AIW – The Kent Family Legacy Fulfilled

Late May in the year 2013

Superman looked out into the crowd, the day he had dreaded and had carefully held at bay for years had finally come. It was also a day he dreamed of with pride and longing. He knew he was ready, he felt sure his family was ready even if Lois wouldn't admit it. The big question had always been and still was; is the world really ready to accept what was coming next?

He had always guarded his secrets, his private life. Only a very few knew he had a life outside the suit. Even less knew or suspected he had a family…that was all about to change. Once told there would be no going back, the world would know he wasn't alone anymore and hadn't been for quite some time. They would know he wasn't the last of his kind. How would the world respond to his duplicity, his lying by omission and misdirection? Would they understand it was all necessary? Or would they considerate it a betrayal of the trust they had bestowed on him. After what had happened just this morning, there could be no more delays. It was time. He noticed Richard in the crowd nodding at him giving him courage and Jimmy was there with his camera ever ready. He heard Lois' fast heartbeat just before she and Chloe pushed their way though the crowd to stand with the men. He allowed himself a smile and began.

"Over the last several months there has been growing speculation that there are alien beings here on earth other than myself. Unexplained occurrences, reports of sightings and witnesses who claimed to have been rescued by someone with powers similar to my own. I have up till now refused comment. I find I can no longer hold my tongue. After what happened this morning I feel I must finally speak out."

He took a deep breath and looked around the crowd again seeking out familiar faces. "I find I must now confess that I know the explanations for all the reported occurrences. In fact, I know the rescuers first hand." He allowed himself a soft laugh, "and it has been going on much longer than any of you know. I oversaw many of the rescues myself unseen by the ones being saved and quite often by the ones doing the rescuing. You see it was all part of their training. I needed to know they were ready and fully prepared to tackle the life ahead of them but I was also determined to keep them safe." He smiled again.

"Ladies and Gentlemen I would like you to meet two of my children." There was a stir in the crowd as people took deep breaths in anticipation and some in outright shock at the revelation.

As the crowd moved back slightly making room a young boy floated down followed closely by a pretty young girl. Both had dusty blond hair, perhaps like their mother's and their father's unmistakable striking blue eyes. The girl looked to be perhaps fifteen or sixteen at most and the boy a couple years younger. Both had suits with similar colors to their father but neither wore a cape. A small El family crest was present resting above their hearts.

As the two young beings settled down near their father the crowd remained quiet. Well placed cameras were capturing it all, soon the whole world would know. Superman was a father. But just who was the mother?