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Level Up! Love!

Chapter 1: Draw Straws!

It was a damp, gloomy day for the students of Ryouou High School. The sun had risen in a shroud of pale gray which had steadfastly refused to budge for the remainder of the daylight hours. Only deeper shades had creeped into the clouds as the afternoon pressed on. By the time the familiar school bell for dismissal chimed throughout the building, the saturated skies had opened themselves up and released a very unpleasant downpour on the residents below.

Being November, it was no gentle storm. Drops of rain chilled like icy pinpricks, and sharp gusts of wind tossed a variety of leaves and other light debris haphazardly about the ground. Many of the students who did not have any clubs or extracurricular activities found themselves grimacing and groaning at the uncomfortable commute home. Only a small number of brightly colored umbrellas peppered the otherwise dismal scene.

A group of three friends, having been dismissed from Ms. Kuroi's classroom for the day, now stood hesitantly by the school's doorway. They were missing the one member needed to complete their usual quartet, who had opted to stay a few minutes late in her own classroom in order to discuss some things with her teacher. Konata, Tsukasa, and Miyuki had unanimously agreed that stalling the inevitable trek through the storm by waiting for their friend was a welcome detainment. She had been taking a bit longer than expected, though. And Konata did not have a high tolerance for the boredom. Redirecting her gaze from the endless barrage of droplets outside, she turned to her friends.

"Hey, I know a fun rainy day game," she said.

Tsukasa and Miyuki, who had been talking about the pros and cons of feather pillows, turned to Konata with polite interest.

"What is it, Kona-chan?" Tsukasa asked.

"It was decreed by the brigade chief. It's great, because it is designed to be funny on boys and mega-moe on girls. Oh, and it's also funny on silent girl types, but Minami isn't here right now, and neither is Sebastian, so we'll just have to do with the moe."

Naturally, Konata's two friends were baffled.

"Izumi-san, could you explain it in a simpler way? I'm sorry, but I don't understand." Miyuki requested from behind a couple of sweatdrops. Tsukasa nodded in agreement.

"Basically, we draw straws, and the loser has to turn around and say, "I love you." to everybody behind them."

"I-I-" Tsukasa stammered.

"--love you?" Miyuki finished uncomfortably.

This is gonna be great... Konata thought to herself as she nodded and watched her flustered friends through squinted eyes. "Don't worry about it. Everybody gets a turn sooner or later, so it's not that embarrassing. It's really fun."

"Well, I guess we could give it a try..." Miyuki ventured, attempting optimism. Tsukasa still looked a little scared as Konata produced some straws from her bag. If Kagami had been there, she would have asked Konata why she had straws in her bag. They would have learned that Konata was waiting for a good rainy day to victimize her friends, and wanted to be prepared. However, without the tsukkomi around to set them straight, Miyuki and Tsukasa remained woefully ignorant.

Now Konata had not only successfully talked her two gullible and appeasing friends into playing the bizarre game, but had also managed to draw the longest straw. Naturally, she ordered them to take their turns first. Their delicious moe factors made it all the more of a travesty if they were to go in any other order, of course. A number of boys that had been attempting to wait out the rain shared Konata's questionable smile as they watched. The pink and lavender haired girls did not disappoint in their adorably timid and awkward deliveries of the line. Konata decided to let them go a few times before taking her own turn, encouraging them enthusiastically.

Of course, being too much of a ham to let her friends completely dominate the game, Konata finally insisted that they'd had enough and stepped forward. A victim to of her love of emulation, the blue haired girl put on her shiniest eyes and silkiest voice. Her hair glistened in the fluorescent light as she turned around to face the small circle her two friends had made.

It was at this moment that the group's missing member made her return. She had been walking down the hall casually, bag in hand and her arms neatly at her sides. Upon catching sight of the familiar collection of blue, violet and pink standing by the doorway, Kagami made a friendly smile and lifted her hand, mouth open for a greeting.

"O--" She was cut short before the second syllable could flit from her lips as her much shorter friend spun around abruptly and faced her.

"I love you!" Konata's voice was as played up as her appearance was. Kagami received the full force of her display. She now stood frozen as a statement of inexplicable intimacy was suddenly fired in her direction. The girl's heart felt as if each of its chambers had come to a screeching halt. Her pupils dilated and stared in complete shock at the lazy green pair facing them.

It didn't happen often, but Konata's eyes widened for an instant upon seeing Kagami in front of her. Just an instant.

Kagami felt that she should say something. Such a completely bizarre outburst deserved a comeback wrought with bitterness. She opened her mouth to deliver.


Any surprise or emotion on Konata's face melted away into a lazy, mocking grin. "I'm disappointed, Kagamin. I thought you'd have a better comeback than that."

Kagami flustered immediately, an enormous frown taking the place of the slightly hanging jaw of a moment sooner.

"Wh-wh-what the hell was that? W-we're in school, for crying out loud! Act appropriate!" Kagami sounded a little more intense than she usually would, her attitude working to dissolve the crowd of boys that had gathered.

Konata waved her hand dismissively, "It's a game the Brigade played when they were bored and rained in. I thought it would be fun, but I didn't anticipate such awesome timing!"

Kagami didn't quite understand what exactly Konata had just attempted to explain, but was clever enough to deduce that she had been referencing some anime. But...'awesome timing'? What could she mean by that other than...than patting herself on the back for nabbing yet another perfect moment to humiliate her? Kagami struggled mentally to return some form of dignity to herself. She simply had to pretend that no one could see the heightened color of her cheeks. Taking a deep breath in the guise of a sigh, her tone calmed.

"Jeez, anime again? Honestly, can't you tell when that kind of behavior is completely inappropriate?" Kagami slung her schoolbag up over her shoulder and shut her eyes while speaking, tilting her head toward the floor as if feeling shame for her friend's sake.

Konata seemed to ignore Kagami's admonishment, opting instead to remark on more embarrassing observations. For the lulz, of course. The blue haired girl smirked and chided, "You're blushing."

Kagami felt her blood rise, promoting the tell-tale color on her face to a more obvious hue. She shot a dangerous look to the smaller girl.

"Don't look so smug. You're the one who should be embarrassed, after all."

"You're so embarrassed you're soaking all of mine up!" Konata lifted her arms in the air for emphasis, and Tsukasa let out an uneasy little laugh.

"Enough already!" Kagami insisted assertively. "We're going home. Follow if you want. Tsukasa, you've got your umbrella?"

Tsukasa jumped a little and began rummaging through her bag for her umbrella. After a few passing moments, she grew more frantic. "Oneechan, my umbrella--"

"Hm? You can't find it? You did bring it today, right?"

"I-I thought I did..." Tsukasa stumbled over her words.

Kagami began to look a tad exasperated. "Hey, you didn't forget it at home, did you? I checked the weather for you and all."

Tsukasa squinted her eyes shut as she shook her head and made another noise of distress. Konata folded her arms behind her head and watched silently.

Kagami sighed lightly, her annoyance gently dispelling and giving way to her instinctive care for her sister. "Don't worry about it, Tsukasa." She handed over her own folded umbrella, giving her younger twin an encouraging little smile. "Here, take mine. I've been okay without it before."

"But Oneechan, " Tsukasa began. Before Kagami could cut her off, Konata did.

"It's okay. Kagami can share with me. My umbrella's really big."

Kagami glanced over, looking dubious. "Wait, you brought yours?"

Konata laughed a little, "Yeah, my dad shoved it on me when he saw the weather. He wouldn't even let me take the little one because it said it would be windy, and you know how the rain can get around the umbrella when it's blowing horizontally."

"Yes, that can be so troublesome, especially when you're wearing a long skirt or pants!" Miyuki chimed in.

"And when you try to bend over and hold the umbrella forward instead of up, the wind changes direction and you end up all wet anyway." Tsukasa added, looking up.

Konata nodded. "Yeah. But it's not that strong right now, so it should be okay to share. Sound good, Kagamin?"

Kagami did her best to suppress the image of Konata's giant umbrella and tiny body being carried away by a strong wind, and shrugged a little. "Well alright, as long as you're planning on acting normally if I'm gonna be crammed under an umbrella with you."

I'd better hold onto the handle good and tight...

"Sure, sure."

Konata took Kagami by the wrist to get her moving. Miyuki followed and Tsukasa jogged to catch up, clutching Kagami's umbrella. "Thank you Oneechan, thank you Kona-chan!"

The doors to the train slid open and the trio boarded, leaving damp footprints on the smooth floor beneath them. Kagami took a seat and smoothed out her skirt, Tsukasa sitting beside her. Konata opted to stand, placing herself slightly between the twins. She was situated a little more to the left, hovering slightly over Kagami.

The pigtailed girl blushed despite herself, and despite her previous attempts at fighting the blush while the two had walked closely together under the umbrella. The warmth of Konata's elbows and fingers brushing hers had felt good, but had at the same time made her feel slightly uncomfortable. She was a little glad that Konata had decided not to sit next to her. The tips of her pigtails now dripped onto the floor, but only slightly. Konata had actually done a good job at keeping her dry.

"From this angle, you look thinner."

Kagami's eyes batted. Had she just said...'thinner'? The girl's features softened into a fragile look of surprise. She looked up.

"...what did you say?"

"You look thinner. It's nice."

Heartbeats picked up speed. "Wait...you mean that?"

"Well yeah. I usually look at you from eye level or below, and those angles usually accentuate your meatiness. Viewing from an overhead angle hides that. That's why it's called the 'Fat Girl Angle' on the internet," Konata explained with the airs of a tour guide.

"Quit while you're ahead!" Kagami snapped, all manner of sweetness vanishing from her aura. Konata's smirk widened.

"You were pretty sweet when I said you were thin though. My words really affect you, huh?"

"Not in the way you're thinking, believe me." Kagami huffed and frowned further, secretly relieved to have quickly regained her sharp edge. Tsukasa looked a tiny bit confused.

Konata ignored the comeback. "Is it because of what I said to you earlier?"


Kagami choked on her own tongue for a second.

"Don't kid yourself!" Her voice raised again, this time getting a few extra passengers to glance over at her.

"Ah, but you know what I'm talking about! It -was- on your mind." Konata did nothing to hide the smug tone in her voice.

"Come off it, already. I was only--" Kagami was rudely interrupted by Konata before her defensive statement could make itself known.

"So...if I were to do this right now..." The shorter girl leaned downward toward her seated friend, touching the tips of their noses together. "You'd be fine?"

Kagami was dumbstruck for only a second, then leaned back against the back of her seat as far as she could. The heat from her face still radiated onto Konata's. Konata only followed.

"Hn, Kagamin's so cute when somebody tries to get too close." The girl teased, her own cheeks not showing the faintest hint of a blush.

Kagami stuttered and choked on a witty comeback that just wouldn't cough its way up her throat until finally, she gave up and went for an outburst.

"Mou, enough already!" She shut her eyes tightly. "We're almost home, so can't you just shut up for the rest of the ride and behave like a normal person?"

Konata's grin shrank slightly. She leaned back and folded her arms behind her head.

"Well, now that you have the whole train staring..." The length of her smile returned. Konata looked quite pleased with herself.

"..." Kagami's indigo eyes darted tentatively from side to side, catching sight of other passengers politely turning their heads away from the sight the two of them had created.

Poor Kagami immediately hung her head, face steaming.

"Are you satisfied now?" She grumbled, embarrassed and defeated.

Konata was looking out the window. Though Kagami wouldn't notice, her gaze had grown a bit distant.

"Not quite." Was all she answered.

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