Written by: twilightluallby

Written by: twilightluallby

Disclaimer: I don't own twilight, so, DUH, that means I'm not Steph either.

A/N: This story came to me all out of the blue & even though I'm in the process of writing two other fanfictions at the moment, something kept telling me to write this oneā€¦ I have a strong outline written, but I'm not to sure if I'm going to finish it, so please read at your own risk. The rating of this story MIGHT be changed to 'M' later, but I'm not to sure. It depends on how the plot unfolds when I write. However, if it does get changed to 'M' I will let everyone know & I'm sure it won't be too graphic, so it should be pretty safe to read! So without further ado, please Enjoy.


I never thought that a story like mine could ever possibly have a happy ending, but maybe I shouldn't jinx it. Maybe I'm trapped in some twisted nightmare that my mind has come up with and I will hear the annoying buzzing sound of my alarm clock go off, wake up to get ready for another lousy, boring, un-eventful day at Forks High School. That seems more like the reality of the situation with the turn of events that has happened to me the past several months: From my mom dying of breast cancer, my dad going into shock, to almost losing my best friend.

I wish I could say that it was a nightmare, but I know that it's not. I know that my alarm will not go off, and I know that my dad won't smile like he used to when he would see me making dinner, or finally take out the trash without being asked a million times. But the weird thing is I still smile. There is only one reason I smile and that is right next door to me. Right on the other side of these sheetrock and wooden walls is the reason I continue to get up every morning, put on my shoes and a smile on my face for the world to see.

Sometimes I feel selfish for being so happy in such a situation, but I know that it's for a reason. I shouldn't dwell on something that a seventeen year old has no control over, or do I?

This is my story, or should I say our story of all the happy, sad, tragic, frustrating, confusing, misunderstanding moments up until this point in our lives.