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The Devil Prince & Cocky Tensai

Rated: M (Upgraded because it has lime parts and shouta (since this is in middle school XP)

Summary: When Inui's latest juice fails and ends up being consumed by two certain regulars, all hell breaks loose. Fuji and Ryoma switch bodies for a whole week, which brings chaos among the {not so} peaceful lives of the PoT cast.

Pairing: Thrill

Chapter V : Mada Mada Dane

Seishun Gakuen



Fuji suppressed a fierce urge to forcefully follow his body as he was ignored for the fifteenth time this single morning. It seemed Ryoma hadn't quite forgiven him yet for yesterday night's romp and play. The again he was quite satisfied with the events and progress between them even if he had to play a bit dirty and seduce his own body…. But the fact still remained that it was starting to subtly annoy him that Ryoma was avoiding him.

'You can't avoid me forever.' Fuji muttered as he tugged on his hat and walked away like Ryoma would normally do. After all, the pain he bore sitting and standing was proof that they were bound for more anyways.

"Ne Fuji-chibi…. Are you avoiding Chibi-Fuji?" Kikumaru asked noting that Ryoma was in favor of their buchou's presence today rather than keeping an eye on his body.

"Does it matter?" Ryoma deadpanned out with a frown. "As long as he isn't outright doing something to ruin my face, I don't need to be with him always. People are suspicious as it is already."

"Nya…I guess that's true…" Kikumaru nodded before bouncing away to join the others.

"Fuji didn't do anything too bad did he?" Tezuka asked looking at Ryoma a bit suspiciously.

"Nothing this body didn't want," Ryoma uttered with a sigh as he tried to block out the indecent things they did yesterday night. Buchou was definitely the last person he should ask about yesterday's event… he seemed more like the type to give him laps for going with Fuji's flow.

"You can tell me if it's serious," Tezuka pushed.

"It's fine," Ryoma said softly though he wanted to tell his buchou that he'd be one of the last he'd ever tell.

But contemplating situations was never a thing Ryoma ever did. Whatever he had done in the past, he had driven himself to an answer or solution…. Now that he felt he needed to confide in someone he couldn't decide who the person should be. Definitely not buchou… and not Inui…. He'd tell everyone…. That was definitely a problem. Inui, Kikumaru-senpai and Momo-senpai would definitely say something… he couldn't tell Oishi-senpai either… he'd worry and fret!

"Fuji…." Tezuka bit out. "If it's fine then why are you contemplating?"

"Buchou… I may be in his body but I DON'T have any thoughts of Fuji!" Ryoma bit out in frustration.

Tezuka merely raised a brow at Ryoma's outburst… he had not mentioned anything about thinking of Fuji… something was definitely wrong.

"Fuji… I'm going to go," Tezuka said before turning away without another word. He was going to have to track down Fuji and corner it out of him since Echizen wasn't about to tell him.


Echizen Residence

Friday Night

"I'm not happy that you spent the whole day avoiding me," Fuji said sitting down next to Ryoma who was trying to complete Fuji's homework in peace. Dinner had long-gone, socializing with Nanako and his mother could only last so long since he wasn't sociable to begin with nor did he think his mother and cousin would appreciate being harassed with compliments and questions the whole night by a "stranger". There was no other way to avoid Fuji and this was the part he hated.

"Ryoma…You're still mad that I let you-"

"Shut Up!" Ryoma growled out as he tapped his pencil in impatience.

"So you are still mad that you and I had sex." Fuji said lying on Ryoma's bed now. It seemed it'd be a while before Ryoma let up about that.

"I hate you!" Ryoma said with Fuji's soft but serious voice.

"Don't be like that-"

"I hate being used in any way to satisfy your evil desires!"Ryoma growled out.

Fuji never knew his voice could even get into a rough growl like that… till now. He suppressed the urge to attack Ryoma. Mainly because Ryoma still occupied his body and would have more strength than the body he was currently in. Wasn't it fair enough to say at least Ryoma got to enjoy the sexual act thoroughly without feeling the discomfort like he had to?

"But you like and participated!" Fuji said with a slight smile. He had to be careful with his kitten now and not rub him hard. The consequences were getting more frustrating after all with Ryoma taking all necessary precautions to avoid him.

"No! You're disgusting body did!" Ryoma raved setting aside his homework to give Fuji an angry glare. "I can't wait to have my body back and away from your evil clutches!"

Fuji didn't answer since he could tell Ryoma was on the edge of losing to his anger. Instead he closed his eyes and said the only thing he could think Ryoma would say in such a situation…

"Mada Mada Dane"


Saturday Practice

Ryoma was not happy. Not only did he have to survive the night with someone he hated, he now had to walk to practice with him as if they were good friends just so his parents and Nanako wouldn't get suspicious. Then again there was his stupid's body painful erections in the morning when Fuji came strolling near him with knowledge of what he would love to do. He never thought being Fuji was going to be this perverted…the again Fuji-senpai had never seem this perverted.

'Till you became him!' Ryoma thought with a scowl.

It had taken a while but he had managed to NOT attack his body and peacefully settle the rock-hard erection.

"Still not on talking terms with me Ryoma?" Fuji asked after they walked almost three blocks in silence. He felt he shouldn't give Ryoma anymore time to contemplate whatever he was contemplating about because a simple frown had now become a scowl after three blocks. Another few blocks and Ryoma might be attacking him verbally instead of physically as Fuji would like.

Ryoma ignored the fact that he even spoke. It would be easier during the day to not see his body and harder at night to avoid. BUT! till then, when he had to be in his body's company, he was going to pretend everything was going to be over in a couple more blocks and leave it at that.

'Do what you will Ryoma but I'm going to say that I'm not going to back off quietly either." Fuji warned. If Ryoma was going to avoid him, he knew a good amount about blackmailing and twisting situations to favor his outcome… no matter whose body he was in!

'As if you would!' Ryoma thought angrily as he gave Fuji a chilling cold look before starting off again. If he spoke he knew words would spill over and worst case scenario would be if he did as this body's raging hormones said to do; Attack and conquer.


After School

Ryoma changed numbly in the clubroom as he recounted his day unwillingly. It was, in his opinion, a very bad day. Ryoma always considered himself a person who showed their true personality no matter who it concerned or what people may think of him, He did as he liked whenever the hell he liked if it was going to benefit him. But Fuji was a total other angle. The man was persistent, unbending and used his own personality to his full advantage to draw Ryoma out to him. As much as Ryoma hated it, he couldn't act out of character with Fuji's body…yet Fuji acted out his personality to perfection.

'Fuck you Fuji….' Ryoma thought angrily as he skirted his way around incidents all day with a "smile" and bizarre explanations for Fuji's outburst and words that only Fuji-senpai would say in these situations.

"Oi Fuji-chibi!" Kikumaru's voice cut through his weary thoughts. "Hurry up before buchou gets to the courts! Hyoutei's already here!"

'Great' Ryoma thought bitterly as he re-tied his shoelaces with a frown. If there was one person he'd like to avoid it was Atobe.

Didn't they already have their practice matches with the high monkey Wednesday? Why were they back?

"Mada Mada Fuji-sen-pai…still dressing?"

Ryoma suppressed a scowl in the event that someone else may be walking in or near the clubroom. He really had no wish to deal with Ryoma!

"What is it Ryoma?" Ryoma managed to say with a 'Fuji-approved' Fake smile.

Silence followed as Ryoma watched himself walk forward slowly and stand in front of where he sat. He viewed his body wearily, something he never thought he'd have to do. Just what was Fuji thinking at this moment staring at his own body?

So Ryoma had learned in the past few days to always expect the unexpected when dealing with Fuji-senpai but he surely wasn't expecting it when his body leaned forward and pressed his lips onto his current body. The response was instantaneous… one moment it had been his smaller lithe body attacking and making the first move and the next he was the one pulling his body closer and forcing his willing mouth to accept the carnal kiss as he deepened the kiss. He couldn't stop now….

It was just as Fuji expected. He had worked all day for this and here it was for him. Wearing down Ryoma had been a lot of work over the day but this prize was all he wanted. He surrendered thoroughly to the probing kiss as he himself slid his hands to bind them in an embrace. He didn't need any more prompting as he stepped closer and proceeded to allow Ryoma to devour him.

There was no reason to think to-

"I knew you two were going out!"

The snide remark broke through both their haze and both turned to see none other than Atobe standing at the clubroom door looking very superior and haughty.

"Buchou isn't here," Fuji said with a 'Ryoma-approved' bratty tone.

"I wasn't looking for him!" Atobe said with a smug smile.

"Sure you weren't," Ryoma said standing. He too was agitated by Fuji but he'd deal with him later after this. "Why else would you walk into the clubroom unless you believed buc- Tezuka would be here?"

"I can go wherever I feel like going!" Atobe snapped out.

"Starving for some of this these days huh?" Ryoma supplied with a Fuji-like smile pasted on his face to cover the feeling of annoyance spreading in his body at the monkey king's untimely entrance.

"I never have to crave such vulgar make-outs! I get enough as it is!" Atobe said snidely.

"Yeah, well I'm sure you were hoping to get some of this too," Fuji said with enough provocation as he practically sauntered out of the clubroom.

"That little brat!" Atobe sputtered out as Ryoma waltzed out after the little brat. Just to prove his point though, he was going to give Tezuka a piece of his mind…. Perhaps that man was cheating him out of a relationship's requirements!



Tezuka did his best to suppress a sigh as he recognized the annoyingly familiar tone from anywhere. There was no denying who was walking towards him with purposeful steps but the question was why the man even here was in the first place.

"This had better be good Atobe…" Tezuka started as Atobe walked into the empty classroom and shut the door with quite a loud thud behind him.

"Why have we not kissed for a week now?" Atobe demanded immediately.

"Did we not agree this would only work if we worked around out schedules and not demand things?" Tezuka rounded on him with a slight frown.

"I have had it pointed out to me that you are cheating ore-sama out of his due!"Atobe said with a fierce frown as he walked forward in slight annoyance.

"And who would know about us to have pointed that out?" Tezuka asked with a slight sigh towards the end. Sometimes, more than once actually, he had wondered what or who in their right mind could like such a guy.

"Well… that's – it isn't the point!" Atobe said trying to edge around that part of the confrontation. "the point is why do we not see each other enough to be able to do what other couple do?"

"and what is it that you are missing out on?" Tezuka asked with a slight frown.

"This!" Atobe said grimly before he swooped in for the kill. Lecture and frowns be damned, he'd deal with that later as he pushed his stoic boyfriend against the wall and pressed his lips no longer than a second against his before forcing it open with his tongue. He'd be damned if the brat and tensai was getting better than him!

Tezuka, though shocked at Atobe's forceful nature decided to let it go as he participated. It had been a while since they had some time with just one another… but there was practice to get too… in just another second he'd get to that and Atobe's lecture… just right after one more twist of the tongue and groan…


"Okay now I'm worried!" Oishi said with a frown as he stared at his watch. Tezuka was always on time even when he had student council meetings… he made it always when he said he would but today… their buchou was ten minutes late!

"Aw Oishi-senpai, give him time!" Momoshiro said with a grin. "Besides some emergency might have spared us from extra laps he can fit in!"

"Hn…" Ryoma agreed and almost voiced more when he remembered exactly whose body he was in and how awkward it'd be to hear that…maybe if he chuckled like Fuji… NO!

There was no way in hell he was going to try that creepy chuckle!

"Well Atobe did go in search of buchou earlier…" Fuji thought to mention in his best impression of a Ryoma hint.

Oishi looked horrified while everyone else took that in stride.

"What if… what if they killed each other?" Oishi asked looking from one member to another.

"I doubt it. "Fuji said with a slight grin.

"It could happen…" Inui said with a nod, "But it's more likely that-"

"We have to find them!" Oishi demanded dragging his partner behind him.

"Calm down Oishi!" Kikumaru said trying to keep to his partner's pace for once.

At the fukubuchou's leading, everyone had little choice but to follow in wonder as well to see whose buchou came out the winner.

"I for one think our buchou would have creamed yours," Shishido offered to the Seigaku members entering the side door into the building.

"Why are you even here?" Kaidoh asked glaring at the pesky Hyoutei team that showed up out of nowhere.

"Do you have a problem with us being here?" Shishido challenged though Ootori was trying to make peace between them.

"Actually I do," Kaidoh started as he turned to glare at the mouthy Hyoutei member only to run into the person in front of him.

Everyone's attention was drawn to Oishi's red face as he quietly shut the classroom door he was used to opening to find Tezuka after student council meetings overlooking the tennis courts.

"What is it?" Everyone questioned at the same time before brushing past the stuttering fukubuchou to peek in.

No words were spoken as everyone took their fill of their buchou tearing into each other…quite in a different way than most expected but nonetheless tearing into each other.

"Well…. I thought buchou was straight." Gakuto said quite loudly after his initial shock

"That's true!" Momoshiro said at the same time as Kikumaru.

"He was the one saying he didn't swing that way!" Momoshiro said with a smile. "When all this time he was the one going at it!'

"Fsssh…" Kaidoh merely said straying away from the group.

"Well there was an eighty-five percent they were seeing each other like that…" Inui started before everyone started trying to talk over one another to get a word about what they just witnessed.

Out of them, only Fuji and Ryoma seemed to realize the door they had all opened to witness their buchou going at one another was still wide open and their secret mission was no longer that since their opinions had risen beyond even normal talking tones.

"Thirty laps!" Tezuka and Atobe bit out together as they looked at all the members of their respective teams arguing over their sexuality and relationship.


Saturday Night

"Are you still going to avoid me?" Fuji asked leaning on the desk where Ryoma was diligently doing his own homework.

"How can I when your practically all over my paper?" Ryoma said in irritation.

"Then why can't we talk?" Fuji demanded.

"Because you don't want to, you want to do other things." Ryoma gritted out through his teeth as he read the line again. Trying to analyze a piece of writing with Fuji in the same room was impossible.

"Well we could do that too…." Fuji teased slightly with a smile. "But really-"

"Look!" Ryoma said slamming down his pencil in anger. Little did he know that he was using Fuji's body to its fullest. From the icy blue eyes to the way his body tensed, Fuji viewed what true danger he portrayed down to the bone when he was riled beyond words.

"I dislike the fact that we had to be the ones who experienced this mess and I'm still in need of killing Inui-senpai for this BUT I feel no need to be played by you anymore!"

'But I-"

"Shut it!" Ryoma said angrily as angry tears slid pass the iciness of the blue. "I'm sick of you using my body for attention, flaunting it as if it means nothing but another enjoyment to your sick, twisted life!"

"Is that how you see this?" Fuji asked looking at Ryoma who was torn between punching his own body, kissing it or just losing his composure to the tears that slid down his face in frustration over everything this past week.

"Then how is it if it isn't how I perceive it?" Ryoma asked angrily. "Not once have you stopped and asked how I felt being your pawn!"

"That's because I don't see you as my pawn Ryoma…" Fuji said softly looking at him with a sober expression. "Perhaps I'm going about it the wrong way but I like you."

"Oh shut the crap Fuji-senpai! You always say that!" Ryoma said with a scowl.

"But Ryoma… I never play with anyone unless I really like them… and I really like you. I've only pushed out relationship this far because I really like you." Fuji admitted as he approached Royma.

"Maybe after this week I can better showcase t and be more truthful to how I feel for you but it's the truth I took advantage when I saw it."

"You…. You like me?" Ryoma asked still stuck on the words that Fuji had just said to him.

In any other situation when his body was confessing he'd have been hitting his head thinking he was seeing or hearing things but this was real… a fact and Fuji… he sounded very serious at the moment.

"I do," Fuji said seriously as he laid a hand over Ryoma's. "I have for a while now but I had no idea how to tell you."

Ryoma didn't reply as he let the hormones take over and dropped a kiss on Fuji. If Fuji could use his body to seduce then he could assume that he could use the body to do as he pleased too.

Fuji didn't resist as he pulled Ryoma to feel closer as his used Ryoma's hands to shift through his hair. He couldn't get enough of this tingling feeling of excitement and love around them. There was a certain thrill he could not find with another for sure….


"Yeah…" Fuji responded looking at the blue eyes that stared down at him.

"Next time….Just tell me and don't run me in circles." Ryoma whispered as he pressed his mouth back on to swallow Fuji's reply. Something told Ryoma he better not give Fuji to elaborate or else he'd get a twisted agreement instead of the answer he was looking for.


Sunday Morning

Ryoma pulled Fuji on top as they finished their third round. It wasn't so bad if he just stopped thinking about the fact that he was screwing around with his own body and just feel .

It actually felt pretty good….

"What are you thinking about?" Fuji asked.

"Everything…" Ryoma uttered back as Fuji got up to straddle him again.

"Again?" Ryoma groaned out though his body was already responding to the sensual movements.

"Why not? Your parents and Nanako aren't home today." Fuji said evilly.

"Geez…." Ryoma groaned out as he felt something shoot through him

"eh…" Ryoma opened his eyes as he felt a hardness press against his belly. He glanced down to discover himself straddled on Fuji as he stared at not his body but Fuji's.

"My…. If I can say I like this view a lot…" Fuji mussed out looking at Ryoma as his hands slid up.

"We got our bodies back!" Ryoma said excitedly almost sliding off but Fuji held firm and flipped him underneath. As excited as he was about getting to be the one to ravish Ryoma fully now, he wasn't going to Ryoma forget they were in the middle of beginning their fourth round.

"But I-"


"What?" Ryoma answered looking up into Fuji's blue eyes… there was something about his eyes that told Ryoma to be careful of what he'd suggest…yet there was somewhat a flicker of desire as well.

"I think it's time I showed you just how good bottom can also be…" Fuji whispered as his lips descended on Ryoma's. He'd show Ryoma just how much he liked him.


"Come on Ryoma…. Your parents will be home soon," Fuji said leaning over the lump on the bed that refused to do more than burrow deeper into his blankets.


"Come now Ryoma… we're a lot closer than that now," Fuji said with a smile as he trailed a hand over the lump and headed south just to show him how close they had just been thirty minutes ago.

"Whatever…. Don't count on anymore sex after this!" Ryoma said flipping the blanket to reveal irritated golden eyes and a scowl. "The after effects are horrible!"

Fuji didn't argue, he merely pressed his lips to Ryoma's head though it didn't stop his chuckle of delight from spilling. After all, Fuji would make sure that there would be many other times after this.



Ryoma collapsed after finishing his laps around the tennis court. The buchou was a complete ass now that his relationship had been discovered. Thankfully Fuji hadn't wanted to reveal to anyone just how close they had gotten yet… though he came close a good measure of times since this morning.

"God it's good to have you back Echizen!" Momoshiro said ruffling Ryoma's hair through his hat.

"Hnn…." Ryoma merely muttered. He needed water….

Ryoma stood up as his cat–like eyes spotted what he was looking for sitting on the table where Inui-senpai had been passing out his upgraded penal tea to whoever hadn't made it before the cut-off. Grabbing the water cup he downed the contents before Inui turned around and let out a loud "AH!"

"What?" Everyone said stopping what they were doing to see Inui looking at Ryoma who was setting the cup back down on the table.

"Echizen…. You just drank my energizing H20 formula water…."

"What?" Ryoma asked with widened eyes while the other regulars could be heard praying nothing would go wrong or moaning at the impending disaster this drink could cause.

"Inui…." Tezuka started with a twitch to his brow.

"Nothing seems to have happened… do you feel any different Echizen?" Kawamura asked trying to be the level-headed one.

"Yeah O-chibi…. Do you feel any different because you haven't grown an extra head yet…. And you're not in Kiku's body!" Kikumaru informed though he was hidden behind Oishi in the case that it might happen.

"I feel fine…." Ryoma muttered then realized each person was ready to see something terrible befall him. He let out one of his infamous smirks.

"Mada Mada dane"

Suddenly his voice changed to a higher pitch and the regulars besides Inui, Tezuka and Fuji face turned to horror.

"He's shrinking…." Kaidoh said

And that Ryoma did… all the way back to a toddler stage of three or four.

"I'll care for him," Fuji volunteered to break the silence as everyone was frozen in shock.

"Inui!"Tezuka bit out

"I haven't tested it yet Tezuka…" Inui edged in with a swallow as he watched Tezuka's brow twitch again.

"I'll watch him in return for Ryoma's keeping me for a week." Fuji volunteered. "inui will get started on an antidote right Inui?"

"O-of course!" Inui agreed seeing the smiling blue eyes open and settle on him.

"Wow… o-chibi-chibi… you're so cute!" Kikumaru said petting Ryoma' s head

"Someone going to help me?"Kawamura asked when no one seemed to notice he was the only one who caught Oishis who fainted dead away in the middle of Ryoma's shrinking.

"Inui-senpai!" Momoshiro said with panicked eyes. "That cure!"

"I'll work on it!" Inui said with a nod. Even he knew how close the matches were up and they could hardly let a toddler play tennis.

"Can I say I don't want to go with Fuji-senpai!" Ryoma stated loudly in a baby-ish voice. He had seen the devilish gleam in Fuji's half-opened blue eyes and he didn't want to know what was in store for him in a less defendable body.

No one heard him but Fuji who merely smiled extra wide and swooped Ryoma into his arms unwillingly.

"You and I are going to have so much fun together."

That's what Ryoma was afraid of…

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