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The Devil Prince & Cocky Tensai

Rated: T

Summary: When Inui's latest juice fails and ends up being consumed by two certain regulars, all hell breaks loose. Fuji and Ryoma switch bodies for a whole week, which brings chaos among the not so peaceful lives of the PoT cast.

Pairing: Thrill

Chapter I : Inui Juice Version 5.0

Seishun Gakuen

Monday Afternoon


"Why not O-chibi?" Kikumaru asked glomping the 1st year with enthusiasm. " It'll be lots of fun!"

"You're not allowed to refuse," Tezuka cut in as well with his usual unreadable expression.

"Buchou…you MUST remember how BAD I am at doubles!" Ryoma said with a VERY readable frown.
"That's exactly why we are having a doubles day…to improve." Tezuka summed up. "Since you volunteered Echizen, you shall go first."

"I didn't-" Ryoma started with a bratty look only to be cut off by his senpai walking over.

"Tezuka has allowed me, in Ryuzaki-sensei's absence, to try my latest juice on the losers of the doubles matches." Inui interrupted their conversation with a slight crazed, sadistic grin adjusting his glasses with one hand while the other held the 'latest' drink up to everyone's eye level. "This is Inui Juice Version 5.0!"

"Can't I go back to doing swings and serves with the first and second years?" Ryoma complained.

"If you give up your regulars spot." Tezuka stated with no sympathy whatsoever. He ignored Ryoma's pointed glare at him and turned to make sure the first and second years were doing their daily training.

"What is in there?" Momoshiro asked from behind Tezuka and Ryoma swallowing back a grimace at the nasty green mixture Inui held so proudly up to all of them.

"I don't think I want to know…" Kaidoh answered not tearing his eyes from the vial mixture… he could almost swear the drink was bubbling!

"It's as green as your bandanna…." Momoshiro said trying his best to hold back the look of disgust appearing on his face.

"Fssh…It'll be as green as your face if you don't look away right now." Kaidoh growled out trying his best to keep a straight face.

"Are there any volunteers to be Echizen's partner?" Tezuka asked turning back to focus on the group of regulars gagging over the smell and look of the newest drink.

"Not me!" Momoshiro said, "WE" Momoshiro said indicating Ryoma and himself with his finger for emphasizes, "Are NOT compatible!"

"Anyone?" Tezuka asked

A silence followed afterwards as everyone looked at the next person uncertainly. They all knew Ryoma was a SINGLES player.

"Well…I could if-" Kawamura started feeling sorry that no one wanted to be Ryoma's partner.

" I'll be glad to be Ryo-chan's partner." Fuji volunteered with a smile.

"Anyone but him." Ryoma said quickly over looking Fuji. He knew Fuji was up to something with such a 'Bright' smile on.

"I'm hurt…" Fuji murmured with an attempt at looking sad. "After I happily volunteered…"

"Fuji it is." Tezuka decided without further thought.

"I pick Oishi nya!" Kikumaru announced slipping an arm around Oishi's shoulder happily. He was quite happy the ordeal of who was going to be o-chibi's partner was over.

"Since you picked already, you might as well go against Fuji and Echizen." Tezuka decided with no sympathy as he headed for the referee chair, " I'll ref the game. First ones to reach one game wins."

"Fuji-senpai…you better be serious, I don't want to drink THAT!" Ryoma said adjusting his Fila cap with a sigh. If he had to be partner's with this guy, he'd better warn the smiling, Inui-juice loving, Tensai that he had absolutely no wish to even near that drink…. his senpai's though…he had no problem sacrificing them to the honor of drinking it.

"I'll try my best…but Ryo-chan…. I hope you can keep to doubles rule…ne?" Fuji asked with a smile.

"Then I suppose you're a Tensai at both singles and doubles?" Ryoma asked with a slight frown.

"Saa…" Fuji merely murmured through a smile as he headed to the middle where they would begin.

'He's very VERY fishy!' Ryoma decided as the "Golden" pair entered the opposite court. One thing he didn't like about Fuji-senpai was that you couldn't tell what was running through that pretty little mind of his… which brought him back to why he respected Fuji a little more than when they first met. From the moment they had their match in the rain, Ryoma respected the technician's abilities and made it his business to break pass them. But for now, Fuji can't be TOO bad at doubles…he won most of his doubles matches after all.

"Smooth or rough?" Ryoma asked setting the head of his racquet on the court's ground.

"Rough o-chibi." Kikumaru said with a smile, ' There's no way Oishi and I are drinking that nya!"

"Don't regret your words later Kikumaru-senpai…" Ryoma said cockily. That sentence had sparked his ego. Ryoma with ego meant they better be ready because Ryoma was going to talk big and act big.

"Smooth…" Fuji said with a chuckle as it landed on the smooth side of the racquet.

"Aww…. Lucky you o-chibi!" Kikumaru said ruffling Ryoma's head till his Fila cap was lop-sided on his head.

"I'm going to crush you…." Ryoma muttered as he picked up his racquet and fixed his hat. "We'll serve then!"

"Ready when you are O-chibi!" Kikumaru said waving enthusiastically although Ryoma hadn't even made it to the serving line yet.

"Won't it be interesting that it'll take four to five shots to determine who's the winner?" Fuji asked as Ryoma passed by him.

"Hn…" Ryoma merely replied as he stood on the serving line and bounced his tennis ball a couple of times. Eyeing the other side of the court, he tossed the ball up and started to serve. His form was as beautiful as ever as Ryoma effortlessly hit the ball across the court.

The twisted serve landed beautifully and passed Oishi.

"It's harder than it looks to tackle this serve." Oishi said with a small laugh.
"15-love" Tezuka merely said and Ryoma slowly lifted the corner of his mouth as a smirk broke across his mouth. He took a spare tennis ball from his pocket and started to bounce the ball again…contemplating how he could counter in case Fuji decided he didn't want to hit the return ball…Oishi was bound to break the twisted serve and if Kikumaru got to it, his motion vision would allow him to react fast enough to catch the twist.

'Damn…' Ryoma swore as he tossed his second ball up…. he couldn't believe his fate depended on the smiling devil that was eyeing him and not the opponents.

"He returned it…" Momoshiro said watching Oishi barely return it.

"Good job Oishi!" Kikumaru said with a grin as the ball headed towards the middle. Knowing Ryoma, he'd attack and Fuji might as well since it was more in his zone than Ryoma. "Eh?" Kikumaru said as he hit a soft yet forceful return from Fuji. It seemed Fuji had decided to play as well.

Ryoma on the other hand was very tempted to run after that ball that Oishi had hit but he remembered Fuji's words at the beginning of the match and grudgingly waited for Fuji to return.

'Not too bad!' Ryoma assessed as Fuji hit it back at Kikumaru who had seemed a bit surprised at the speed of the return. Getting into position, he watched as Kikumaru seemingly hit all his balls to Fuji… did he know Fuji's weakness?

Ryoma let out a frustrated breath as he saw Fuji's smile widen and he chuckled as he countered all the smashes, hits, and drop shots Kikumaru tried on him.
"Hoi!" Kikumaru said faking a shot towards Fuji only to have a cross-shot going towards Ryoma.

"Mada Mada dane!" Ryoma said out loud as he smashed and scored a point behind Kikumaru. They obviously thought he was zoned out since the ball wasn't coming to him…but tennis was like Ryoma's six sense…. he knew when it was coming.


"Oi…maybe Echizen isn't so bad at doubles!" Momoshiro exclaimed.

"fsssh….it was probably you that brought him down then." Kaidoh said smugly.

"What did you say Mamushi?" Momoshiro asked whipping around to grip Kaidoh's jersey roughly.

"I said it was probably you that made is such a horrible combination birdbrain!" Kaidoh said raising his voice while yanking Momoshiro up by the collar of his jersey shirt as well.

"Pay attention or run ten laps!" Tezuka said without looking at the two of them. Like he expected, it quieted immediately and he continued to view the match.

"30-15" Tezuka said watching the ball drop between Fuji and Ryoma.

"Fuji-senpai… that was my ball!" Ryoma said with a frown.

"Saa…." Fuji merely said with a smile, " It could've been mine as well since it was dead center in both of our zones…"

"Next time say you got it then!" Ryoma said with a good glare at Fuji's face before going to serve the next ball…they only needed two more points.

Whether it was accidental or not, Ryoma was convinced Fuji had allowed the score to become the way it was because HE, himself had NEVER allowed Oishi-senpai or Kikumaru-senpai to score a single point on his side. They were tied at 40-40 and it wasn't pretty…. because the one who scored the next point would win.


"Don't call me that," Ryoma said as he started to serve.

"I seriously wasn't expecting Oishi to use moon volley though…" Fuji said with a smile.

"If you looked more sincere maybe I'd forgive you." Ryoma said gruffly as he hit the ball over and got ready for a return ball. " Just don't miss!"

"What Ryo-chan?" Fuji asked turning to look at Ryoma with a smile.

"Baka!" Ryoma said and hit a ball Fuji should've gotten if he wasn't too busy looking at Ryoma. "Pay attention at least!"

"Of course…" Fuji said with a smile as he watched Ryoma and Kikumaru start a rally war on Ryoma's side. Feeling a bit jealous at how Ryoma was excitedly smiling at Kikumaru while he lobbed one over his senpai's head, Fuji allowed Oishi to hit a cross-shot towards him.

'Gomen Ryoma… but I want to try that drink….' Fuji thought as he swung his racquet softly so it wouldn't reach the ball. His eyes snapped open when a red racquet crossed his and bounced it over the net.

"Baka…what were you doing zoning out?" Ryoma asked smashing the return from Kikumaru.

"Was I?" Fuji asked recovering his smile in record time.

"You were…" Ryoma said with a frown as he moved back to his spot.

"Saa…looks like this game will take a bit-" Fuji thought as one flew towards Ryoma and a two second idea formulated in his head. Leaving his position, he purposely bumped Ryoma out of the way as the ball dropped between a felled Ryoma and smiling Fuji.

"FUJI-SENPAI!" Ryoma growled out angrily.

"Sorry Ryo-chan…" Fuji said with a spreading smile.

"Not your not!" Ryoma accused. " You did it on purpose didn't you!"

"Yay! We won Oishi! We won nya! Kikumaru said with a grin. " Hoi Hoi! You have to drink that nasty drink!"

"Echizen… Fuji…" Inui said with a smile as he handed a grumpy Ryoma and accepting Fuji each their own.

Giving Fuji one last glare to silently tell him that he'd get his revenge, Ryoma took a drink at the same time Fuji did and everyone waited for the usually run for water or a fainting spell. To the disappointment of Inui and the relief of the regulars, Fuji AND Ryoma survived the effects and drink.

"Che! Mada mada dane Inui-senpai, It tastes good for once."

Tezuka's brow twitched as everyone's mouth dropped open at the line Fuji had just spit out.

"Eh…Fujiko…why are you talking like O-chibi?" Kikumaru asked confused as to why Fuji was spitting out something the shortie would say.

"Hmm….Omoshiro…(interesting)" Ryoma said in turn.

"Eh?" Kikumaru said looking at Ryoma who didn't have his usually bored look but a SMILE on his face. Everyone backed away in fear.

"What's wrong with them?" Momoshiro asked horrified that Ryoma was SMILING and Fuji had his eyes open!

"Buchou…" Kaidoh said looking at a stunned Tezuka whose mouth hung slightly open in shock.

"Inui…" Tezuka said recovering from the initial shock. " What happened?"

"I think Ryo-chan and I may have switched bodies." Fuji said with a bright smile through Ryoma's body.

"Don't smile when you're in my body!" Ryoma snapped in a soft, angry voice at Fuji. This was the first time they had experienced a Fuji and Echizen like this.

"Turn them back! Turn them back!!" Momoshiro said shaking Inui slightly. " This just isn't right!"

"Momoshiro…get off Inui so he can figure out what he did." Tezuka ordered, " I'd like this figured out before practice ends Inui!"

"I'll try…" Inui said as he looked over his notes and started mumbling to himself as he shuffled through notes to looking at a smiling Ryoma and grumpy Fuji.

"Well?" Ryoma demanded out of Fuji's body. " Did you find the cure?"

"…Muzukashii(It's difficult)…." Inui muttered out.

"Then why make such-" Ryoma started for the first time very happy he had a taller body to kill Inui-senpai with.

"Kakkoii ne? (Cool huh?)" Fuji asked Ryoma as he started to eat a wasabi filled bun.

"Don't pollute my body with your food!" Ryoma said switching directions to corner his own body instead.

"It could last from twelve hours to a week." Inui finally announced only to find himself pressed against the railed fence with Fuji's slender hands at his throat.

"WHAT?" Ryoma demanded in Fuji's 'whisper of death' voice.

"Really Ryo-chan… you should calm down a bit…" Fuji said adjusting Ryoma's hat with a smile.

"Calm down!?" Ryoma asked in disbelief. " How can I calm down when I'm in your body Fuji-senpai?"

"What are WE going to do?" Kikumaru asked worriedly. " This is all Inui's fault nya…"

"We shouldn't say anything…." Tezuka decided with a sigh. " We have practice matches with different schools in the next few days so we should keep this on the low."

"If you say so buchou…." Kaidoh said uncertainly. It was unlikely that the buchou would suggest this but it seemed as if he had no wish to withdraw either Echizen or Fuji from the matches he had scheduled for them.

"But it's weird hearing Fuji say things O-chibi would…." Kikumaru said with a slight frown."

"Let's all hope by tomorrow they'll be okay then." Tezuka said as he started to walk away. " No one is to say anything to anyone about this…I have to dismiss the first and second years now so figure out what you two are going to do for the night." Tezuka said looking at Fuji and Ryoma specifically.

"Saa… we can't go home normally looking like this…" Fuji said with a smile.

"Of course not! " Ryoma snapped.

"Do I look like that when I'm angry?" Fuji teased Ryoma lightly.

"Do I look like that when I become gay?" Ryoma shot back.

"Saa…" Fuji merely said as he looked at Ryoma's body. "Well I'm sure I'll have lots of fun tonight at your place…"

"Anything happens to Karupin and your dead." Ryoma warned dangerously.

"Anything happen to my cactuses and it'll be your head…." Fuji said bluntly to match Ryoma.

"I wouldn't dream of touching prickly stuff." Ryoma said with an almost sneer.

"And you think your cat's not safe with me?" Fuji asked with a raised brow.

"No," Ryoma confirmed without a second thought.

Fuji merely smiled.

'Now I know why I don't smile often….' Ryoma thought looking at his body that Fuji was busy abusing…then again he was abusing Fuji's at the moment as well.

"So I guess that means you two will have to pretend to be each other until you turn back to normal." Oishi said with a worried frown. " I don't know about keeping this from Ryuzaki-sensei and your parents though…they have a right to know."

"but buchou did say not to say anything." Momoshiro pointed out.

"I'll talk to Tezuka about that again…as for now, go get changed and we'll all talk again before going home." Oishi said before jogging over to where Tezuka was overseeing the duties of the 1st years.

"Well…let's go!" Momoshiro said cheerfully trying to remove everyone's worry.

"Baka…" Kaidoh merely said before following Kawamura to the clubroom.

"What?" Momoshiro asked following after them.

"Me too!" Kikumaru said leaving the two "switched" individuals to follow.


Ryoma awkwardly changed into Fuji's clothes as he tried not to look at this foreign body…although he was a bit interested…NOT INTERESTED actually! Turning his head, he was shocked to see Fuji had no problem changing in someone else's body… better yet those wandering hands was making Ryoma blush just watching.

"Fuji-senpai!" Ryoma finally growled out since Fuji's body was acting weird and he had no idea why it was heating and heading down just by watching Fuji dress his body…and touch it…

"Yes Ryo-chan?" Fuji answered, turning around with a smile.

"Would you stop molesting my body?" Ryoma asked with the best glare he could muster.

Fuji merely smiled and sat down to retie Ryoma's shoes. "I can't help it, you're just so small…"

"…" Ryoma felt a blush rising on his cheek and decided to turn away since Fuji's body was heating up very bad now and somehow he felt a small tightening down there forming. " It's not my fault your too big!"

"Saa…. that reminds me…" Fuji said coming over to sit next to Ryoma. " Be careful okay… my body has needs that your body doesn't yet."

"Like what?" Ryoma said not quite understanding why he was blushing before he knew the full extent of what Fuji was trying t warn him of.

"Just around six in the morning." Fuji said with a bright, innocent smile. "Do you want me to teach you what to do?"

Ryoma didn't get a chance to answer, Oishi cut him off.

"Minna!" Oishi said walking into the clubroom with Tezuka. " Tezuka and I have decided that Tezuka will walk Fu- er Ryoma to Fuji's house while Momoshiro will drop Fuji off at the Echizen's."

"Me?" Momoshiro asked pointing to himself in shock.

"You pass by the Echizen's don't you?" Oishi asked.


"Just act like its normal." Oishi encouraged. " It's not like I'm asking you to speak to is parents… although we should…" Oishi said turning back into a worrisome mother.

"Then let's go Fuji-senpai…" Momoshiro said, "You can ride on my bike."

"Okay…" Fuji agreed as he followed Momoshiro out of the clubroom. " I'll be nice Ryoma…"

"Che!" Ryoma merely replied as he waited for Tezuka to start dressing.

"Inui…you had better find that cure by Wednesday or it'll be a hundred laps."

"I'll try my best Tezuka…." Inui said uncertainly pushing his glasses up.


Fuji Residence

"Do you want me to walk you in and show you where everything is?" Tezuka asked after reaching Fuji's house.


"What is it?"

"Will I really have to pretend to be Fuji for the next few days?" Ryoma asked with a frown.

"Unless you'd like to give up playing tennis this week." Tezuka said leading Ryoma into the house.

"Yadda…but I have to say I can't play doubles!" Ryoma insisted.

"I'll rearrange it so you play singles as Fuji." Tezuka said. Fuji's room is the first to the left, the bathroom is downstairs to the right and-"

"Is there a reason your introducing Syuusuke to his own house Tezuka?" Yumiko asked amused from the kitchen doorway.

"Yumiko-san…" Tezuka greeted.

'Oh great…' Ryoma thought as he unwillingly pasted a 'Fuji smile' on his face. He had no idea who this woman was or act like Fuji at all…. 'Just kill me now….'


Echizen residence

" You sure you can handle his family?" Momoshiro asked as Fuji walked into the Echizen residence.

"Of course." Fuji said confidently.

"Then… Fuji-senpai…"

"Yes Momo?"

"Echizen…. he…"

"Yes?" Fuji questioned with a beaming smile.

"He doesn't…smile…" Momoshiro said trying to break it as soft as possible to Fuji. " I mean you look and sound like him but…"

"I'll tone down my smiles and up my cockiness." Fuji promised with a smile.

"Okay… I'll be by to pick you up tomorrow…"

"Later in the morning right?" Fuji asked, "Echizen is a late-sleeper isn't he?"

"Aa…he also sleeps in English…" Momoshiro admitted.

Fuji merely chuckled and Momoshiro shifted uncomfortably. Hearing Fuji through Echizen's body chuckle was scary!

"I'll keep that in mind." Fuji promised as he walked inside the gates and shut it. Removing his smile, he headed up the front steps and entered the house.

"Tadaima…" Fuji said as bored as he could… or rather how he pictured Ryoma would've said it.

"Okaeri Ryoma!" a cheerful lady said sticking her head out of the kitchen. " Your mother is in the kitchen cooking a Japanese meal today!"

"Really?" Fuji asked walking into the kitchen. " Tadaima Okaa-san…"

"Oh…ok-Okaeri Ryoma…" Rinko said with a small smile. " it's rare of you to greet me so politely.

"Maybe he hit his head and finally learned respect." Nanjiroh sang out from where he sat clipping his toenails.

"Or maybe it was because I thought you weren't home." Fuji countered with his best Ryoma frown.

Rinko laughed and went to kiss Ryoma on the forehead after removing his Fila cap.

"Go do your homework and I'll have Nanako come get you when dinner's ready okay?"

"Okay…" Fuji said and walked up the stairs. After a few doors he was able to locate Ryoma's room after spotting the tennis equipment and boyish room.

"Hn…. not bad….a bit messy but not bad…" Fuji muttered as he looked at the room.


"Eh?" Fuji said turning to see the Himalayan cat looking at him strangely.

"Karupin right?" Fuji asked bending to Karupin's level and holding out a hand. "Come here…"

Karupin on the other hand backed away and looked ready to attack if Fuji reached out any further.

'Smart kitty…'Fuji thought with a smile. Lying on Ryoma's bed, Fuji wondered how well Ryoma was doing.


Fuji residence

"Nee-san…could you tell mom I'm going to be spending a few nights at my friends house to finish a project?" Ryoma asked as nice and light-heartedly as he could. He was over wishing for Inui to find a cure ASAP; he was in desperation right now to leave Fuji's sister's presence… she seemed to know something was wrong.

"Fine… as long as you keep your cell on… is that why your acting strangely Syuusuke?" Yumiko asked.

" I have a bet with a friend to be like him for a week so I have to not eat wasabi and be my normal self too much…" Ryoma said lying smoothly.

"Oh… that makes sense…but why was Tezuka introducing you to our house earlier?" Yumiko asked.

"Oh that… he was giving me an example of how to explain a house whereabouts."

"Oh….then I'll call you for dinner… I'll have to order something without wasabi for you then."

"Sorry for the trouble." Ryoma said feeling a bit bad he was lying so much.

"No problem Syuusuke… it's only a week after all and it seems like for that week your friend will be making sure you 're holding your part of the bargain anyways right?"

"Un…" Ryoma confirmed.

"Then it's no trouble at all… go tend to your cactus while I prepare dinner… too bad Tezuka didn't stay."

"He was busy…" Ryoma said before heading up to his room to "tend" to his cactuses.

Closing the door behind him, he collapsed on the bed and bumped his head on the wall. He had forgotten he was a different height now…. not to mention he wasn't too comfortable since this wasn't his house.

"What a mess…" Ryoma muttered as he stared at the ceiling. Looking at the closet, he wondered if he should shower and get into pajamas soon…

"My body has needs that your body doesn't yet."

Ryoma felt a heat rush through his body at the thought of looking at the body he was in right now.

'Baka Ryoma!' He chided himself as he buried his head in Fuji's pillow. Why was this body reacting so weird?

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