Bella's POV

"Can we go home now please?," I begged Alice. I hated when she took me shopping. She buys me all these clothes that aren't even nessasary.

"Ok, Just one more outfit.," she said. I nodded and followed her to Victoria's Secret.

"Um...Alice. I don't think Victoria's Secret has any outfits.," I exclaimed.

"Yeah they do it's just called lingerie.," Alice replied with a huge grin across her face.

"Well, Why would I need lingerie.," I said glaring at her.

"For Edward of course! He would love you in lingerie.," Alice said still smiling. O gosh I thought to myself as she lead me to the dressing room handing me arms full of lingerie outfits to try on. I tryed on a couple but they weren't what we were looking for until we came across a purple with straps and tie-front with the matching panty. As I slid it on it exposed my stomach. It was silky and I felt beautifuk and sexy. I definitely think Edward would love this. I came out of the dressing room with it on to show Alice. Once she saw me I knew she loved it because her face was in a huge grin and she was nodding her head. I smiled and ran back to the dressing room and quickly changed.

Once we bought my first pair of lingerie we headed back to the house. I stepped out of the car heading straight to Edward's room. As I was walking up the stairs I heard music. That was strange he might just be waiting for me I thought. I went to the door and opened it wide seeing my fiancee, Edward, with Rosalie in the bed making love! I gasped and as I covered my mouth my bag made a big thud hitting the floor. They both turned their heads toward where the noise came from. Tears started running down my face. Edward had a shocked face. All of a sudden I felt lightheaded this could not be happening. The love of my life with a stupid slut like Rosalie. Then I felt my head collide with the floor and then just black.

"Bella, Sweetheart, Are you ok?," I heard Edward ask and that's when I remembered what happened. I saw Edward and Rosalie making love and I fainted.

"No! I'm not ok Edward! You cheated on me with your own sister!," I yelled.

"Bella, I'm so sorry.," Edward started to apologize.

"Just shut up Edward! I don't want to hear it! I can't belive you did this to me! I never want to see you again!," I had tears streaming down as I said this.

"YOU SLEPT WITH MY WIFE!," I heard Emmett scream as he ran into the house. His face was just full of hatred towards Edward.

Emmett's POV

As I approached the house from my short, little hunting trip. I heard Bella and Edward having an argument. I stopped and decided to easedrop. I love knowing what other people don't know and use it against them. Hey! Maybe this could be good and I can use it against Edward I thought with a chuckle.

"Bella, Sweetheart, Are you ok?," I heard Edward ask Bella maybe she fell again. That would of been hilarious.

"No! I'm not ok Edward you cheated on me with your own sister!," she yelled so loud it kind of hurt my ears. Wow...Alice. I can't believe it how could he do this to Bella that's just...wait a minute I thought to myself. Alice was shopping with Bella this entire time! It wasn't Alice it was...ROSALIE?! My amazingly hot and sexy WIFE with...with...with that backstabbing brother of mine?! This is where I had enough I bargged through the front door almost breaking it.

"YOU SLEPT WITH MY WIFE!," I screamed with pure hatred. I was so angry I ran up to Edward and grabbed him by the collar lifting him off the floor ready to pound his face in.

"Don't Emmett!," I heard Rosalie say. I dropped Edward and came up to Rosalie.

"How could you do this to me. After all the times we made love together in the kitchen, in all the rooms.," I said as I stared into her eyes.

"Emmett, understand I just needed someone new. I just got tired of doing you all the time.," Rosalie replied. Her words hurt me more than I ever thought they would. I turned around so I couldn't see Edward or Rosalie's face. That's when I saw Bella looking like a mess with tears running down her face like water fountains. I didn't think I just actted like I usually do and picked Bella up and ran to my Jeep.

"EMMETT! WHERE ARE YOU TAKING BELLA!," I heard Edward yell from the house.

'Away!' I thought in my mind knowing he was listening.