By: Anime Blob (CartoonBlob)

Notes: This idea has been trapped in my head for awhile, but I finally decided to write it down. Inspired by "Wonderful" by Everclear.

Disclaimer: Home Movies © Loren Bouchard, Brendon Small.


"What the hell do you think you're doing, Andrew?! You yelled at him!"

He hated it when his parents fought…

"I was not yelling at him, Paula! I was just telling him to go outside!"

….and yelled…

"You're a fucking liar, and you know it!"

…and said naughty words.

"I don't need to take this anymore from you!"

Hearing a door slam from the back porch, Brendon sat on the steps from the opposite direction from the house. His eyes were focused on the ground, yet his mind was someplace else. He might have been only four, but he wondered why his parents argued all the time now. He had been told that, "Well, Mommy and Daddy just don't understand each other, that's all. You'll understand someday"

The boy didn't want to understand someday, but now. As his foot shook, he could remember a time when they didn't yell and scream; when they would laugh while watching a movie or going to the park. It was before they started misunderstanding; before his dad gave him the camera, which was located beside him on the stone step.

His mom taught him a trick to make all the bad things go away. "Count to ten," she had told him simply. "Just count to ten." Brendon took a deep breath, closing his eyes…

"One, Two, Three, Four…"

"Excuse me?"

"…Five, Six, Seven…"

"Hi! Are you from here?"

"…Eight, Nine, Ten."

"I'm new here…"

Cracking his eyes open, a young girl about his age stood in front of him. Her hair was brown, curly, and was in some type of pig-tails. Her clothing was purple, which matched the setting sun.

"My name's Melissa." Her lips curved into a smile as she glanced at the stranger's wild orange hair. "What's yours?"

"Brendon." He rubbed the back of his neck. It wasn't very often someone his age would approach him, and vise versa. In fact, until this moment, the kid would have rather played alone. "So, where's your parents?"

The girl went on explaining how her father was unpacking these huge boxes from this big, big truck. But her mother… "Dad said she went away to this happy place filled with fairies." She tried to smile, but her eyes darted down and held a look of sadness.

That changed in a few seconds, as did the subject. "Hey, what's that?" Melissa pointed to the blue camera beside Brendon. Blinking, he explained that his daddy gave it to him, and it was used for making movies. "Why don't we make a movie with it?"

Hearing the echoes of a car rumbling off into the distance, and the cussing of his mom, Brendon stood up, gaining balance. For the first time in a long while, he smiled. Carrying his camera in his arms, he listened to Melissa give out small ideas and how she had seen this kid named Jason who she thought would love to make films with them. As the conversation carried on, the two slowly began to walk away from the angry white noise heard off in the distance.