Chapter 13

Amu threw herself on her bed with a sigh. "What do you want to do for the weekend? I was thinking that all of us should do something together. Between school and stuff we hardly spend any time with everyone."

"Does everyone include Tadase?" Nadeshiko wondered.

"Maybe we can invite him another time?" She sat up in bed and stretched her arms. " I would like it if everything could go by smoothly for once."

"We can't not invite him." Nadeshiko saw that that Amu had started to text with someone. "He is still our friend you know."

"Of course. Kuukai said the same thing. He also thinks that we should rent a movie and then sneak into someone room and watch it together." She stood up and stretched some more. "You think about what movie you want to see while I go and get us something to eat."

There was a vending machine out in the hallway filled with little treats. Perfect for times when you felt like nibbling on something.

She got another text for Kuukai saying that he wanted to choose the movie and surprise them all. Before she had any time to send him a text that it was a bad idea, a couple of girls approached Amu with a flier. It had Hiro`s face on it.

"What is this?" Amu asked them.

"Hiro has been reported missing. The police are offering reward to information that may help them in their search."

"How long has he been missing?"

"A few days." One of the girls answered.

"Between us. The police are not being very optimistic about finding him. Alive at least. There hasn't even been a ransom note. Some even think that he just ran away. But I do hope that they find him." Another one added before they moved along and handed out more fliers.

Amu returned to her room and showed it to Nadeshiko. "Don't you think it's weird? That he would just leave without telling us?"

Nadeshiko thought about it as she ate her a piece of chocolate. "Maybe he wanted to leave without making a fuss, or maybe he was kidnapped? There has even been talk about putting a curfew right after classes have ended, but in the case that he did just run away the school didn't want to raise any alarm."

Amu frowned. "Why did you mention it just now? Why not before?"

Nadeshiko shrugged and started gathering some books together. "I have to return some old books to the library."

"Have you given any thought to what movie we should watch. If we don't come up with one then Kuukai will choose one." Amu made a face. " I think that everyone wants to avoid that."

"Actually I am going to be studying in the library." Nadeshiko informed her. "But you guys have fun."

"Are you mad at me?" Amu wondered.

"Of course not. Why would a be?" Nadeshiko wasn't leaving but she did have one hand on the doorknob. She was obviously trying to get out and away from this conversation. "Are you coming with me or?"

Like you want me to, Amu thought. "No. I promised that I would meet up with Ikuto."

Ikuto was waiting for her at a bench out on school grounds. He sat with his arms spread and his legs crossed. His head was thrown back and his eyes were closed. The look of someone who was a little more relaxed then what he should have been.

One eye cracked open as Amu sat down beside her.

"Have you been waiting long?" She was right on time but he looked like someone who had been her a while.

"I came out here I little early." A simple answer but he was still watching her. Without warning he leaned over and kissed her. "Hello."

"Hi." She liked the atmosphere between them right now but needed hi opinion on another matter. She told him about Nadeshiko, Hiro and about the party tonight. About Nadeshiko he suggested that she should just wait it out and they would look into the whole Hiro thing. About the party he was a little unhappy that Tadase was coming but still thought that it was the best idea. They needed to learn how to get along like friends again.

"How is Utau?" Amu wondered.

"Fine. She's resting at home. I'm going to visit her this weekend."

Amu nodded. "Is she going to be touring again soon?"

"She has a concert next week." Ikuto stood ut and put his hands in his pocket. "Let's go for a walk."

It had gotten pretty late when Amu returned to her room. The other were coming in about an hour. She got a text saying that they would sneak into her and Nadeshiko`s room.

"I didn't think that you would be here. Have you changed your mind?" Amu wondered when she saw Nadeshiko sitting on her bed.

"Kuukai has chosen a movie and Yaya is bringing the candy." Nadeshiko told her. "But I'm still not staying."

Amu remembered Ikuto`s words about not pushing it. She was about to tell her to have fun doing her homework but then realized that it might sound a little weird. "If you change your mind."

An hour later Nadeshiko was gone and everyone else had gathered. Yaya was complaining that Kuukai had brought a horror movie and didn't want to watch it. Kuukai was giving his arguments to why they should watch the movie. Ikuto was cuddling with Amu but mostly to piss off Tadase who was sitting as far away from them as possible.

"You know, you could be kinder too." Amu whispered to Ikuto.

"It's not like I hate him. I'm just teasing him a little." Ikuto defended himself, but from the look on Amu`s face she tought that he could do better. "I'll go talk to him."

Ikuto crossed the room to Tadase and tried to engage him in meaningless chitchat. While Ikuto had left Amu`s side, Kuukai decided to come and talk to her. "You sure it's a smart idea to put those together like that? They may be able to be polite to each other but maybe we should not push it."

"Don't worry about them." Amu said and leaned back. "So about the scary movie. Are we watching it or not?"


Amu let out a sigh of and silently thanked God. Kuukai had to laugh at her reaction. "Why do girls hate scary movies. TheirĀ“re fun."

"Watching someone having their guts ripped out is hardy fun." Yaya called from her seat by the table full of candy.

"You two are no fun." Kuukai stuck his tongue at her and grinned when she did the same.

After a few meaningless dialogs about the weather and school, Ikuto repositioned himself by Amu. "A word." He said and pulled her out into the hallway. He closed the door behind them before kissing her. "I thought it might be nicer if we didn't do it in front of him. Though he will have to get used to it."

Both of them stopped in their tracks when they heard someone giggling down the hall. A few girls were standing by a door further down and watching them.

"Be careful Amu." One of the girls called in a sing song voice. "If the student council know about this then there will trouble."

Student council?, Before Amu had a chance to ask them, they had already returned into the room.

"Have you ever meet the student council?" She asked Ikuto.

He shrugged. "I don't thinks so."


The door suddenly opened and Kuukai stuck hi head out and grinned at them. "I win."

Both stared at him with a look of confusion.

He grabbed their arms and pulled them inside. "We are watching the movie." And closed the door.

To be continued...

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