Hey readers! It has been a long time since my last Black Cat fanfiction, right?

Well, here it is! The awaited sequel from my work, 'It's never over'. It took me a long time before I could think of how the sequel will be. Reviews are welcome. ü

"You're leaving so soon?" Train asked as he wiped his mouth. He and Saya were drinking their favorite milk on the rooftops while watching the bright moon.

Saya looked at her bottled drink and replied, "Well, yes... you see, I've been traveling from town to town as a sweeper. And I never felt like this before when I stayed in this town. I met true friends..." Saya flushed as she continued, "And I met you..."

Train's face turned red and then, he lay down and played the empty bottle with his hands. "Er – don't you want to stay a bit longer? I mean, you enjoyed being here – it's like your – well, home."

"I would like to, but there are painful memories left." Saya said. Her face became serious all of the sudden. She had never been like that. She had always been cheerful. Her expression changed when a cat came towards her to ask for milk. Saya poured her favorite drink until its last drop. The white cat drank from the small container and looked at Saya with its large eyes. Saya pat its head and continued, "There are also good memories. But I think it's better if I travel from one place to another to forget for once that I..." Saya could not say it.

Train touched her lips and grinned, "You don't need to go alone on your travel."

"Do you mean...?" Saya asked cheerfully with her eyes glistening.

"I will send you e-mails, text messages so that you won't feel alone. Just imagine me being there with you all the time." Train laughed.

Saya seemed annoyed that she pointed her Beretta 39R in front of Train's face. "What if I imagine you being dead right now?"

Train ran for his life. Saya came after him and pretended to shoot him. The cat stayed behind and watched the two chasing around. Train jumped from rooftop to rooftop while Saya tagged along.

"Hey, I'm just kidding!" Train panted. "Can we stop running now?"

Saya jumped over him as the two of them fell down from the rooftops.


Train held Saya tight as he landed her safely on the ground. "What were you thinking jumping at me like that?"

Saya laughed. "You were too late when you told me to stop running. So, there! I got you!" Train had not realized that their faces were so close together and he was embracing her tightly. Saya pushed him away quickly. She looked the other way and said, "Well? Aren't you coming along? Are you just going to let me travel alone?"

"Well, I'm still thinking..." Train said.

"You were just frightened when I threatened you." Saya laughed, imitating Train's shocked expression when she pointed her gun at him.

"Humph, I'm not." Train grunted.

"Yes you do." Saya teased him some more. "By the way, there's a prize waiting if you can catch me!"

"Eh? Come back here! I don't want to chase you anymore! I want to get some sleep!" Train yawned. "And if it's another bottle of milk, I'll just give it to my friend cat who is staying at the rooftops."

"No, it's not a bottle of milk." Saya frowned.

Train looked at her strangely and said, "If it's not anything I'm interested, no thanks."

Saya pretended to cry. "I thought you – sniff – have feelings for me, Train-kun – sniff – but I guess everything was just a BIG LIE."

"No, it's not. I do love you." Train said. "But I would like the prize better if it's a goodnight kiss."

"Well, too bad. That's not my price. Save it for some other time, Train-kun." Saya said giving him a stopping sign.

"I'm going to wait for that." Train grinned.

"I'm sure you're interested in the prize that I have in my hands." Saya teased, bringing out the prize. Train's eyes widened. He groped for something beside his pocket and found his gun case empty.

"How did you get that?" Train asked.

"When we were falling, I took it away from your case." Saya said cheerfully.

"Hey, give it back. Come here!" Train said vanishing from Saya's eyes. He appeared at her back.

"Now, you're awake and alert. Let's do some sprinting race." Saya winked at Train. She pushed Train aside and ran for her life, holding Train's precious gun.

From the tallest building, someone was watching Black Cat's every move. He was standing behind the brightness of the moon, his identity hidden. He made an evil grin and spoke with his cold voice, "Have fun, Black Cat while you still can because the next time the two of you meet, you will not be laughing anymore... you will be just like you were before."

Who is this person, watching Train from afar? Is he Creed, jealous once again of the 'witch' who took away the dark Train? Or is it somebody else? Train's really excited in getting his kiss from Saya. But will Saya permit it? Hmm... What do you think? Will Train let Saya travel alone? Or will he do everything to make her stay?

Note: I changed my pen name to mistress-of-kurapika-sama. I thought you ought to know because you might think I'm impersonating ReEna-cHaN.