The Need Has Always Been There

Summary: What if John Sheppard was an Uchiha…


The sun had just barely risen over the Now-Not-So-Lost-Anymore City of Atlantis, and everyone was still peacefully asleep. Well, everyone except for one overbearing scientist in particular, who couldn't help but call in a meeting out of nowhere, thus disturbing a large number of expedition members in their much-needed slumbering. This led a very disgruntled Ronon to the conference room, where he found his equally irritated group of peers, consisting of Dr. Weir, Teyla, Dr. Zelenka, Major Lorne, and to his great surprise Colonel Caldwell as well. Apparently, McKay had stopped the Deadalus from it's departure, and beckoned it's commanding officer back down onto the planet.

"Mornin'," Ronon grunted.

A few disbelieving snorts were his only answer.

"Where's Sheppard?" he asked, once he noticed that the basis' 2IC wasn't present yet.

"Not here," McKay hissed angrily.

"Probably ignoring Rodney's call, and sleeping in," Zelenka added. "Like we all would've liked to do, on a Sunday."

"Or go meditating," Teyla chimed in.

"Or with more paperwork piling on our desk," Dr. Weir finished, eyeing McKay in a way that clearly said 'this better be important'.

"Oh, please. You won't be saying that in a moment." McKay waved their protests off with a flick of his hand.

Ronon raised an eyebrow at him, but moved to sit beside Teyla anyway. On the Athosian's other side was Sheppard's free seat. Opposite to him would be, if he was there, Colonel Caldwell, obviously annoyed judging by the way he tapped his fingers against the table. Beside him sat Major Lorne, the second highest ranking, permanently stationed officer in Atlantis. He was massaging his temples in an effort to do both, stay awake and relaxed at being woken up so early when he didn't have to.

McKay stood in the middle of the room, ready to give his presentation.

Dr. Weir, sitting at the head of the table, showed barely any sign of sleep, and Ronon quessed that she had been awake and working already when McKay had called them into the conference room. She was calmly sitting upright in her chair, while everyone else was slumped over. Her lips were pressed in a thin lign to cenvey her distress at having been summoned here, and her concern as to what reasons might have provoked Rodney to do so. Her hands lay still on the table, fingers interwined as if to prevent her from fidgeting.

And indeed, Ronon found them to be clenched together a little.

A few minutes passed by, and McKay was about ready to send a search party out for Lt. Colonel Sheppard, when the door slid open to reveal said Air Force officer, looking quite odd. He was wearing navy blue pants that went down till halfway over his shank. From there to his sandal-clad feet he was wearing bandages. A black, skin-tight shirt covered his chest, and two black strapes were tied around a part of his upper arm. His chest was heving as if he had just run a steeplecase.

Odder than that was only that he was soaked to the bone!

Ronon raised both his eyebrows this time. While coming here he had noticed that it was raining heavily outside, but even the balconies were covered. Wondering how exactly his friend had gotten himself so wet, and what exactly he was wearing, he watched intently as John calmly made his way to his seat, leaving a trail of water droplets on his journey. As the Lt.Colonel walked past him, Ronan noticed that there was a symbol on his shirt at the nape of his neck. He narrowed his eyes, and realized it to a fan. A red and white one. He wondered what that could mean, but was distracted as Sheppard slumped into his chair.

John's eyes were focused on McKay, and for a moment Ronon thought he saw a flash of red in them…


John Sheppard was a very patient man, and quite the laid-back guy if you thought about it. He rarely snapped out of control, but one scientist of the Atlantis expedition had been testing his self-control rather constantly since he met him. Of course, said scientist was none other than Dr. Rodney McKay. John had come to care for the ego-centrical know-it-all, but that didn't mean his attitude got any less on the soldier's nerves. He had been peacefully training outside- the only place he could train without revealing his secret to the whole expedition- when the cracking of his radio, and McKay's cheery voice had distracted him. And while he had been able to fend off the rain with a water-style jutsu, it had proven to be completely useless against a whole ocean.

Thus, John had found himself not only almost drowned because of McKay's sudden outburst of euphoria, but also pretty wet. Once he had finally heaved himself out of the water, and back into his quarters, he had had just enough time to drop his jounin vest, before he knew McKay would have a marine squad come looking for him. Therefore, he was now sitting, dripping with the whole conference room staring at him. He cursed under his breath as he felt his bloodline limit activate without his consent, and quickly 'switched' it off.

The need had always been there. The tingling desire to Tsukonomi McKay into next week!

But it had never been so tempting…

End of 'The Need Has Always Been There'!

A/N: Just a short fic that has put itself into my head, and now that I've written it down, I'll sleep peacefully again.
I hope you liked it!

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