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Chapter 1: First Meeting

Complete and utter darkness was all that the woman could see. She then realized that her vision was impaired by something. When she reached up to grab the object, she felt an insurmountable soreness in her arm. In fact, her entire body felt just the same. When her hand finally reached the object and pulled it off, she realized that it was a rag that was still slightly damp.

As her eyes adjusted to the bright light from the window, she looked around the unfamiliar room and began to panic. She couldn't remember how she got to that bed or what happened the night before. In fact, she couldn't even remember who she was. The woman felt as if she was just born a few minutes ago and had to get an identity for herself. As she contemplated her next move, she heard a noise come from the other side of the door. She walked gingerly to the door and placed her ear to see if she could make out the noise.

To her it sounded like someone was straining and struggling. Against her better judgment, she reached for the doorknob and twisted it slowly. As the door began to swing open, the woman discovered that the room that she was in was just a taste of what the place was like. The hallway seemed to go on forever as the noises continued. She continued to walk down the hallway passing a full length mirror and looked at her reflection for the first time. She saw herself but at the same time couldn't figure out who this person staring back at her was. She had mid-length, light brown hair, blue eyes, full red lips, and an hour glass shape figure. The clothing she wore made the confusion inside of her rise. She wore a loose black dress that had tears in a couple of places and high heels that seemed to be worn down to the brink.

What was I doing before I forgot myself she thought as she realized that she had to find the source of the noise.

She was terrified because she didn't know whether or not she could trust the owner of the mansion. As she reached the end of the hallway, she stood at the foot of a spiral staircase that led to the main part of the house. The only thought that came to the woman's mind was 'wow' as she saw how enormous the area was.

It consisted of a living room that had three couches, a large wooden coffee table, and a large flat screen television. In another corner, there was a small area that looked like the kitchen. There was a fridge, stove, dining table, and tons of other hardware.

How many people live in this palace?

The noise seemed to get louder as the woman began to descend the stairs. At the bottom, she made out the source of the noise as coming from the door that was near the back. She stood in front of the door and tries to figure out whether or not she should just leave. Before she had a chance to decide her curiosity seemed to get the better of her as she grabbed the doorknob and opened the door. Exercise machines and weights were everywhere as the woman carefully made her way around. Through a doorway, the noise that she had been following came to her ears again. As she slowly peeked through the door, she saw all of the dumbbells and weight bars. Her eyes scanned the room until they finally landed on another body besides her own.

The body seemed to be doing hard reps, one by one, and if they were just an everyday thing. The woman wanted to speak up but didn't want the man to drop the weight and hurt himself. When the man put the weight on the floor, he grabbed a bottle of water off of a chair and sipped a big gulp. The woman just stood at the doorway, afraid to make a sound because of the fear that still existed.

As the man turned around, the first thing that he noticed was a pair of gorgeous legs at the door. As he looked up he saw the woman that had came to him earlier that day. As the female finally got a good look at the man in the gym, she almost dropped. The guy was just plain gorgeous. He had a great body and the thing that topped it was he was handsome. The woman was immediately attracted to this guy she had only just met and wasn't sure why. Once the man was about two feet away he finally spoke.

"It's good to see that you finally woke up. I was thinking that you were going to stay asleep until there was a sale on shoes."

The woman chuckle at his joke as she asked the question that has been eating at her for quite a while.

"I guess I needed to get my body moving. So who are you if you don't mind telling me?"

"Oh, sorry. My name is Dave Batista"

He extended his hand for hers as they touch for the first time. The woman felt a sort of heat inside of her when her skin made contact with his. The woman didn't know what to say since she could say what she has forgotten. The only thing that she manages to say was "I wish I could give you my name but I just can't recall what it is right now." Dave looked at the woman with a concern. He didn't think that this beautiful woman standing in front of him was being serious. He waited for what seemed like an eternity before he spoke again. "I don't believe you should be like this. On the other hand you did look like you had been pretty beat up when you came here."

The woman looked up to Dave with her aqua blue eyes and realized that he had the most expressive brown eyes she had ever seen. "What happened to me before I woke up?" Dave grabbed her hand and led her to the living room. He sat her on the far end of the couch as he knelt in front of her. He removed the shoes that probably won't be worn again anytime soon and put them near the door. He stood up and sat next to the confused young woman. He didn't sit to close as a way to give her room to breathe as he relayed the story of what happened.

Dave walked over to the kitchen to fix himself a dinner. Since the WWE finally gave him some vacation time, he decided to make the most of it. It took a lot of work on Mark Henry's part to make it look like he was really injured in front of the fans. As Dave gather the food and brought it to the living room, he wondered what would happen now that the World Heavyweight title was vacant. He knew that it wouldn't be too long before he was champion again but he just needed to have a break. As he looked around the large house, he felt a pang of loneliness that he always felt when he came home. Yes, woman always threw themselves at him when he walked by but he wanted to meet someone that would genuinely care about him and not want to be with him just because he was famous.

Laying out a buffet on the coffee table, he sat down and made himself comfortable as he turned the television to Friday Night Smackdown. He was not all that surprise that Teddy Long would find a quick solution to vacant title that would also appeal to the WWE fans. As Dave continued to watch the show, it began to rain, slowly at first. As time passed the rain began to come down in sheets as Dave continued to watch the show. It was finally time for the new title holder to be determined in a royal rumble style battle royal. By the end of the match, Kurt Angle, an unexpected entrant, had won the match and was now the new World Heavyweight Champion. Dave figure that would have been a better choice then to leave the title to someone like JBL who only wanted to be champion for his fans, if he had any.

As Dave changed channels, he heard a loud thud coming from the front door. Dave turned down the volume to see if the thud would happen again. Sure enough another thud made its way to his ears. Dave made his way over to the door and looked through the peephole. He couldn't make out anyone outside and undid the locks and latches on the door. As he pulled the door to inspect his porch, a large, wet object fell in front of him. As he knelt down to get a closer look, Dave realized that this object was actually a female who had been soaked to the point of hyperthermia.

He gathered the female into his arms and ran up the stairs to his room. Laying the woman on his bed, Dave ran to the bathroom to gather towels and warm water. He put the things aside as he began to look at the woman more closely. There were cuts and bruises all over her body as well as what looked liked a failed strangulation attempt. Noticing the woman shivering, Dave grabbed the towels and began to dry her. He decided against removing her clothes even though it probably would have been a good idea. Once he was satisfied with his work and the woman had stopped shivering, he soaked the rag in the hot water and put it over her eyes so that she could get some rest.

He sat there, watching this young female, entranced at how beautiful she was despite her injuries. Dave decided to go downstairs and work out in his personal gym. Even though he was on vacation, he couldn't skip his workouts unless he wanted to be a large blob of jelly when he made his return to the ring. As he set up the weight bar for the 3oolb dead lift, his mind began to wonder back to the woman that he had no idea rescued from certain death.

He thought about her injures and couldn't take his mind off of the faint hand marks that were around the woman neck. He just couldn't understand why a man would want to hurt this woman. All he could think about was what she could have been through before she ended up at his home. Dave cleared his mind and grabbed the bar to begin his workout. A few minutes into the lifts, he heard noises coming from the hallway upstairs but figured it was nothing. Finishing the last five lifts, he grabbed a towel and patted down the sweat that accumulated from the workout. Grabbing the bottled water, he turned around and saw her in the doorway.

"And that's what happened. I don't how you got those injures but I know that you didn't look like you were going to make it."

As Dave looked to the woman's face for any emotion, she tried to process what he told her but just couldn't get her mind around remembering who she was.

"And before I came here did you know me before?" Dave shook his head.

"It's just that I can't remember anything before waking up here. I can't even remember my name." Dave got up from the couch and began to pace back and forth in front of the young woman. "Well that's not good. There's no way I can take you to the hospital in case you are still in danger."

Looking up from her seat, she said "Considering you have no medical training, you did a great job. I feel stronger then when I first woke up. I was wondering if I could take a shower to wash the stress away." Dave assured the young woman that his house was her house as well. Rising from the couch, the young woman almost collapsed to the floor. Dave was right there to catch her, grabbing her around the waist. Dave assured her that she would be okay once she took a shower and led her upstairs to the bathroom. Leaving her to shower, Dave went to his room to get something for the woman to wear. He grabbed one of the large 'Animal' t-shirts that he gets for free from the WWE and put it in front of the bathroom. As he began to walk away from the door, he heard the shower and couldn't help but stop in his tracks. He wondered what he should do when she came out of the shower.

The first thing I should do is give her a name. I don't think I could start calling her ma'am.

He continued to make his way to the kitchen to fix the mysterious woman something to eat. As he started to grab ingredients to make sandwiches, a name popped into his head. Gwendolyn. That seems like the perfect name for her. He took the slices of bread and began to smear the mayo on them; he heard a noise from the doorway. Looking up, he almost collapsed right then and there. There was the woman, standing there in the shirt he left for her, still wet from the shower. When he finally got back to his senses, he put the food down and made his way over to her. As he stood in front of her, she began to get self conscious, not looking at him right in the eye.

"How are you feeling?" He asked as he led her to the table.

"I feel so much better. A nice, hot shower does a lot of good for the mind."

Dave finished the sandwiches and placed a tray full in the middle of the table, knowing that she must have been starving. It didn't take long for her to gorge on the sandwiches. By the fifth one, Dave finally spoke up. "I think I came up with a name for you." She looked up and swallowed the food that she was chewing. "What is it? You can call me anything you want. I owe you so much." Surprised by her openness, he finally told her. "Gwendolyn seems like a great name for you. What do you think?" She began to truly smile for the first time. "Then it's settled. My name will be Gwendolyn." They made a toast with their glasses to commemorate her new identity. Gwendolyn was so happy that she finally had something to call herself by. She was very touched that Dave came up with a name for her. He had helped her so much that she wanted to repay him.

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