Drabble Fic

A/N: A drabble fic 'cause I was feeling bored and had done an alright piece of writing for English class.

Lenalee strolled along the sandy coast of her 'holiday' destination. The wind was blowing, relaxing her tense nerves, its light breeze tugging at the ends of her ebony bangs. In contrast, the sun which was now rising in the east brought about a sense of new beginnings with its warm glow.

The palm trees swayed as Lenalee did when she walked. The waves and the rustle of leaves made a light rhythm of nature sounds. The warmness and bright glow of illuminated orange-pink in the dawn sky refreshed Lenalee. What a romantic setting for a honeymoon.


Allen's voice called out to her, the sound of her name rolling off his tongue echoing through the sound of waves and rustling leaves; the rhythm of nature. The sound of hoof beats and Allen's raised form on a mass of white caught Lenalee's curious side. It appeared to be some sort of animal. As Allen drew nearer astride the magnificent creature, Lenalee's eyes widened as she realised what it was.

The boy stopped the magnificent member of the equine family a few feet away from the surprised but thrilled girl and offered her his hand, stooping low over the horse's neck. Lenalee's eyes softened, utter joy showing in her eyes, words unneeded to express her emotions. Allen was her comrade, her companion, her love.

Said white-haired exorcist smiled his warm, gentle smile and pulled Lenalee up behind him onto the magnificent beast when she took his hand in her own.

They rode off towards the restaurant of the popular beach resort for breakfast.

"Ney, Allen-kun?"


"Where'd you get the horse?"

A/N: Sorry for the length of the thing. I dont write long stuff on paper. It just doesn't click when I'm writing like that.