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One and half years later

The eighteen year old walked through the doors of the opera house. Wide violet eyes took in every familar detail as he wondered. The place had become dark in the year since Kaiba and Joey had sold it. Everyone had moved on after it went under.

Seadra had married Kaiba, Joey and Mai tied the knot not long after. Ryou and Bakura lived with Sea and Kaiba. There was only one person who had never left the opera house. The teen hoped that person could hear him.

"Child of the wilderness,

born into loneliness, learn

to be lonely, learn how to

live life that is lived alone.

Who will be there for you,

Child of the wilderness?

Comfort and care for you?

You've always known your

heart is not alone!

Child of the wilderness,

born into emptiness, learn

to be lonely, learn how to

love life that is not lived


Yugi saw a flash of crimson out of the corner of his eyes. He closed his eyes, going back in his mind to over a year ago. Arms wrapped around him, lips kissing every inch of skin.

"Yugi, I've had a long wait." He smiled at his husband.

"I know. Atem, kiss me, caress me, love on me." The phantom picked up the tri-haired teen, taking him back to their room.


Seadra sat in the living room looking around at the group of kids. Two were hers and Kaiba's, one was Joey and Mai's, and the last one was Ryou and Bakura's.

"Yugi and Yami don't live in the opera house anymore. They live here, like Bakura and Ryou. Sometimes, if you listen closely, you can hear them singing together."

"In sleep he sang to

me. In dreams he came

that voice which calls to

me and speaks my name.

And do I dream again?

For now I find the Phantom

of the Opera is here, inside

my mind."

"Sing once again with me,

our strange duet. My power

over you grows stronger yet.

And through you turn form

me to glance behind, the

Phantom of the Opera is

there inside your mind."

"Those who have seen

your face, draw back

in fear. I am the mask

you wear."

"It's me they hear."

"My/Your spirit and your/my

voice in one combined.

The Phantom of the

Opera is here/there

inside my/your mind."

"In all your fantasies

you always knew that

man and mystery..."

"Are both in you."

"And in this lybarinth

where night is blind,

the Phantom of the

Opera is here/there

inside my/your mind."

"Sing my Angel of Music."

The children sang along with the song they had all heard their entire lives. Seadra smiled and looked up at the ceiling. She couldn't see them, but Atem and Yugi were smileing back.


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