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#38: Death by Itachi

Still finding no such luck in holding a job for more than ten seconds, our persevering trio applies for jobs in the far reaches of the land, near a wilderness community hidden in the leaves. Inside the settlement's main office, Jessie, James, and Meowth sat before the leader, who calls herself Lady Tsunade.

"So…let me get this straight…you three are former members of a criminal syndicate whose sole purpose is the retrieval of rare monsters called Pokemon…?" Lady Tsunade questions as she looks at her documents.

"Uh…Meowth, that's right!" Meowth responds, sitting in between his two partners, who twiddled their thumbs in hopes for this job to be granted to them.

It was a long shot, but hey, what other choice do they have?

"I see…well, it appears that you are looking for redemption to pay for your crimes with honest work, so I'll give you a chance to see if my assumptions are correct. I am assigning you three to security duty effective immediately," Lady Tsunade proposes.

The trio looks at one another in joy that they got the job without a hitch.

At that moment, Kakashi, one of the village's squad leaders, enters the room.

"Report! Itachi Uchiha has been sighted in other neighboring regions surrounding our nation," Kakashi speaks.

"What?! That's preposterous, Itachi Uchiha has been dead for quite some time now," Lady Tsunade responds, skeptical of the report.

"His death might have been a ploy. Knowing his organization, the real Itachi might as well still be alive," Kakashi continues.

"…Hmm…very well, we will beef up security then until I get more information on this issue," Lady Tsunade responds.

"Who is this Itachi person you speak of anyways?" Jessie asks.

"He is a member of the Akatsuki clan, a dangerous ensemble of rogue individuals who plot and kill for their own agenda. Not to worry though, you should be fine on your security duties. Now go, our secretary will provide you with your uniforms," Lady Tsunade states, dismissing them out of her office.

An Hour Later

Standing at the main entrance to the Hidden Leaf Village, our three heroes stand watch, decked out in their cool looking new ninja gear.

"You know, this job isn't all that bad I must admit," James states, twirling a kunai that was issued to him.

"I'd have to agree. This is a pretty peaceful little settlement. The people aren't all that bad; the atmosphere is calm and laid back…who would want to invade this place?" Jessie questions.

"Tell me about it! This might be the easiest job we've landed in a long time!" Meowth comments.

Before the trio would continue their peaceful patrol, all three of them were suddenly warped to a strange dimension. This new realm, drenched in red and grey overtones, replaced the reality they were just in. To make matters worse, all three of them were also shackled onto three separate vertical walls made of stone.

Dumbfounded to the point of not being able to get a word out, they are then confronted by none other than Itachi Uchiha himself, along with several dozen clones of himself surrounding the vicinity.

"Ahh! What is going on here?!" James manages to blurt out.

"I am Itachi. You three are guarding the Hidden Leaf Village, and I consider you the biggest threat of anyone there," Itachi says to them, his cold eyes staring at them.

"Huh?! Why us? We don't even know you!" Jessie proclaims in panic.

"That may be true, but the fact is…I know who you three are. You see, I am a huge Pokemon fan…and my favorite Pokemon is the one you three constantly try to harass and capture," Itachi reveals. "Now it's time to pay for your crimes. Using my Tsukuyomi technique, I have brought you here to my realm of nightmares. I will now stab at you for the next seventy-hours, for time in this world is but a split second in reality."

All three members scream in utter fright as they are fricasseed and tortured beyond all reason.

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