"They say if you love something let it go and if it comes back then that's how you'll know."

Circle, Marques Houston 2007

She had followed the saying and eight years ago, she had let him go hoping he would come back to her. But she should have known it was hopeless he hadn't even gone after her. He had stayed back with HIS Serena! He had just sent her a text message…

Ness,I dunno y ure leavin ,

ure bein stupid, she didn mean it. She was just mad about wat happened …

I miss u Come back ure my best friend

It wasn't that's simple for her, she did love him and what Serena had said (A/N : YES Serena told her something you will know soon what it is…) was just out of the line and Dan hadn't defended her so she had left. After all Paris wasn't that bad, it was the only choice, she didn't want to go back to Vermont. She worked in a major filming company and produced her own films. She was doing what she finally wanted. She had very few friends in Paris, only two actually Kevin and Jessie who worked with her on her movie. She was somebody now… She had fame and money. If you called fame having your name in the ending credits of a blockbuster well she had that. She wasn't anti-social, she was depressed and it had been 8 years she was. It would have gone on for awhile more if she hadn't received that stupid invitation.

The Van Der Woodsen


Humphrey Family

Invite you to the wedding

Of their son and daughter Daniel and Serena

On the 3rd of September 2008

Ps: Honey I got the letter and I figured Dan didn't know you lived in Paris .Don't worry I didn't tell him. I am just the messenger.

P.P.S: There was a note with the invite.


She stares at the envelope ,it's very pretty. Serena probably chose it. He invited HER to HIS wedding with someone else. She stares at the white paper containing the note and she wonders if she should open it . There is no hope… It took him 8 years but he is going to marry Serena … Hope is dead. It's time to move on Vanessa.

Well Vanessa Abrams you should know that there is always hope but maybe not for you…

A/N: Next chapter will be Dan's POV and then Serena's and after I don't know yet… Like ? Don't like?