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I dashed through the forest, jumping from branch to branch almost flying I was so fast. Though I had to move fast otherwise the others would find and catch up to me. Not that finding me would be hard with Karin's ability and Kakashi's Shinobi dogs. I knew that Itachi would be waiting for me, I knew I was falling into a trap and that I would be captured after his death. I knew all of this yet I was going for it, and no one would be able to stop me.

Naruto walked in after messing with Suigetsu, Jugo and Kakashi's head with his sexy jutsu. He walked up the steps and over to Sasuke's room. Karin and Sakura had yet to return but he had a feeling they wouldn't be so much longer.

"Sasuke…you should have seen the looks on their faces it was…" Naruto stopped speaking after he opened the door to an empty room. Where was Sasuke? He thought to himself.

"Umm, Sasuke?" He called loudly so the whole floor would hear him. Silence. This made Naruto panic a little and he jogged back down the steps, calling for him.


"Hey Naruto…what are you yelling for." Sakura asked as she and Karin walked into the front door with some bags of food, placing it on the table. Karin was also curious and looked at him with the same question in her eyes.

"Umm…any chance you've seen Sasuke? I…well…can't find…him." Naruto said, taking a slow step back and scratching the back of his head in embarrassment. Sakura's eyes went wide and anger filled her.

"You lost Sasuke?! How could you do that, he was unconscious!" Sakura shouted, hitting Naruto hard on the head. He fell to the ground with a large bump on his head now as he sat and rubbed it.

"He woke up…I only left him for a minute and then he was gone!" Naruto said his voice worried and a bit annoyed at the punch that he thought wasn't needed. Sakura sighed and Karin shrugged, unpacking the groceries already and bringing them to the back.

"Don't worry about it, Sasuke leaves all the time. He usually goes and spies on yo--….oh wait." Karin said stopping in her tracks and looked at Naruto. Sakura looked at Karin and then something came into mind.

"You…you don't think that he…he would go…looking for Itachi…do you?" Sakura asked, her voice even more worried and shocked then her expression. Karin looked at Sakura thinking and then set the things down.

"I'll go get the guys. Get your things ready so we can go looking for him." Karin said, as she walked to the back door to get the other three.

The six waited outside and stood in a circle talking.

"Alright, we'll go into two groups. Suigetsu, Naruto and Karin, and then Jugo, Sakura and I. Here are you're communicators and if anyone of you pick up a scent on Sasuke call and we'll meet up together. Now, go." Kakashi said after making sure everyone had their communicators on. It was weird for both teams, honorable Konoha Shinobi secretly working with Missing-nin, and the killer almost heartless missing-nin working with there rivals. Though in the case of the missing Sasuke they didn't seem to have any differences only one goal: Find Sasuke Uchiha.

Hours seemed to pass and nothing, just a feint scent that seemed to blend in, but yet again nothing. The six were on a cliff sitting there hopelessly all in silence. The sun was on the horizon as Naruto was sitting closest to the edge looking at it.

"Stop worrying about Sasuke. If he fights Itachi he would win and I don't think anyone would want to get in between two angry Uchiha's." Suigetsu said, leaning against the tree looking at the pitiful Uzumaki. Karin nodded and sighed as she looked over at Sakura and then at Naruto.

"Yeah, Sasuke knows what he's doing. Don't worry about him." Karin said and Naruto stood up, shaking his head and putting his hands in his pockets, looking down over the cliff.

"I guess you're right. We should head back to the Inn and wait for him." Naruto said, his voice just barely a whisper. He turned around and his eyes went wide as he froze.

I walked out from the forest, cut up and bleeding. Tears streaming down my face and I was tired as hell. Itachi was dead, Madara told me the truth about Itachi and guilt the guilt was overwhelming. I looked up at Naruto's shock face as everyone else turned to see what he was looking at. He ran over to me to hug me, but I had other plans. My hands cupped around either side of his face and suddenly began kissing him passionately, like it was the last kiss I could give him.

Everyone's eyes shot open at my actions, I wouldn't normally do this in public so they all knew something was up. After a few moments of kissing my love I pulled back and looked at him, panting a bit.

"We…have to go…to Konoha…now!" I panted, it was an emergency and it was something that we needed to tell Tsunade for the sake of the lives in Konohagakure. Everyone was still shocked from the kiss but Naruto knew it was urgent. He nodded and grabbed my arm, tossing me on his back.

"Let's go!" Naruto shouted to the others and he took off running. The others though were having a hard time because the Kyuubi's power began to take over.