His lips touching mine, our first kiss in the little crowded classroom which I took for granite. Our mission against Haku and Zabuza…how I saved him. Everything, working together, our little arguments, our fights…training…passing out next to each other in the woods and…the last fight of us. I was so mean…what the hell was wrong with me. Itachi was taking over my life and I knew that when I was over him, our eyes inches away, his where closed as he was passed out and me walking away, holding my arms with bleak eyes, staring up at the rain.

I shot up in the forest, panting hard, sweat rolling down my face. That one dream of our past…haunting me, stalking me for the last two years. Team Hebi lying around me. I looked around and at me, I was back to normal. I sighed and put a hand to my forehead as I sat up, closing my eyes softly.

"S-Sasuke…what's up?" Suigetsu asked, rubbing his eyes a bit, sitting up some. I shook my head.

"Nothing…just…I thought I heard something…but I was wrong." I said quietly, lying to him. He seemed to notice the lie. I wouldn't be so worked up if someone was coming, let alone move.

He sat up, propping himself up onto one arm. "Sasuke…don't lie. You were having that nightmare again." Suigetsu whispered, so Jugo and Karin wouldn't wake up, and they wouldn't…they were deep sleepers.

I glared at him, eyes turning sharingan. "I told you never to speak of that Suigetsu." I growled quietly to him. He smirked and chuckled a bit.

"Whatever." He said laying back down. "But if you were suddenly disappear again, Jugo, Karin and I wouldn't follow, probably just stay at the next village or something and travel till you came back…if you came back." Suigetsu said. "Like you did before." He smirked.

I threw a pebble at his head. He rubbed his head and glared at me. I was lying on my back now, staring at the sky, the stars twinkling high above us like a canopy.

"Karin if you want to eavesdrop, at least make it to where you're not detected." I sighed closing my eyes. Karin sat up swiftly.

"Sasuke-kun, no don't go. Don't leave me with these too idiots." Karin hissed, glaring at Suigetsu. Suigetsu shot up with his sword pointing at her.

"What was that bitch?" He growled. Jugo sat up groaning a bit annoyed.

"What's going on? Suigetsu sit down for god sake, it's nearly two in the morning." Jugo growled. Suigetsu grumbled a bit but sat down and calmed down for that matter. "Why is everyone awake anyways?" Jugo asked sitting up.

"Sasuke had that nightmare again." Karin said in a whisper, though I heard her and growled a bit.

"Shut up and go to sleep you morons, your giving me a headache." I growled, a lot of anger and annoyance in my voice. The hair on the back of there neck stood up and they flew back down to the ground and swiftly fell asleep, but Suigetsu. He sat there, leaning against a tree truck. My back to him as I laid there.

"Sasuke…leave. All of us know you don't want to be here, you'd rather be in Konoha." Suigetsu said, and his voice wasn't in question it was a command. Usually I would have kicked his ass, but not when it was on this subject.

I rolled back onto my back and stared up at the stars. There was silence between us as the wind blew softly. I sighed and stood up slowly, brushing myself off. Suigetsu smirked and stood up also, walking over to me as I hooked on my katana to the rope around my waist. He put a hand on my shoulder and I looked up at him.

"Stay as long as you want but at least send us something knowing you're not coming back if you want to stay." Suigetsu said. I sighed and shook my head.

"Don't worry, I'm coming back…and you're in charge like normal when I'm away. I shouldn't be gone long." I said and was gone. Suigetsu's hand fell to his side and he smirked. Karin and Jugo turned over slowly to look at Suigetsu.

"Well, maybe he'll be happier when he comes back like he normally is." Karin said. Jugo and Suigetsu nodded.

"Yeah, well…let's get to sleep guys. We can go on vacation while he's gone." Suigetsu said. Jugo and Karin smirked and the three went back to sleep.


I ran easily and fast through the forest, getting to the Konoha east wall, climbing up it swiftly and grabbing up onto the edge and ducting down, waiting for the Jounin to pass. I slowly pulled myself up and saw the Jounin with there backs to me, walking away and I jumped over silently and into Konoha. They didn't suspect a thing.

I landed on a tree branch, moving it just a bit. The wind rippled softly across the leaves and I moved with it, making sure they wouldn't suspect anything suspicious. I jumped around and landed right in front of Naruto's bedroom window, sitting in the shadows. The moon wasn't out tonight, a new moon so that gave me a little more cover.

His window was open, the window next to his bed which I leaned on, looking down at his soft, sun-kissed face. His whisker marks gently gliding across his cheek and his eyelids shut, covering up his beautiful ocean blue eyes.

I sat there, staring at his face in awe, a soft smile of adoration on my face. A piece of hair was sticking out, in front of his eyes from his sleeping cap. I reached in and brushed it away softly, our skin made contact and it sent a wave of shivers through my body.

Just barely touching his skin again and it did all of that. I heard some Jounin patrol coming and I looked around, no shadows to actually hide in so, I decided to take the chance I I crawled in, like a spider, into Naruto's room, staying against the same wall the window was on, using chakra to stay attached.

The wind blew harshly and cold suddenly as the Jounin patrol passed, making Naruto wake up, shivering a bit. His eyes opened lazily and I froze in place, staring wide eyed at him. He turned over and sat up, reaching for the windows, closing and locking them and falling back to sleep easily.

Shit…must you make things difficult for me Naruto? I thought to myself as I stood back on his floor. I heard more patrol and stood there, just staring at Naruto.

Akatsuki must be on the move for him now since there's many patrols around his house. I guessed as I walked up to his bedside. His face was peaceful. I reached my hand down and dragged my fingers over the cheek marks softly.

It was like touching…I can't even describe the feeling that rippled over me. So long…to long since it has last been that I have been this close to him. I knelt down, though didn't get to close.

His breathing was normal and calm, along with all of his features, only more like an Angel to me. He was an Angel…he was My Angel…only…I was a demon…and Angel's…never loved Demon's.

"Naruto…" I said quietly. His name rolling from my lips, making me shudder a bit. I bent closer to him, inhaling his scent of…lavender and ramen, a weird combination but together…I knew it was him.

He shifted a bit and rolled over. "S-Sasuke…come…back…" He whispered quietly. I froze, thinking he was awake, only pretending to sleep but he was asleep, no one fooled me. "Baka." He finished.

It made me smile…made an Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha smile. Same old Naruto, and he would always be the same, perfect, beautiful, Angelic, Naruto to me.

I stood up. "Naruto…after I kill Itachi. I will, come back to you." I said quietly, though paining deep inside, that I had to leave now. I had spent to much time as it was anyways here in Konoha.

I took one last look at Naruto and bent down, letting my lips press against his cheek, though it was just barely a kiss, maybe even a touch, though I kissed him goodbye and goodnight and I was gone.

InsaneSilo: Eh, sorry, sorry…this one was a bit…iffy. I'm not sure how Suigetsu acts, nor that much about Karin or Jugo…so I'm sorry if it's off. This is my second SasuNaru Fanfic I'm working on since I got bored. I might not update this one as much because I have two others, To Enter into Eternal Darkness and my collab with Arsenic-San . Well I hope you like it