A Mister Belvedere fanfic by a440

I am Mister Belevdere, and I stand out in a graveyard, saddened by the knowledge that the people that hired me, have now died.

The Owenes children, all 3 of them, were on a trip to a shopping mall, when a group of terrorists came and took over the place; they warned the police that every hour on the hour, a handful of people would be shot dead as a warning, unless the autthorities didn't give in to their demands. Sand to say, they did shoot dead with machine guns, the first hand ful, and that said handful turned to be all the Owens children; inasmuch as the terrorists were later, after shooting dead 1200 people, arrested by the SWAT team, for the Owens parents, the damage was done. For a day after they were informed of the deaths of their children, they ended their own lives, each with a bullet to the brain, resulting in a quintuple funeral, meaning that all the Owens family members were all dead.

For me, all I can do is pay my last respects to the family that was so good to me, and seek out the next someone willing to take me in...

With all respects, my thanks, Owens,
Mister Belvedere.