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Stag and Doe

"Hey, Mudblood, fetch!"

Lily watched, seething, as that pitiful-excuse-of-a-human Slytherin, Nott, flung her bag a couple hundred yards, only to land right inside the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest. The scumbag, being larger than anyone would have thought possible for a seventh year, was very capable of throwing said bag across said distance; and Lily, having underestimated the conniving evil of the Slytherins, had foolishly left her bag unattended by a tree during Care of Magical Creatures for the lesson.

Nott and the rest of the Slytherin dunces headed off toward the castle doubled over with laughter, while Lily fumed. How was she supposed to get her stuff now?

"You know, if I could reach any of their fat heads, I'd make good use of this book and—"

"Mary, you know we can't stoop to their level," said Lily, still furious, yet beginning to grasp her temper before it slipped.

"Of course, because stooping isn't gonna do us any—"

"Go ahead and go to dinner, I'll be there soon."

After a couple minutes, Lily had managed to persuade Mary to hurry off to the Great Hall. Now that her best friend was out of the way, she just needed a way to get her bag without being noticed by the Professor. Using quick thinking, she put into action the first thing to pop into her mind.


The squat old wizard looked around from re-bandaging his still-healing hands from last week's lesson on bowtruckles. "Yes?"

"I think a niffler got away," Lily said, pointing around to the gamekeeper's hut at the little creature scurrying off around it, in pursuit of a shiny bracelet thrown stealthily by Lily barely thirty seconds before.

"Oh dear!" The wizard wheezed, waddling off after the niffler as fast as his bandy legs would carry him.

Lily took advantage of this moment and ran toward the place where her bag had been hurled.

Prongs darted through the forest at top-speed, being heartily chased by the enthusiastic animal form of Padfoot, the much smaller yet somehow very quick rat-form of Wormtail, and the stumbling human-Moony. They had been enjoying the past hour in the Forbidden Forest thanks to a cancelled lesson and the very convincing pout given to Remus, courteous of Sirius. As the stag-form of Prongs came to an abrupt halt a hundred feet from the edge of the Forest, Padfoot swiftly took advantage of this and tackled the stag to the ground, landing in a heap of hooves and paws. Padfoot gave a triumphant bark and leapt to the side, as to allow the tackled a moment to rest. As Prongs brought himself up from the leaf-pile he had landed in, the two were quickly joined by Wormtail and a panting Moony, who stopped, hunched over, and clutched at a stitch in his side, panting.

"Ser—ious—ly . . .that's—the last—time . . ." coughed Moony, still recovering from the chase.

Padfoot barked happily and made to jump on Moony, but was promptly landed on by a revenge-driven Prongs.

Through the trees, groups of their fellow seventh-year Gryffindors, and not-so-fellow seventh-year Slytherins were making their way back up towards the castle from Care of Magical Creatures. Mid-tackle, a shout was heard from that direction and a whirring sound split the trees as a large thump signaled something landing a yard away from the wrestling Animagi. The four all looked up at the unexpected projectile and stood still, horror-struck for a moment. Padfoot disentangled himself from the stag and slowly padded over to the offending lump. He took a few cautious sniffs, transformed into Sirius, and said simply, "Bag."

Upon realizing that they had not been discovered, and had simply had something randomly chucked at them, the now completely human Marauders joined Sirius around the bag. James picked up the strap, wiped the snagging leaves off it, and undid the catch, pulling a paper out. His eyes scanned the parchment, and slowly but surely, James' face broke into an unmistakable grin of the utmost mischievousness. "Guess," he said, the grin growing wider every second.

"Snivellus?" Sirius suggested hopefully.

"Better," said the now completely-ecstatic-looking James.

"Huh?" said Peter, looking very dumb. Sirius and Remus seemed to catch on though, because Sirius' grin became almost as wide as James', and Remus' face obtained a look of sudden seriousness.

"No," Remus warned.

James simply turned the grin in his direction and said, "Oh yes."

Sirius butted in, "Mate, you've gotta use this! Think of the possibilities—"

"Dearest Padfoot, my mind is already there. But I plan on using a very different approach this time," added James, looking completely diabolical. "Now clear off, you three, I've got a plan to put into action."

"You mean we don't get to watch you fail miserably in the ever-lasting quest for Evans?" said Sirius, administering the return of his never-failing pout. This time, the pout would have to be ignored.

Remus was desperate to make the obviously-sensible decision clear. "James, you know I don't approve of you using your form to—"

"Oh calm down, calm down. Just a little raw, stag muscle and buff-ness on display for my dear Lilypad. Now seriously, she's bound to get here any moment. Clear. Off."

Sirius, obviously disappointed, and Peter, obviously having no clue what they were talking about, were rounded up by a very disapproving but powerless Remus, and led through the darkening trees toward the castle for dinner.

James watched them leave, then when their footsteps disappeared, turned back towards the direction from which the bag had been flung. He stuffed the parchment back into the bag, fastened the catch, covered it with a few leaves next to a tree stump on the ground, backed off behind a tree and transformed, all the while plotting what he dearly hoped would lead to success.

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