: I was feeling depressed and this is what happened

: I was feeling depressed and this is what happened.

He always knew he would be the one to have to bury his brother, now he was the last Winchester, looking over at the Impala, it was in a sorry state, covered in mud, grill was bent and twisted and it was covered in scratches. In the old days it never would have looked like that, now it was broken, but not as broken as the man with eyes older than his face looking at it.

The man looked down over the bridge it was at least a 50 feet drop, enough to kill him instantly, and far down below the River meandered as far as he could see. In a way it was the story of his life, no point to it, rather than going the fasted route to where it wanted to be, it twisted this way and that, losing its direction, until it died when it met the sea. All those miles under it belly gone, and lost in the waves.

He thought back to the die his brother had died, he had expected him to die with guns blazing in a battle field doing what he had been doing almost his entire life; but instead it was quiet. He had died in hospital hooked up to all those machines, heart still beating and his chest still going up and down regularly with his breathing. The doctors however had said he was brain dead. He had given the go ahead for his bother to die, watched as they turned off the machines tears streaming down his face. How could he live with that. If the crossroad daemon wasn't dead he would have traded him self in an instant. After everything they had been through, both of them cheating death, getting out of the deal, killing the YED and he had died just when things were looking up.

Holding the amulet in his hand thinking back to that Christmas all those years ago, when the last shred of innocence had been lost from them that night. The things that go bump in the night were real and now they both knew it. Holding up the amulet it glinted in the evening sun. Dean Winchester jumped the necklace held firmly in his grip. 4 days later when the police found his body they couldn't get it out of his hand. Dean and Sam Winchester, where ever they are now, with their mother. Driving down some country road, with nothing to fear. That his how I picture it anyway.

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