Dark Destinies
Chapter Five

Vico lifted his head, slowly and painfully getting to his feet. A strange kind of clarity suffused him, and he found himself sinking into the Force, beyond the normal limits of his power. Strength seeped into his body. Vico heard footsteps approaching, and Jenisa came into view. No longer bound as tightly by the black webbing, he approached her, forgetting the view presented by the mask and talisman. He stopped short, seeing her raise slightly the weapons she held, one of which was clearly recognisable as a Sith sword.

Acting on some new instinct, he ignited his lightsaber. His mask fell away, and the webbing released him entirely. Vico's face was grim, and the look in his eyes was merciless. Jenisa's eyes widened and she held up the sword, bracing herself for an attack. Fighting free of the chaos in her mind, she whispered, "Vic…please…"

Vico lowered and deactivated his lightsaber. He suddenly knew what he had to do. The spirit within this place would not allow both of them to leave. Better that it be her. He gripped the blade of the sword, letting it cut his palm. The blood trickled down onto the hilt, and the spikes retracted, freeing Jenisa's hand. "Jeni, you have to get out of here," he said urgently. "I cannot come with you. Go. Please!"

Dark eyes brimming with tears, Jenisa nodded, turned and began to climb a twisting stone staircase in the corner of the vast room. Soon, she was on the surface, and returning to where they had left the speeder bikes. Vico watched her go, barely noticing the webbing entrapping him once more.

"What happened?" asked Master Zarash as the battered and bloodstained woman staggered from the ship.

Jenisa gave a hollow laugh. "Our mission is what happened." She flipped the datachip to him.

Zarash inserted it in a small portable reader, and his eyes widened at the information given. "But…this location is within what used to be Sith Space!"

"It's where we were sent," was the flat reply.

"This…this is a terrible mistake! The one who programmed it put the coordinate numbers in the wrong order!"

Jenisa drew herself up. "A mistake?" she hissed. "A programmer's error caused the loss of Vico Rizan? A mistake sent us to a Sith maze?" She laughed wildly.

"Jedi Knight Oras, that is enough. We all regret this tragedy, but you must let go of your grief. You held an attachment to him, that is clear, and now you maintain an attachment to your anger and sorrow."

"Attachment? I loved him! Can you understand that? Do you even know the meaning of the word?" Jenisa demanded.

"Jedi Oras, you are to return to your chambers and remain there, pending a meeting with the council. I hope that we may soon see your return to the Light." Zarash spoke implacably, his voice softening only slightly at the last.

Jenisa responded coldly. "Oh, I don't think so." Borne up by the strength of her anger, she stormed back into the ship, taking off rapidly.

The navicomp had stored the information she needed. Jenisa Oras, Jedi no longer, smiled grimly as she confirmed the destination and activated the hyperdrive.

Brought to the surface by the sound of a ship, Vico Rizan, Sith in training, stared in shock at Jenisa. She lowered her eyes briefly. "I left the Order. Am I unwelcome here?"

"…No…" The voice of the Sith Spirit Darth Mordantus drifted up out of the dark stairway. "…Look well at her, Rizan, for she shall be your apprentice, even as you are mine…Together, you will restore the full power and glory of the Sith…"

Vico draped an arm around Jenisa's shoulders, and she slid her arm around his waist as they listened to the voice of a long-dead Sith Lord.

They would find power. They would find knowledge. And they would do it together, freed from the restrictions of the Order whose mistake had sent them here…to their destiny.


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