I'm an addict to online manga reading sites so I've already read to chapter 35

I'm an addict to online manga reading sites so I've already read to chapter 35. Which means, you guessed it, SPOILER WARNING!! Oh wow, it's my first time saying that!! It's like a new experience for me in my life as a fanfictionist! (Made up word, I didn't know what to call myself when it came to this.) Of course you can't see faithful reader but I'm smiling like a fool at the moment. I was so excited about writing this. I read chapter 35 and almost cried because I looked on all 12 of the manga sites I read from and none of them had farther than that!! So I decided to continue it myself. I didn't feel like taking off from the 35th chapter so this is like…later. I hope someone's reading this…though I don't know if anyone else has read this far. I believe I'm a rare species, the "Obsessonlimanrer!" um… that's a smushed version of "Obsessive Online Manga Reader!" Go ahead and try to pronounce it just don't hurt yourself. If anyone is there… I would do a crying face at this moment but I don't know how many people it would confuse. Sorry, I'm babbling. I'll get to the story now! Gah, I love Yoh-kun!! He's like the perfect boyfriend. Haruna-chan is so lucky! Wait! Stop! No more babbling. You probably think I'm pretty weird now…but please continue to read! You're my only reader! Did I exaggerate too much? Yea I thought so too…shoot! Just…read…before you get bored…Enjoy!!

High School Debut!!

Not So Perfect

Chapter one: His Birthday?

Haruna sat at her desk with her chin propped up on her hands and I dazed look on her face. Her eyes seemed to sparkle, which could only mean she was thinking about Yoh. They'd been together for quite some time now and she was as happy as she had ever been. They'd spent every special day together, and ran into problems almost every time.

On Christmas all the things she'd planed to do were timed badly or hadn't been what she was expecting. Of course that was also the night they'd shared their first kiss. Except she was too embarrassed to face him for a while after that. Valentines day was ruined due to the unexpected reappearance of his ex girlfriend from middle school. The week leading up to her birthday was torture for Yoh because he wanted to plan the perfect day for her. They had ended up going to a baseball game so everything ended well for them. Now it was almost time for Yoh's birthday and she was so excited.

Haruna had worked everyday for nearly four months at a grocery store to earn money for his birthday. She wanted to find him the perfect gift and make sure it was the best birthday he'd ever experienced.

Mami-chan and Asa-chan exchanged glances as they walked over to Haruna.

"Haruna? Are you ok?" Mami asked, waving a hand in front of Haruna's face.

"I'm fine." She sighed happily.

"She's probably thinking about my brother." Asami thought, placing a finger to her chin.

"Of course I am." She sang.

"So, what are you thinking about?" Mami asked.

Haruna's smile widened exceptionally as she readied to tell them.

"Yoh's birthday is in a few days and I'm going to make it a perfect day just like he did for mine."

"I see…" Mami smiled, a drop of sweat sliding down her forehead.

"I wonder…" Asami said.

"What?" Mami asked the adorable girl.

"Well Yoh's never really liked his birthday. Every year he tells us not to get him anything and not to celebrate. I wonder if he'll change that rule for Haru-chan."

Haruna popped out of her trance and her expression broke.

"H-he doesn't…celebrate his birthday…?" She asked, tears building up.

"Nope." Asami smiled.


Haruna dashed from the classroom and down the hall until she ran into Yoh.

"What's wrong with you? Why are you crying?" He asked.

"How could you?! You're horrible!" She cried.

"What did I do?!" he yelled, annoyed.

"You don't celebrate your birthday! And I wanted to spent it with you!"

"Oh…you've been talking to Asami huh?"


"Even if we don't celebrate we can still spend the day together." He looked away from her, blushing slightly.

"Really?" She perked up and the tears had stopped.


"Wah! Thank you!"

"Why do you care so much about my birthday anyway?!"

"Because you're my boyfriend!"

"Hahaha. You two are so funny." Asoaka seemed to appear from nowhere and he was laughing.

"Oh, good morning Asoaka!" Haruna greeted him.

"You know Haruna, you could spend my birthday with me. Just having you there would make it perfect." He laughed.

"Huh?! I…uh…um…"

"Stop falling for his stupid tricked!" Yoh grabbed her wrist and pulled her away from Asoaka.

Neko: Ok, yes, that was very short but I don't actually know if anyone has read this. If anyone did read it and would like me to write more, please don't hesitate to tell me!!

Fumi: I loved it Neko! Please write more!

Neko: You…don't count Fumi…you're one of the characters…(sweat drop)

Fumi: Oh yea.

Yoh: You're so dense!

Asoaka: Will you write more for me Neko?

Neko: I'm not like Haruna! Shut it pretty boy!!

Haruna: I feel like that was an insult on my part…

Yoh: (Glares at Neko)

Neko: Creepy…hey where's Asami? (Looks at Fumi)

Fumi: (Moves to the side, revealing Asami standing behind him)

Neko: Were you just hiding?

Asami: No! And if I were I'd be hiding from you Neko! Ugly girls only have their writing!

Neko: What?!

Yoh: She's just jealous because she can't write like you.

Neko: (Blushes and smiles, getting close to Yoh) You like my writing Yoh-sama?

Haruna: Get away from my Yoh!

Asoaka: I'll take you Neko. (Puts a finger under Neko's chin)

Neko: (Punches Asoaka) Idiot! (Sighs) I would usually say that I'm off to write more, but I wont write more until YOU yes YOU tell me you want more. NOT ASOAKA! Heehee thanks!