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"They can never take yesterday." Leona Lewis

Serena was ecstatic. She had only been to two weddings in her whole life and they had been both fabulous even though one had ended into a divorce (Lilly and Bart) . Now she had to make her wedding even better. She was on top of the world .Everything was perfect except one thing Vanessa Abrams. Of course she wouldn't have remembered that night but she had had a nightmare of it two days ago.

Flashback 8 years ago

A seemingly drunk Serena is sitting on her boyfriend's Dan lap when a curly dark haired girl enters.

She smiles at Dan. Serena suddenly gets up and slaps the girl. Once .Twice.

-Get out of here Vanessa! We don't want you here bitch! Get a life! Dan doesn't want you ! You lost him…

Vanessa on the verge of tears stares at Dan questioningly.

-"Is that what you…" She is interrupted by Dan.

-" She is drunk don't !"

Serena looks at Dan.

-"Don't defend her or we are over."

Dan cowardly grows silent and watches his friend leave forever.

End of Flashback

Serena had been awfully mean but she had felt threatened by Vanessa. She had blamed that night on drunkenness and had buried it somewhere deep in her mind until that nightmare.

Dan had believed her when she said she didn't remember what she had said. Serena was too sweet in his eyes to have meant that clean. Men he was wrong.

When the question came up about inviting Vanessa she knew she had to give Dan the choice or he would never forgive her. So before he had written the invite and sent it. She had written a kind of apology letter.


It's Serena and yes we finally are getting married …

DAN is getting married with ME …

It's been 8 years

And I hope you forgive me

But if you don't it's ok

Just come for Dan …

He loves you … You know.

He just loved me more.


The last part had been Blair's idea. HAHA thinking about Blair made Serena laugh . Blair had the perfect life, and she was so much less bitchy now… She loved her kids unconditionally and Serena envied her life. She wanted that. She wanted that with Dan… Forever and Ever…

You are not Cinderella Serena... People don't live happily ever after...

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