Summary: Amu, Nadeshiko and Tadase are starting high school. (Yaya is a year younger so she won´t be joining them yet) Their school is called St. Patrick High School, and Kukai and Ikuto are students there too. Kukai is a second year and Ikuto is a third year. Around campus there are nuns and priests running around, but you don´t have to be really religious or anything. There is a mysterious person around school who keeps an eye on them. You will find out who it is and what he/she wants with them later. Btw this is an Amuto story. Some chapters will be M rated but that will come later. Please read my story!

I don´t own any of the Shugo Chara characters and sorry if anyone seems a little OOC.

Heart, Spade, Clover and Diamond

Chapter 1

Today was Amu´s first day of high school. She was really nervous, but mostly because she´s gonna be living in a dormitory. Her friends were coming with her, so that was a comforting thought.

"Are you excited, Amu-chan?" Ran asked, who was floating over Amu´s head.

"Yeah. I just hope that I didn't forget anything." Amu said after she was done packing her suitcase.

"Don't worry. If you forget something then you can always come back and get it." Miki told her.

Amu just nodded, and stood up when she heard the doorbell ring. She grabbed her suitcase and rushed downstairs.

Outside the door stood Nadeshiko.

"Amu-chan, are you ready? My mother is waiting in the car." Nadeshiko said.

"I´m ready." Amu turned around to wave goodbye to her family, when she was suddenly attacked by her father with a hug.

"" Amu was very embarrassed about being hugged by her father in front of her friend, who was laughing.

"I can´t believe it! My little bird is read to fly!" her father cried out as tears ran down his face.

"Papa, let go of her." her mother said while holding back Ami, who wanted to go with her sister.

"Onee-chan, take me with you!" Ami said while reaching her hands out to her sister.

"I´m sorry, Ami. But you can´t." Amu told her little sister after finally getting her crying father off her.

"Amu, I think that you should go before Amu starts crying." her mother said.

Amu was weak to her sisters tears, or anyones tears.

"Bye." Amu took the laughing Nadeshiko by the hand and ran out. She was glad that her family didn't embarrass her anymore then they already have.

Right now Nadeshiko´s mother was driving them to school. Tadase was going to meet with them there.

(Principals Office, St. Patrick High School)

"So the new students are on their way?" a voice said.

"Yes they are. Can I ask you something? Why are you so interested in these students?" the principal asked.

"That´s something you don´t need to know. Just make sure that they get here." the unknown person said ans left the office.

(The front gate of the school)

About two hours after they left Amu´s house, they arrived at the new school. They saw both Tadase and Kukai standing out there with a nun.

"Tadase-kun, how long have you been here?" Amu asked when she stepped out of the car.

"I just got here myself and Kukai was waiting here for me." Tadase said.

"Once you´re settled in your room, Kukai will be your guide and show you around the school grounds." the nun explained.

"What dorm are we in?" Nadeshiko asked.

"Well, we have four dorms. White Heart and Black Diamond are the all girl dorms. Silver Spade and Gold Clover are all boy dorms. Amu and Nadeshiko will be in White Heart and Tadase will be in Gold Clover." the nun said and gave everyone a map of the school grounds.

The nun left after she had explained everything. Kukai showed them the way to their dorms.

"Kukai-sama, what dorm are you in?" Tadase asked.

"I´m also in Gold Clover. I don´t think that our room are that far apart." Kukai said and pointed to were the girl were supposed to go.

"Is the Kiddy King taking his servants out for a patrol?" they heard a voice say.

Tadase turned around and saw the thieving feline approaching them. "Tsukiyomi Ikuto!"

"Oh, did I forget to mention that he goes to this school too?" Kukai said and nervously scratched the back of his head.

"Are you here to search for he embryo?" Kiseki demanded.

"Or is it the Humpty Lock that you´re after?" Tadase wondered and pulled Amu behind him to protect her from Ikuto.

"Who said anything about the Embryo, or the Humpty Lock? Although, you should know that I do have another goal." Ikuto looked at Amu when he said the last part. Then he walked away.

Tadase got the hint but Amu was completely oblivious, like always.

(Later when night falls)

It was past curfew and everyone was in their rooms. Luckily, Amu and Nadeshiko got to be roommates.

"Do you know what Ikuto was talking about earlier? When he said that he had another goal?" Nadeshiko asked. Actually, she knew exactly what he was talking about, but wanted to knew if her friend Amu knew.

"I don´t know. Maybe it´s some job for easter? Or maybe he just wants to get into a good collage?" Amu said, still completely oblivious.

Nadehiko sighed. "Maybe." She took her PJ´s and went to take a bath. Thank God that every room has a private bathroom. Otherwise they would have to run all over the place.

Amu wondered what that sigh was for. Did she know something? About Ikuto?

She was distracted by the sudden flash of lightning outside her window. She thought that some one took a picture of her, but when she looked outside the window there was no one there. And they were on the third floor so it would be pretty hard for some one to get this high up.

"What are you looking at?" Nadeshiko asked her friends, who was starring outside the window.

"Nothing. Let´s go to sleep." Amu said and crawled under her covers.

Nadeshiko turned off the lights and crawled into her own bed. Soon both of them driffted into a peaceful sleep.

End of chapter

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