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Dark Destinies
Chapter One

"Master Zarash, please. Let us prove that we can do this." Jedi Knight Vico Rizan spoke earnestly, dark almond-shaped eyes widened with sincerity in his tanned bronze face. The target of his attempts at persuasion was Jedi Master Arek Zarash, a tall Ferroan with pale blue skin and hair gone jet-black with age.

Zarash shrugged noncommittally. "You are both capable. You are both skilled. Yet you have had emotional difficulties. No harm has been done, so you have only been cautioned. But a mission together? You must not be distracted from your goals. You know the rules. Could you follow them in such a situation?"

"We could, Master Zarash," responded Jenisa Oras quickly. Her hair was glossy black, and so curly that she'd had to clip it short for practicality's sake. It complemented her skin's dark chocolate hue, and her wide brown eyes.

Zarash sighed. "Go then, and may the Force be with you."

"May the Force be with you, Master Zarash," the pair responded.

Only once they were alone on board ship and on their way did their dignified and earnest demeanour relax. Vico sprawled in his seat, one hand absently ruffling up his spiky dark hair. "At least he let us go," he muttered. "Not all the Masters would have."

It was true. The two Knights were still looked upon with a certain degree of suspicion, though their offence had supposedly been forgotten. Attachments were forbidden, after all, making their steadfast friendship the subject of some warnings, even before the party at which a fellow Jedi had seen them kiss. They had firmly avowed no recollection of the night, looking penitent and swearing never to drink to excess again. It had been dismissed as a mishap, but one that required especial caution to ensure that it never happened again. As a result, both were heartily sick of the constant scrutiny.

Now, Jenisa held a finger to her lips, motioning for silence. She ducked beneath a console, emerging with a small electronic device. Further search, via the recordings the ship had made while being prepared for the journey, revealed two more such devices.

"We should meditate while we travel," Jenisa announced, face bland.

"Wh-Oh. Yes. Yes, we should," Vico responded. He waited until the devices had been turned off- an excuse having been given for silence- then scowled. "Bugging the ship? Bugging the ship? They could try trusting us!"

Jenisa grinned, teeth startlingly white against her skin. "Are we trustworthy?" she wanted to know.

"We would have been," Vico growled. He looked up at her. "But since they don't want to trust us, why should we bother being worthy of the trust they refuse to give us?"

She nodded. "Distractions, they say. Well, it's not like us being distracted will throw the ship out of hyperspace."

They laughed, but both felt prickles of unease. Vico dispelled the disturbance by smiling. "Wouldn't want to be too distracted, in case of an emergency. Shall we try for moderately distracted?"

Jenisa kissed his cheek and curled up against him in the seat. "Moderately distracted will do," she agreed. "Besides, I'm sleepy. Haven't rested since before duelling practice."

Vico nodded, his own eyes sliding closed. "True…"

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