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Chapter 17

"This," Sirius said, bouncing on his four-poster with wide eyes and an aura of ultimate glee, "Is going to be the best, I repeat, the best, prank EVER."

James grinned and held a sprig of mistletoe up at eye-height to inspect. "Indeed."

Peter, as per usual, was confused. "Wait, so what exactly are we planning?"

Remus rolled his eyes and flipped a page in his book. "They are planning a prank that should not even be thought about by someone who claims to be Head Boy. Although, since I am both not Head Boy and this is our last year here at Hogwarts, I will be—" He shuddered, "—participating."

"Allow me to explain what dear Moony has left out," intruded Sirius, landing from a high jump on the mattress with a creak. He held up a pointer finger and said, as though this were the most ingenious thing in the world, "We shall be, er, tampering with the mistletoe around the Castle."

"Tampering," Remus muttered, shaking his head.

Sirius smiled charmingly at Moony and then proceeded to migrate over to him and place his arm securely around the bookworm. "You will find that this prank will have some added benefits."

Moony blushed and turned back to his book. Sirius did not remove his arm.

"Indeed," repeated James, still eyeing the mistletoe that was less than a centimeter from his eye.

Peter was staring at Prongs as if his savior had gone insane (which he very possibly might've), so Padfoot said, "Ignore him, Wormtail, he's just plotting ways to trick Evans under some."

Wormtail sighed, knowing at least this was in some degree a normalcy. "How do you mean, tampering?"

Sirius seemed to have been waiting to unleash this upon them all. "Just a bit of a charm is all. Then, whenever you get stuck under it, let's say, you'll have some trouble getting away if there's no one around to kiss." He nodded, smiling brightly. Remus again shook his head to himself and smiled into his book.

"It's amazing," James spoke slowly, still transfixed with the mistletoe, "how a tiny sprig of plant can change your life."

They all rolled their eyes at this.

Lily was pacing her dorm. She knew the Marauders were planning something that would make the little number of people who'd stayed at the Castle's life hell. It was Christmas morning and she had a very strong sense that they had already unleashed the prank upon the school, and that she would be completely doomed if she went down to breakfast. Still, she'd have to leave at some point.

She stopped in front of the dormitory door, took a deep breath, and opened it. When she was not attacked, burned, seized, set on fire, splattered with an unknown substance, or impaled on a shish kabob after a few seconds, Lily let out an audible sigh. That was, until a full-grown, grinning stag popped into the doorframe.

"What the hell!" Lily jumped back, then whispered urgently, "James!"

He grinned wider and transformed. "Relax, Lily, somehow we all got incredibly lucky and the only other Gryffindors that stayed were a couple First Years that stuck a red bauble on my nose," he laughed, then added, "And it's nice that we're finally on a first-name basis."

She flushed and realized her mistake. Then she realized another thing. "Wait a second! How did you get up here? Boys can't climb the stairs!"

James winked at her. "Boys can't climb the stairs. No one ever said anything about giant, antlered beings."

She stared at him like the insane man he was.

"Come on Lily, I'm sure the First Years have gone to breakfast by now. Plus, it's about time you told the rest of the Marauders about your form."

Lily blinked and then understood. She smiled flirtily at him just to throw him off guard, which it did, and then transformed and skipped past his still-gaping figure in the doorway. After a couple seconds of her waiting amused beside him, he shut his mouth and transformed too.

Upon the sight of a stag and a doe standing side-by-side at the bottom of the girl's staircase, two of the three present human Marauders gaped, while Moony laughed. "Hey Lily," he said.

Sirius and Peter's jaws dropped further, if possible. "What?"

James and Lily transformed, and promptly began laughing. James choked out, "You should've seen your faces!"

Sirius scowled, but it was in good humor. After a second he said, "Since when've you been one, Evans?"

"Second year," James said proudly, forgetting and not caring that it proved she was smarter than the four of them combined. Lily smiled innocently beside him.

Peter's eye twitched. Remus headed for the Portrait Hole.

"Moony! We must verbally harass them at once! Get your arse back here!"

Remus just ignored Sirius, still smiling and laughing to himself, and left the Common Room with three Marauders and Lily hurrying to catch up.

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