Good Old Dexter

My name is Dexter Morgan and I'm a serial killer. God that feels good to say aloud. Too bad I don't believe in God. The whole higher being would never approve of my actions. Murder is wrong but I only murder the bad people. And I'm not a murderer. Well, I am but I'm more providing a service. I get rid of those who the police can't catch.

So I sit and wait as my Dark Passenger fills with hunger as the moon gleams in the sky. I wait until the time is right to pounce. Can't be seen. I need to be like the shadow in the corner of your eye. Breezing though the streets with padded footsteps. Not even breathe can make any sound. Silence is only permissible. Wouldn't want anyone to hear now, would I?

I'll slip the needle in and watch the pale body crumple into my arms as they fall into the slumbers of unconsciousness. The only peaceful sleep they will ever get again because soon it will be completely over for them.

I always wondered what it would be like to feel the fear in their eyes once they wake up, See the plastic prison I've wrapped them in, with only me as company. I wonder what it's like in those last moments in life when the light goes out in their eyes and blood pools around them. I wonder if they really see their life pass before their eyes.

It seems unlikely. Too busy being but up into pieces by moi. If it were me then I would probably see every death I've caused. Every sinful person that deserved to die because their not trophies. I keep their slides as reminders but they are never trophies. It's not like I can put them on a trophy case for serial killers. Each death I cause is a moment in life when the real me gets to be seen. A privilege I think for them. The whole world sees the mask I place on my face but they get to see who I am even if it's only for a short time.

And once I'm finished my job my Dark Passenger will be quenched...for now and the mask will be placed back on. The immobile smile for all the world to see the dissimulation I uphold so well that they will never suspect of being false.

Good old Dexter's an upstanding member of society.

Good old Dexter's incapable of doing anything wrong.

Good old Dexter would never be a serial killer.

Good old Dexter's too nice to be a monster lacking a soul.

Good old Dexter indeed.