Count Me In
by: ohwhatsherface


Twenty-One Things That MUST Be Done Before We Turn Twenty-One
by: Sakura, Ino, Tenten and Hinata

(Note: Tenten is so old!)

1. Go on a road trip.

Sakura: Even if it is going to be done in Tenten's five-hundred dollar lame-mobile, or my gas-guzzling convertible—we will go on one!

2. Learn to play an instrument.

Ino: It's saddening how Sakura can play guitar, Tenten can play the drums and Hinata is a pianist yet I can't even play the freaking triangle nicely.

3. Buy a lottery ticket.

Tenten: So what? I am an extreme believer in those things like Karma and Love At First Sight and most certainly Luck!

4. Dye my hair a crazy color.

Hinata: Seriously, I have to try it. Heck, even highlights can count for this one.

5. Kiss Sasuke Uchiha.

Sakura: What? It had to be said (or well, written). And I'll do it. I mean, he is so hot.

6. Do my own laundry and remember how I did it.

Ino: I know. It's sad. Very sad. Very, very, very sad, that no matter how many times you guys try to teach me, I still forget how. But I will prevail.

7. Hm, attend the wedding of someone I don't know.

Tenten: Have we not seen the major success that occurred in Wedding Crashers (or well, just the beginning of it)?!

8. Tell a stranger my Life Story.

Hinata: Like in Can You Keep a Secret?, just not as humiliatingly. I just wanna blab to a Random and Unbiased Person because then they won't judge me, just be amused.

9. Go bungee jumping in the arms of an extremely beautiful man.

Sakura: Now that is what I call falling for someone… Bad pun, yeah, I know, but it had to be said.

10. Two words. Skinny. Dip.

Ino: Another two words. Oh. Yes.

11. Make 1000 paper cranes.

Tenten: I have no idea why people do this, but I do it. I have about three-hundred of them at home, in a shoe box, but whatever. I so need to finish this.

12. Get into a bar, illegally.

Hinata: Stop looking at me like that.

13. Buy something(s) that I know I cannot afford.

Sakura: Uh, well, hopefully with someone else's money.

14. Donate blood.

Ino: Save lives and get over my fear of needles! It's a win-win situation!

15. Find a pair of jeans that fits the four of us.

Tenten: See, I kindasortasomewhat just (re) read The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, and well, yeah.

16. Do karaoke in front of a fairly large crowd.

Hinata: Of course, with you three people.

17. Get my picture taken by some photographer, or painted by an artist, at least.

Sakura: And perhaps, if I'm lucky, put on a billboard? Yeah? No. Okay.

18. Have a song written about me.

Ino: Hopefully by a very, very pretty boy. Man. With an acoustic guitar. Oh. Yes.

19. Get a tattoo.

Tenten: I'm not sure of what, yet, but I really, really want one. Perhaps while on our road trip?

20. Talk on the radio.

Hinata: Even just to win tickets to some sort of event or whatever. I want to. I really, really do!

21. Fall in love, and be able to confess it.

All: Yeah…