Title: The Double Life
Author: cheebs!
Rating: PG for language
Fandom: Degrassi: TNG
Spoilers: S 7 E 9, "Hungry Eyes"
Note: title gakked from the Banshees. If you don't already own Siouxsie's new solo debut, "Mantaray," go buy it!
Date: 3/14/07

Publicly, Emma is properly mortified. She wears her baggiest (which aren't very baggy as she's had to get rid of the worst as per her therapist's orders) clothes to school and gets appropriately indignant at every wolf-whistle and catcall. Tells Liberty she (almost, she thinks with her fingers mentally crossed) wishes she'd never put on the ugly purple rag in the first place. Takes (absofuckinglutely no) solace in Manny's platitudes (which sound so very recycled – she'd swear some are her own words) and sympathetic arm slung around her shoulder as they walk the halls.

Privately, she checks YouTube every day to see how many hits she has. She's thrilled when they pass Manny's.