi Hakate is my sensei and team mate and father. He has spikey silver hair and multi-colored eyes. One is red the other is black. Although he is a pevert he is a great ninja. His nickname is not the copycat ninja for nothing. He wears a uniform and a mask that covers his chin, mouth, and nose. He wears his headband over one of his eyes. What truly is under that is a mystery.

The four of us were on a mission in the village of sound. We were looking for Sasuke because we heard he was in one of the towns.

"Sakura-chan! I am hungry!" Naruto whinned while rubbing his belly.

Kakashi smirked. He knew I would start an argument with Naruto.

"Well what am I supposed to do about your hunger problems?!" I yelled back at Naruto.

Naruto pondered for a minuet, his fingers lightly strumming his chin. "I know! Lets stop for Ramen!"

Sai watched the two of us argue for a little bit before he stopped. We ran into his back.

"What was that for?!" Naruto and I asked in a demanding tone.

Sai pointed over to a little resturant that did not look expensive and it seemed like the type of place to serve ramen and other things too. He walked in, then Kakashi, then us.

"Ah, Ramen sure hits the spot after a long time of traveling!" Naruto's hands rubbed his belly pleased.

I had a few rice balls and some tea that the rest of us shared. Naruto, on the other hand had like ten bowls of ramen.

A while later we left and were on the road again. Soon we stopped and set up camp. All of the guys were in one tent while I got my own.

It was lonely in my tent. I found it hard to go to sleep. A few hours later, without myself falling asleep yet, I heard something outside of my tent.

"W-Who is it?" I ask warily.

With no answer I start to get worried, but then Naruto pops his head in. "Sakura-chan, I can't sleep, can I sleep with you?"

I roll my eyes at him, but then I nod my head.

His eyes lit up in happiness. He brought his pillow and blancket and laid it right next to me.

I was finally able to go to sleep, but only to be woke an hour later. There in the entrance of my tent was Sai.

"The tent stunk." That was all he said. I smirked at him. He came and laid on the other side of me. They fell asleep almost instantly. I ruffeled their hair lightly as they slept. Then I gave them a kiss on their foreheads. As soon as I did both boys clung to me and hugged me in their sleep. I fell asleep in their arms.

The next day we were in a battle and this ninja had hit me with some dart. My body was paralized and then the next thing I knew I was separated from my team. I was on the floor not moving. Trying to make a sound but nothing came out of my mouth. It felt like I was drowning. My eyes closed slowly until I was unconcious.

"So Kawaii! I can't kill this!" A girl voice said.

I opened my eyes to see a not so pretty woman with ugly glasses, red eyes and red hair looking at me. What is she talking about?

I moved my hand to see that it is small. Then I looked at the rest of my body. I am a TODLER!

The woman picked me up. Soon we were in a forest and I was led to camp sight. We were greeted by a big guy and a scary shark looking guy. The big guy looked like he was debating something in his head. The shark guy looked like he wanted to eat me.

Shark guy spoke first. "Ah, Karin I see you have finally agreed with me about eating little children. They are quite delicious." He licked his sharp teeth.

My eyes widened in fear and I started to struggle.

"No you baka! She was all alone and she is SO Kawaii! I could not leave her so I took her with me." Karin yelled.

"You know that HE will not be pleased. Besides the Kawaii ones taste the best!" His eyes were filled with hunger until Karin hit him over the head.

Shark man pouted and walked away.

The huge guy was now mumbling. "Kill, don't kill, kill, don't kill."

These people are weirdos.


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