I'm Gonna Make It

Whoosh. Plop. Whoosh. Plop. Whoosh. Plop.

"If I make this shot, I'm going to be Hokage," Naruto muttered. He threw another kunai at the target he had made on the tree.

Whoosh. Plop.

"Damn it. Okay, okay. This one."

Whoosh. Plop.

"Again, again, again. This one. Next one, I swear," Naruto murmured, pulling out more and more kunai as each one missed.

Whoosh. Plop. Whoosh. Plop. Whoosh. Plop. Whoosh. Plop. Whoosh. Plop. Whoosh. Plop.

"Alright, if I miss this one I'm going to be Hokage," Naruto grumbles, not yet disheartened.

Whoosh. Bam.

It hit the target; bull's eye.

"What the hell? Okay, now, if I make this one, I'll be Hokage."

Whoosh. Plop.

"This is ridiculous. Okay, if I make this one, Sasuke is in love with me," Naruto said.

Whoosh. Bam.

"Wha-" Naruto dropped the kunai he was holding.

"Naruto, c'mon. Enough training for today, let's go home." Sasuke said, coming up and wrapping his arms around the blonde.

Naruto closed his eyes. Fine, maybe he wasn't ready to be Hokage yet, but someday he would. And anyway, so what if the tree and hundreds of kunai didn't think he would be Hokage? He'd do it anyway, he didn't believe in destiny. Come on, he isn't Neji.

Naruto opened his eyes and nuzzled Sasuke's neck.

"Dobe, you're getting your sweat on me," Sasuke pushed the Kyuubi-container away.

Naruto grinned," C'mon bastard, buy me ramen!"

The blonde laced his fingers with the raven and pulled him away from the tree and the load of kunai that were laying around.


(The next day, there were reports of children coming home from the forest with weapons. And a few of them with cuts from said weapons. Oops.)


A/N: That actually happened to me. You know, just with a basket ball and hoop instead of kunai and a tree. And I wasn't mumbling about being Hokage, just about whether or not I should come write something. And there wasn't a Sasuke at the end for me. pouts