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Hichigo's head shot up, eye wide as he stared at the darkening sky, deep grey colored clouds gathered, a small droplet assaulting his face as the albino dropped his head, looking in the direction that the lightly tanned shinigami ran in, bolting as well while his sandaled feet made small splashes in puddles that greedily took the tiny drops into its embrace.

Pushing his way through the thick of the trees until he reached the site where Ichigo was leaning over Renji with his orange bangs hanging in his face, covering the pained expression stitched in his features.

The Hollow's eyes fell halfway shut as his golden orbs eyed the shuddering form as he continued to helplessly shake the bleeding form, the rain being an excellent cover-up for the tears sliding down the teen's face.

"Those bastards!!" he cried, releasing the motionless limb, watching with shaking orbs as it hit the ground. "I'll…I'll fucking kill them!"

King, the Hollow thought as his gaze swept over to the redhead, frowning deeply as the orange haired teen slammed his fists onto the ground, repeating the procedure a few times until the bottoms of his fists' pulsed angrily, demanding he stop.


He hung his head while the albino trailed over to the corpse as the teen fell to the side, the world swirling angrily and unforgiving. The smell of blood overriding his senses as the lids to his eyes slid shut, not even realizing that Hichigo collected dark energy into his hand, pressing it into the chest wound.

You're lucky…that King likes you, that you're his best friend; otherwise I wouldn't be doing this…


"Haru," Aaya whined, reaching her left hand up, grabbing hold of his pant leg, "when do we get to have fun messing with that Ichigo?"

The man chuckled, patting her atop the head, "Soon…just plan what you want him to do for the grand finale."

"Ooh," she grinned, her eyes shimmering brilliantly in the dark light, "I can't wait."


Rukia screeched to a stop, looking up at the sky with saddened eyes, the memories of Kaien returning to her in a flash, and how much Kurosaki Ichigo looked like him, their smiles were so similar, and yet so far apart.

It disgusted her to the point where she wanted to thrust her blade through the teen's body.

"Am I…overreacting?" she whispered to herself, blinking and turning, hand grabbing hold of her zanpaku-to, narrowing her eyes at the young boy before her.

His caramel colored locks blew in the breeze, looking up at her with deep brown eyes. Clothed in absolute black. "You're…Kuchiki Rukia, yes? You're looking for Kurosaki Ichigo, right?"

She nodded, quirking a brow at the child as he lifted both of his hands, both closed as he slowly opened them to reveal alabaster colored hands.

"He killed your brother…right?"

Her breath caught in her throat, feeling as though it were strained as her chest stopped moving, as though…this boy was taking the air away from her.

"He killed Kuchiki Byakuya-san, Rukia…"

And that's when her eyes slid shut, falling down onto her knees, eyes distant and hazed as the youth approached her, his left hand stroking her face.

"Kill him," he whispered, "and be free."


"If the King won't take care of his Horse…"

Ichigo's brows twitched, groaning once he cracked open his brown orbs, blinking a few times, gasping once he caught sight of Hichigo leaning over Renji, the alabaster hands placed on his knees as he leaned back.


Dull golden-black eyes gazed over at him, a feeble grin spreading across his lips. "Finally up, I see…" he breathed, exhausted as his upper, bare, body glistened from sweat and earlier rain, "I think he'll make it…"

The orange haired teen stood, eyes wide as he walked over to the demon, sitting down beside him while looking down on the blood tainting the grass below the man, the Hollow placing his bloodied palms down on the ground.


"How what?" Hichigo questioned, a puzzled look written over his features.

"How could Renji survive? I thought that Prayer finished him off!"

Hichigo looked away with a frown, not wanting to look the other in the eye as he hung his head, fingers curling and grabbing hold of the grass blades beneath his fingertips, eyes falling halfway shut as he muttered, "You wouldn't believe me anyway."

Ichigo frowned, his right hand grabbing hold of the mirror's shoulder, turning him forcefully, only to blink form shock once he noticed the look of hurt and abandon etched into the albino's face.

"Hichigo…I was upset, okay?! Besides…something this serious would be noting to joke about!"

The albino smacked the teen's hand off his shoulder, shoving him down and straddling him, wide brown eyes staring back as the Hollow grabbed handfuls of the black fabric, pulling him up slightly from the ground, the bottom of his white eyelids raising as he fought back the urge to sob.

It was so unlike him, being hurt and broken. Shocked to be tossed aside just like the snap of a finger. Snarling, Hichigo leaned in, the two look-a-like's noses barely brushing as he tightened his grasp, knuckles turning paper white, whiter than his skin tone.

"T-that Prayer missed the vital organs…just be glad he's gonna survive, King!!"

Ichigo blinked, both freezing in position once a groan slipped past Renji's parted lips. Gazing over at the redhead, the vibrant haired teen stared in disbelief as the tattooed form slowly moved, turning his head in their direction.

The albino frowned, slowly fading from view as he looked away, closing his golden-black eyes.

Reddish-brown eyes opened slowly, blinking a few times once he saw Ichigo getting up off the ground, looking at him with warm eyes as the spiky haired teen trailed over to him.

"You alright?" he asked, bending down to the red haired shinigami's level, helping him sit up, blinking once the wounded form leaned against him for support.

"Kinda tired, you?" the redhead chuckled, trying to get some crappy humor to lift the darkened mood in the atmosphere.

"Fine…I thought that Prayer had killed you, dumb ass, don't scare me like that," Ichigo frowned, looking at the sealed-shut cuts, pondering on who did that. "How did this happen though?"

"There was a guy that made his sand clone take your form, and lead me away…but I figured out who it was before this," He lifted his left hand and motioned down to his bloody body, "happened. I'm impressed I survived."

"So am I, you idiot…" the orange haired Kurosaki admitted while sliding his eyes halfway shut, "I'll carry you, we have to get out of here, someone might've heard the commotion."

Renji nodded, wincing from the pain as Ichigo slowly located him onto his back, going over to Zabimaru and picking him up while focusing on trying not to ruin the wonderful patch job the Abarai received.


Rukia's violet eyes slowly opened, the hues crazed and mixed with bloodlust, the memory of that boy gone, everything pointing to the orange haired teen, saying that he was to blame for everything that had happened in her life.

Grabbing hold of her zanpaku-to, the raven haired girl bolted into the forest, then through it, narrowing her eyes as her head pulsed, chest aching in pain, the feel of her heart being crushed making it hard to breathe.

"Kill him…and be free," Echoed in her ears.


Ichigo leapt from rooftop to rooftop in the Rukon district, cursing once he screeched to a stop, feeling Renji's hands clutching roughly at his shoulders, the red haired fukutaicho's forehead resting on the back of his neck.

"It hurts…" the redhead whispered, voice strained.

Looking over his shoulder with confused eyes, Ichigo parted his peach colored lips, "What does?"

Renji lifted his head, eyes hazed over; the nail imprints on his neck the color of a purplish-grey, white outlining the wounds. "I don't know…but…" Ichigo leapt off the roof, landing gracefully on his two feet, bending his knees, then straightening them.

"We'll take a break," he informed, slowly trudging into the house with the kind old man he and his friends met when they trespassed into the spiritual world. "Hey, long time, no see," A soft smile graced the man's lips, "can my friend and I stay here for a while? He's wounded and needs rest."

"Sure, how have you been since I last saw you?" the man asked.

Ichigo slowly lowered Renji, chocking on the air for a second, then shaking his head. He was told never to lie to his elders, but…if he told him this: "Yeah, I'm doing well, except I'm getting hunted down because I was framed for killing Byakuya Kuchiki." No, that would never happen.

Looking over his shoulder, the teenager smiled, forced it. "I'm fine, just visiting."

"Oh, for how long? I'll make you some lunch if you –"

A stomach growl erupted throughout the room, Ichigo blushing a few seconds later, Renji as well, both looking up at the old man slowly.

"If you could…please make some," And with that the man chuckled, standing and venturing off to get the ingredients.

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