Saya could not believe her ears. Train was always there for her. She did care for him though but she could not accept Train's feelings for her; it was too much. She really thought that they were just a best of friends and now. . .

"Train-kun?" Saya and Eve came to a halt. The two of them were standing at the diner where an odd sight could be seen. Train was eating hungrily; bit of the sauce splattered on his clothes and Omi was watching him. She would wipe his lips and his clothes whenever he chews. "He seems to be enjoying himself. I might as well see him later." Saya shrugged as she walked away. She was not used to wearing high heeled shoes but it was as tall as her previous slippers so she did not mind. She started singing again as she searched for something to drink. Eve followed behind.

Train gulped another bottle of milk after finishing the meal. He kept changing the subject whenever Omi asks about Saya. Omi could not take it anymore; she wanted to know the truth. She slammed her fists on the table as several origamis appeared out of nowhere. Everyone became still and silent; they were all staring at Train and the origamis around him. Train's ears moved; he just heard something peculiar amidst the silence around the diner.

"Hey, I don't want any trouble now. Just do it outside. I have other customers you know!" the fat, bald man yelled. He had his hands pointing outside.

"Don't worry; they won't attack him if he does what I say." Omi reassured. She turned to Train and winked and mouthed the words 'stay'. Train had a feeling Omi would come after that familiar voice he had heard awhile ago. He had to stop her; Saya just came out of the hospital and he could not afford to lose her again. Lose her again? How many times it already happened and I didn't even learn? Could it be that Omi would . . . ? Train did not brought out his Hades. Instead, he fired it downwards and the bullet bounced left and right until all the origamis were hit. What Train did not know was that all of them contained gun powder. The diner was filled with explosion. He carried all the customers as well as the owner outside the diner and his feet scampered to where the singing voice was headed. The diner owner was not pleased at all even if Train saved his life. He kept saying, "It still doesn't pay the damage you've done for my diner, you sweepers!"

Only dogs would obey to the command stay. Besides, Train was a stray cat and no one owned him anymore, not even the Numbers. He would do anything he wished. And what he wanted to do now was. . .

Origamis in different form surrounded Train. He was sure that he had gotten rid of them all but why would they keep coming? Is it because their mistress told them to guard Train's every move? He could no longer see Omi; however, he was certain that the singing voice stopped. His mind was racing; he knew that Omi was hard to battle based from the injuries Saya er – his body actually – got from their previous battle (from my previous work, It's Never Over... If you cannot remember, read it again.). His ears moved again; he heard a familiar shot and some tinkling. Probably Saya's reflection shot. Train grinned. Then, he fired at the abandoned building next to him. The wall fell into huge pieces. Everything was covered with dust and smoke and so, he made his way to where Saya and Omi could be. To his dismay, the origamis kept following him behind. He ignored them and moved on. But as soon as he did, each origami attacked him. They became as hard as metal which made even harder for Train to finish them with bullets. His bullets would bounce on each origami; it ended up firing back at him. "SAYAA!!!"

Saya turned around. "Is that – who I think it is?"

"What if it is? You don't mind me taking your best friend along do you?" Omi said. An origami appeared from her hand and slowly it became a double katana, the weapon Haru used during a battle.

"I would agree if you promise me that you would not do anything to hurt him. He is a very lonely fellow and sometimes you have to read his face to know his mood." Saya clapped her mouth. How on earth could she say those things when she really does not remember who he really is?

"Aha! So what do you mean not hurt him? Physically or emotionally?" Omi asked as she disappeared from Saya's sight. There were already two holes on each of her kimono. Her arms were not hurt; it just passed thru her kimono.

"It doesn't matter." Saya replied as she blocked Omi with her gun.

"Look, if you're not going to fight back, I might as well inform you..." Omi's origamis duplicated in front of Saya's very eyes. They were on different forms but like Train's case, they were all made of metal, which would be difficult for a gun to handle. "That whoever wins in this battle will be with him!"

Saya's eyes widenend upon hearing this. So this is what it was all about? About winning Train like a trophy? She lowered down her arms and turned away. "You could have him all you want. He is not an award to be won by either of us. He is a human if you must know and he would decide for himself."

"You know," Every origami disappeared as Omi spoke, "I already knew I am defeated in this battle. From the very beginning, I realized why he had fallen for you."

Saya turned around, dumbstruck of what she was hearing from an enemy.

"You gave him the freedom to decide for himself and to care for others. You let him do what he wishes and what he feels like to do." Omi grinned as she walked towards Saya. Omi gave her hands to Saya, as a sign of surrendering. Saya accepted Omi's hands and shook. She did not know what was really happening. All she knows deep inside her heart was that Omi was a rival for Train's heart and other than that, she was also a friend.

Omi disappeared from Saya's sight the moment Saya turned around. Omi then, reappeared before Train, who was almost injured because of the explosives. "Don't lose her again. She is precious, I know it."

When the smoke cleared out, Train coughed, "Wh – What did you do to her? Where is she?" He held Omi so high with his arms trembling; his vision was doubling and he could not even hear his own voice. Omi held his hands gently until he brought her down. "She is fine. No need to worry. But I really don't know if she is ready to face you. Anyway, you could still come to me at the clock tower this midnight. There is something I need to give you even if I know that you already chose her over me." Train could not speak. Omi's voice was like a bomb exploding in his ears, although he definitely caught her last 3 sentences. He nodded before he passed out. He could hear Omi ordering her origami to stay away from him.

Train finally woke up and realized that it was already midnight. His body was no longer trembling and he could hear well. He gazed at his body; it was as if nothing really happened to him. Beside him was a black, origami cat with a message around its body in white letters. Meet me at the clock tower. Midnight.

The bright full moon shone over the tall clock tower at the midst of the city. A girl was standing near the clock, waiting for his arrival. Train jumped from building to building to reach the tower and when he was almost there, he realized that it was not Omi who was waiting, it was. . .

Train's heart leaped. Omi told him that she would give something to him. The girl was singing happily at the clock tower, with her white yukata swaying with the wind (Saya changed after Rin and Eve were out of sight). She was also holding an origami opposite color to Train's. Is it possible that Omi was referring to Saya? Saya Minatsuki took Train's hands and danced as she chuckled. Train could not dance very well. His vision seemed to be doubling as the two of them swayed around and around the clock. It came to the point that they were dancing really slow, until Train's arms were on Saya's waist. Their faces were so close to each other. They were both panting for what they have done. Slowly, Train whispered something on Saya's ears and then, his face started to grow red and he held Saya's face up close to him. His lips were trembling. He was afraid Saya would push him away or punch him at the face once again, but he was wrong. Her eyes were closed as if waiting for him to finally kiss her. Train looked at her with downcast eyes and finally locked his lips to hers.

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