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The night had become suddenly still, there was no sound as Dean watched his little brother hover over the small girl, his conflicting emotions written plainly across his features.

"Sam" he tried to call, his voice falling silent against the wind, it wasn't his brother's fault the girl had died, he was doing his job, doing what he was told.

Sam turned, his eyes full of sorrow, looking for Dean to make it better, 'Hold on Sammy, I'm coming'

His mind telling his feet to move, he stayed firmly planted to the ground. The shrubs encasing his feet. Sam's call for him whispering over the gentle wind, he clawed at the plants that held him tight, his fingers bleeding, tainting the green to a sharp red.

His need to get to Sam overruling any pain he felt, his hands moving as quick as they could. But it didn't matter, the vines continued to creep further and further up his legs. "Fuck off!" Dean yelled at the shrubs, his hands falling to his sides, a dark shadow cast above him.

Looking up to the dark fur, which was accompanied with a low growl, sharp claws digging in to his soft flesh, ripping it easily as the large hands stood him up. His mind ready for the fight, the fangs shining in the pale moonlight, dangerously close to his face. But he didn't move, locking eyes with the creature.

Heart hammering, stomach dropping, the figure may be different, but the wolf's eyes didn't hide who stood covered in the black fur, "Sam?"

"Would you kill me?" Sam asked, his voice booming through Dean's head, "Because I would kill you."

Dean didn't have time to react as the claw sliced through the air.


The room twisted as he sat up straight, his body coated in a cold sweat and a small shiver running through him, looking over at Sam, his eyes closed in a drug-induced sleep.

Dean's stomach turned, he ran to the washroom, not sure if the vomiting was from the dream or the concussion.

Head hung over the toilet, sweat dripping into the bowl that was permanently stained an awful yellow, it was almost enough to make him lose what little he had left in his stomach all over again.

Trying to calm his breathing, his thoughts wandering back to his dream, 'hewasn'tbittenhewasn'tbittenhewasn'tbitten…' chanting through his mind, slowly finding his equilibrium he stood on shaky legs, willing his legs to move him in front of the mirror. Shocked to see his reflection, his face withdrawn and ashen, dark circles under his eyes, the sweat beaded along his hairline. He turned the tap on, waiting for the water to become warm, relishing in its heat, its purity washing across his skin, taking the beaded drops of sweat with it as it cascaded back into the sink, Dean wished it would take the dream as well.

Drawing a shaky breath in he walked out of the washroom, his mind finally grasping the condition of the room, his father gone, the wolf's body gone with him. Soft rustling of sheets bringing his attention back to his younger brother whose exposed abdomen revealed the thick white gauze that covered where stitches had probably gone in.

Sam's breaths coming in short hard gasps, whimpering louder, trapped in his own nightmare.

Dean moved automatically, ignoring the bed he had woken up in, walking straight to Sam's small double. Bringing the covers around his brother he climbed in, Sam's body instantly moving towards the warmth, his dream world settling with Dean's presence.

"I'd never hurt you." Dean whispered, an arm draped across his brothers shoulders, his back resting against the hard frame of the bed as he held Sam tight. Relaxing, knowing that his brother was okay.


The soft beat of Dean's heart was what brought Sam from his nightmare filled slumber. His body tight with pain, scrunching his face, fighting the urge to groan in discomfort, not wanting to wake his older brother.

It didn't matter though, Dean always knew when he woke from a nightmare, always knew when he was up from a pain filled slumber.

"You okay Sammy?" His voice sleep filled, Sam shook his head, not wanting his brother to leave. His mind was still trying to catch up to the night's events.

Flashes of guilt, pain, and remorse coursing through his system, remembering the little girl, the fight with his father, and the wolf that had blamed him.

Shifting his body, he hissed in pain, trying to move away from what had happened, his stitches pulling tight at the movement. Deans hand across him in an instant, quelling his movements and easing his tortured soul.

"Easy Sammy." He said, the voice void of the sleep it had held only moments ago.

"Dean…" his voice cracked, the one word holding so much emotion behind it, he didn't have to say anything else, Dean picked up on it all, holding him closer. Two pink pills appearing in front of his face, followed by a glass of water. Sam swallowed them hungrily, settling once again.

"It wasn't your fault." Dean's voice was quiet and soft.

"It shouldn't have happened." Sam replied, he knew he was right.

"She was a wolf Sammy, she would just keep killing, and you know that."

Sam's mind replayed the night, the large black wolf holding him down, "What if I was bitten?"

A shift of the shoulders and an exasperated sigh, "You weren't."


"Sam, we'll deal with it if it happens, which it won't cause you weren't bitten."

Dean's authority shone through, the conversation was over, but Sam had to know, his voice growing weak as the pills started working, "What's so different between me and the girl?"

The emotions ran thick in the room, Sam could feel them rolling off his brother as he questioned him, forcing him to try and see what he saw, that nothing is as clear cut as their father makes it out to be.

Dancing around the topic of the little girl, "Sam, you have to trust me when I say I will deal with that situation if it ever comes up." His eyes staying locked with Sam's, reassuring him that everything would be fine.

Sam trusted his brother, but he wasn't sure everything was ever going to be fine.


The moon shone bright in the sky, reflecting against his pale skin. His head resting against the cool Impala windshield, lost in his thoughts of the previous month.

"You need a tan there Sammy." Dean joked, sitting up on his precious car beside him.

Sam heard the joke for what it was, Dean had been terrified, the constant glances he had given Sam throughout the day, his need to be always know where Sam was, the thought of the full moon looming over his head.

"I guess its better than black fur." Sam replied, his tone easy, bringing his arms up under his head, looking up at the stars, his brother followed suit.

Their father had been oblivious to the tense air that had hung between the brothers all day. His suspicions rising only when Dean objected to going to a local bar, the onslaught of a sudden stomach virus rending him incapable of leaving the washroom. Their father hadn't questioned, his need to hunt, his need to make money to hunt, overruling over the concern he may have felt for his oldest boy.

Dean didn't leave the washroom until he was sure his father was gone, exiting the washroom, making eye contact with Sam. A smug smile across his face, hiding his worry, they both knew why he had stayed back.

"Would you have done it?" Sam asked, not having to clarify what it was.

"I'll always take care of you Sammy. Don't ever forget that."

A sad smiled dawned on Sam's lips, silence coming between them, it was a question neither one really wanted to have answered. So they sat, watching the heavens above, wondering when it would be their turn to join the stars.

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