The fifteen year old boy sat on the edge of his bed with his feet planted to the ground with a deep scowl, thinking over what had gone on in his life after his beloved mother died, trying to save his family, getting sucked into the shinigami business, saving Rukia, then running into arrancar, and finally...getting rid of Aizen and living what was supposed to be a peaceful life.

But, no, he would never get that peaceful life. Because of the one thing that was inside him, who taunted him every chance he got.

"Same face," he whispered in a sing-song voice, words slurred like water, completely disoriented and demented on all levels, "I have your face, you have mine...who's the true one, who can decide?" Ichigo placed his left hand over his face, elbow resting on his curled knee. "You, the King? Or me, the Horse?"

The orange haired High Schooler now definitely regretted reading his Devil May Cry three comics now, that Mad-Hatter's dialogue drove him nuts, and now his inner Hollow was at it. He sighed deeply. All hell was breaking loose.

"Tell me...who is the real one, hmm?"

"Can you just shut the hell up?" he grumbled as he laid himself down onto the comforter, pinching the bridge between his eyes in irritation. "That tone you're using is getting on my freakin' nerves..." He tilted his head back with closed eyes as he let out an aggravated breath.

"Then entertain me 'till I beg you to stop," the Hollow hissed, venom hinting plainly in his tone. "Or should I go search for the monkey with red hair to be my mate in the spree of what I want called 'fun'?"

'Monkey with red hair'?

"Yes, I think he'll do quite nicely...maybe a little bloodshed, but that's what it's worth," The albino materialized beside him with his hands under his head, using them as a pillow with that sickening grin plastered on his features very similar to Ichigo's own, "if the King won't take care of his Horse."

Said teenager rolled his eyes as he turned to meet golden-black eyes with his brown orbs. A scowl gracing his features as he lifted his left hand to slap it over those alabaster lips the look-a-like owned before he could speak again.

"Cut the crap and talk like you usually do, this riddle...sing-song...whatever the fuck it is is driving me insane!!" he hissed angrily as he tightened his grip on the mouth, feeling a sick smile form underneath his hand, the albino lifting his right and coiling his fingers around the wrist of the hand that was holding in his voice. Pulling it away, his sharp white canines glimmered dangerously in the light.

"But I like usin' tha' tone, makes m' feel special," he chuckled with an evil glint in his deep golden pools with a dark abyss behind it, big difference in the way the colors made Ichigo feel. "A'sides, yer borin' as hell and when ya read tha' stuff...I can't help but notice tha' ya grin wheneva tha' Dante dude's pissed."

"He almost has the same problems I do," With that, he jabbed his opposite's shoulder, "but his demon's silent up the ass! Unlike you!"

"But tha's the reason ya love m' right?" he growled, narrowing his eyes, the grin never faltering. Hearing that made the shinigami cringe, a grunt rushing up his throat and past his lips, making that smile widen. Sometimes Ichigo wondered how that face could never break the grin was that huge. "Don' deny it, ya know ya do."

"That's disgusting, Hichigo," the orange haired teen frowned as he sat up and shook his head, "you're demented and completely opposite of me, yet you make me wanna hurl when you say things that concern me, supposedly, loving you, which I do not. We look the same, for Christ's sake! So stop being disgusting and get back where you belong!!"

"Poor King...why do you treat your Horse this way? It hurts the heart that actually beats, if only un-sounding, but will still beat for you," Hichigo smirked, sitting up as well and running his fingers through Ichigo's hair, reflexes taking over the teenager as he grabbed hold of the wrists and pushed them down, "and you alone, because your Horse wants nothing more than for you to be happy. Even if you will someday...become that particle of a bird and be locked in a cage." He leaned over, seeing Ichigo's auburn eyes widen at the words he was using.

He's just trying to creep me out, that's all, he thought bitterly as Hichigo licked his lips with sinful grace and promise. ...but...I want to understand what he's saying...

"Because you already are...that delicate," He pushed the teenager down onto the bed, "emotional bird," The albino straddled him as he placed both his alabaster hands on each side of the orange haired teen's head, leaning down with a genuine, warm smile, "that wants to be set free," His lips were close to Ichigo's own, brushing against them as the eldest Kurosaki sibling blinked his eyes, "from the shackles around its feet. To be held and cared for...and mostly...to be loved."

'Loved'? The orange haired teen visibly froze at the word. 'To be held and cared for'...those are some... He recoiled, pushing Hichigo off with a yell of anger, cursing him as the albino fell onto the wooden flooring, staring at him with shock echoing through his golden eyes as he wiped his lower lip, having bitten it as he fell, to keep from crying out in shock. Those were...almost like...a love confession or something! What the hell?!

"Tha' hurt King," Hichigo growled, glaring up at the panting from, his eyes half-lidded as he stared down on the Hollow, hazed over in deep thought, deep color of dark chocolate. His cheeks tinted with pink as his hands' fingers held on tightly to the bed's comforter, breaths quick and desperate. "A'course...I didn' expect much from ya after tha'."

"S...stop messing with me!" he shouted as he slammed his eyes shut, slowly letting them reopen to see that the Hollow was dissolving and reentering his inner world with a deep frown etched into his features. "W-why do you mess with me so much?" he muttered, grip tightening on the sheets, tears forming into his eyes. "Why...? Why me?"

"You're the other half...the other half of me, the light," the demon whispered softly, in a small sing-song tone once again, "I'm the dark, dark desire and hatred...you complete the yin and yang...but you have to figure this riddle out by yourself, alone...in the darkness where I once roamed, up until now."


Okay, really messed up and all over the place, I know...but I wanted to try something new and those evil plot ideas sprung at me until I typed this, so please review. Highly doubt this'll become a real story, though...but it might, who knows. Title at top says: Caged Bird. I hope...I went searching the internet for translations and all that, so hopefully it's right.