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Sky hopped from tree to tree, heading back to Mist, her home. Her red-laced, vinyl ankle platform boots clunking with each landing.

She stopped, panting slightly, wiping her layered, over-volumed deep pink hair out of her crimson outlined turquoise eyes with a silver taloned hand, the red eyelashes fluttering.

She was expected back in Mist the following day, returning from her mission in Star, where she was sent to assassinate two S-class ninjas who had attacked the village.

Her powers of clairvoyance, water control, speed and weaponry had given her the upper hand and she had easily defeated them. They had been no match for her. Then again…no one in her entire 16 year life had been a match for her.

She sat on a high oak branch and leaned against the trunk the gourd of ice strapped to her stopped the contact between the tree and her corset covered back, which was black with red ribbons and armour plated. It could also be detached from the red top underneath, which had off the shoulder, long, transparent sleeves (which had genjutsu-disguised weapons hidden underneath them; two small gun-like weapons which shot poison-tipped needles at enemies and two razor swords which were used as surprise attacks when the enemy got too close) which hung down from her wrists and it was cut below the chest. It was kept from slipping in a fight by two silk red strips which attached to the top and was tied behind her neck halter-style.

Her leather skirt slid up slightly, exposing the Mist headband on her left thigh and the black silk wrappings underneath, over her red fishnets, which could also be seen through the slits on either side of the skirt, which had diagonal red silk strips with gaps covering them.

A black leather choker adorned her throat and had a crescent-moon shaped topaz set onto it. The one last feature that stood out was the inverted pentacle of tiny green emeralds set into the centre of her forehead, for what reason no one knew.

Back at Mist her sensei Kaguri and two team-mates Hematite and Erin would be anticipating her return. Kaguri had lime green hair and a fetish for any trousers that hung off the hips, he was also only 18 and a genius. Hematite wore bright pink and blue items which were fashionably mismatched and extremely tight, she was 16, along with Erin. Now Erin, had deep green-black hair and wore dark clothing. He seemed just as closed off now, after all the years that Sky had known him, as when she had first met him.

Deciding to get some rest, Sky suppressed her chakra signal and leaped to a higher branch, hiding herself among the bushes, gluing herself with chakra to the tree so she wouldn't fall in her sleep.


Kisame trudged half-heartedly through the forest, searching for the pink haired kunoichi he was supposed to take back with him to the base, unharmed if at all possible. Her trail was hard to follow and seemed to cut off randomly. In the end Kisame decided to simply follow the scent of roses and candy which accompanied the chakra signal, making it certain it belonged to the girl. He vaguely wondered how she could smell so nice after just completing a mission.

He wasn't particularly looking forward to confronting the girl, she was supposed to be ethereally beautiful and extremely deadly, although he had only seen her from far off, keeping his distance as he tracked her.

The scent slowly increased, drawing him in, as he reached a small clearing of oaks and he knew she was nearby so hid himself in the shadows quickly, glancing around for a glimpse of her.


Sky was in a tree directly a metre away from him and had awoken, sensing the powerful chakra Kisame possessed. Closing her eyes, she searched her clairvoyance archive and unearthed his name and the reason he was there.

Peeking through the leaves she saw the blue skin and strange features peering through a nearby bush, his pale eyes combing the area. Performing a quick transportation jutsu, she materialised before him, crouched down. Her scent increased tenfold, washing over him in sweet torrents.

"S'up?" she chirped, seeming not at all disturbed by the fact she was almost nose-to-nose with an extremely hideous creature. "Kisame, right? One of seven swordsmen, Akatsuki member, here to knock me out, carry me like a trussed up turkey, and make me join the organization, right?"

He eyed her warily, standing to full height. 'How the hell does she know?'.

She stood too, noticing how tall he was compared to her. Practically gigantic. She quickly fought down the urge to pull him down to her height.

"Come now, don't be so quiet, and in answer to that I'm clairvoyant. Oh, and telepathic when I choose to be too," she explained.

"Well then..." he began, reaching for what Sky could only guess was a sword on his back, he stepped back, getting into a fighting stance. "Lets begin shall we?"

She tilted her head, unmoving. "Nah" she uttered simply.

"Wha...?" he asked, taken aback, his stance faltering.

"Well, you see...if we fight I'll end up with a very expensive outfit ripped and with very little chakra and you'll end up seriously freezing with a load of cuts" she stated. "So I think I'll just go quietly, seeing as you're gonna win anyway".

'Hmm...this guy is powerful...I think I've finally found my match' she thought.

"Erm...fine with me..." he answered uncertainly, watching as she turned and walked back to the clearing, her hips swaying. "Hey! Wait a freakin' minute!-"

"Chakra leash? Yeah, fine, lay it on me" she called over her shoulder, foreseeing what he would say.

'That didn't sound right ' he thought, doing as she said, drawing her back towards him with the leash.

She grinned and suddenly launched herself at him, chuckling at the shocked look on his face.

"Da fuck?" he wheezed, breathless.

"Well...you towering above me is sorta annoying, I can see you better this way. Hey, you wanna rest here for the night?" she inquired, resting her forearms on his chest and her head on them, looking at him.

Fully aware that she was straddling him, he gulped, blushing slightly at her boldness.

"Wha-what's your name?" he stuttered, mentally slapping himself for showing weakness.

"Sky" she replied "Kisame is a pretty name, you know."

He stared. No one had ever given him a compliment.

"What kind of game are you playing with me kunoichi" he hissed, sitting up, eyes narrowing.

Her hands slid down his chest and she was now sitting in his lap. "Game? I'm on a leash...I'm gonna join Akatsuki...and seducing you would not help me escape...so really, I'm just being friendly" she concluded, grinning.

He blinked. Once. Twice. Three times...and smiled softly. "You're not afraid of me?" he asked sheepishly.

She tilted her head. "Nah" and hugged him. Actually hugged him. Smiling, she gently pushed him back on the floor, laying down on him. "The leash hurts less the closer I am, right?" she giggled, proceeding to use him like a pillow.

"I have a tent you know" he said, exasperated.

"Hehehe...of course you do" she teased, glancing downwards. She slid off of him, pulling him up with her, deliberately brushing up against his crotch.

He momentarily closed his eyes and pulled his hand from hers, surprised she had the strength to lift him, willing away his little distraction. He extracted a scroll from under his cloak and summoned the tent from within it and set it up with some help from Sky. He had overlooked one thing though. This was meant to be a one man tent. He sent a sideways glance towards Sky and entered the tent, finding there was also only one sleeping bag.

Following him in, Sky stared at the sleeping bag, then at Kisame, a grin tugging at the corners of her lips and a light blush sprinkling over her paper white cheeks. She unlaced her boots and removed her weapons and corset, revealing her stomach. Kisame sealed Samahada in a scroll and removed his Akatsuki cloak and sandals. Piling there things in opposite corners, they turned back to each other, a fierce blush appearing on Sky's face as she saw Kisame was only wearing a fishnet top and trousers, his abs clearly visible.

"Nice pecs" she grinned, laughing internally as he tried to hide his blush.

Crawling into the sleeping bag, Kisame scooted over to the far side, but still not far enough, as her breasts brushed against his chest as she entered after him, almost casually slinging a leg over him. Growling, he turned away from the temptress, trying to knock the offending limb off of him. Instead, the foot of that leg had slid towards his crotch.

'Bloody hell' he thought, blushing 'wait...is she..ahh..'.

Turning over abruptly, he faced her, stopping the rubbing she was causing. "I'm cold" she said innocently, red eyelashes fluttering. He glared at her and sighed defeatedly, gathering her into his arms, feeling distinctly awkward. One of his legs was entwined with hers and his arm was around her waist.

"Happy? Now to sleep!" he growled.

"Sure thing" she giggled, laying her head on his broad shoulder and stilling.

Soon her soft breathing deepened and he knew she had fallen asleep, and he followed suit.


After having a rather raunchy dream cut short, Kisame awoke, accompanied by a blush and a rather prominent bulge in his pants. Sky was already awake and had her elbow next to his head, looking down at him with a mischievous look in her eyes, her other hand obscured by the sleeping bag...

Kisame suddenly became aware of the fact that something was stroking a particular part of his body. Now he knew where that dream had come from. A low moan involuntarily escaped his throat and he latched onto her wrist, stilling the movements. He could fit her wrist between his thumb and index finger easily.

Sky glanced down at their hands and smirked. "Mmm...big hands" she commented, a moan evident in her tone, whispering into his ear, her breath cascading down his neck, causing him to shiver.

He released her hand quickly and leaned over her, glaring, eyes still glazed over slightly with lust. "What the heck is up with you girl?" he demanded.

"Just wondering how long it would take you to cum" she answered, an innocent expression planted on her features.

His face burned and he quickly clambered out of the sleeping bag, grabbing his cloak. 'Bloody girl, if it were anyone else they would have...'

'Would have what, babe?' she slipped into his mind, the thought sounding low and lustful.

Whirling around, he stared at her. Her hair was messy and fell in her eyes, eyes that looked at him with amusement and pretend innocence.

"Yeahhh...my telepathy not only allows me to hear your thoughts, but also to reply to them" she explained lazily, sliding out of the sleeping bag.

As he dressed he watched her do the same. Her breasts were just the right size, her stomach slim and toned, as were her legs. Her hair was just the right length, her skin snow white and unblemished (surprising, seeing as she was a ninja), and as she turned around he noticed for the first time her eyes were dazzling, although a bit oddly coloured (eyelashes), but this added to the effect. In short, Kisame thought she looked the epitome of perfection.

She tilted her head and smirked. "Done yet?" she asked, stepping forward, her slender hands reaching for his cloak. Taking the material in her hands, she sealed up the velcro opening and stepped back. "Shame...now I can't see that sexy chest of yours" she said, pouting.

Her lips were the palest shade of pink he had ever seen and seemed to blend into the surrounding snowy skin. The bottom lip sticking out made him want to just grab her and kiss her.

"I'm sure you'll meet again" he chuckled, blushing slightly at her comment.

"I'm sure I'll meet more than that next time" she thought, sending the thought to Kisame and turning towards the flap of the door, hiding her expression and trying not to laugh, certain that Kisame was frozen behind her. She leaned over, deliberately slow, and picked up her ice gourd, strapping it onto her back, making sure Kisame would have his eyes exactly where she wanted them. Indeed they were, too. He watched her every move, his pants bulging yet again and he was thankful the cloak hid it.

When she was done he led her outside and sealed away the tent in a scroll again and started traveling by tree top. Sky was close behind him and he was amazed she could keep up with his large strides. It was silent for a while, but then...

"You have a cute butt".

Kisame slipped off the branch he had landed on while turning to give her a 'what the hell?!' look. He landed on his feet in a crouch on the forest floor and glared up at her, her giggles and sweet expression melting the glare away. 'Argh...I'm going soft' he thought, annoyed at himself.

'Soft? Ah, but you were sooo hard this morning' she inserted.

He pinched the bridge of his nose and jumped back into the trees. 'Dirty-minded little...'

'Whore?' she finished for him. "Yeah...but I can be your whore" she whispered as she passed him, catching him off guard but he didn't slip this time.

Grabbing her around the waist, he spun her around and pinned her none too gently to a tree, her hands above her head. She moaned. Actually freakin' moaned. Kisame shook his head before speaking. "Why...just why are you coming onto me" he growled, a slight pleading note in his voice barely visible, but it was there. "Are you seriously blind or something?"

"Nope. Although I do usually fight with a blindfold on" she answered. Kisame blinked.

"Thing is..." she began, sliding her knee up his inner thigh and down again, her voice lowering "I think you're pretty fucking hot".

"H-how so?" he mused.

"You're huge, you're strong, and you come in my favourite colour" she answered.

He burst out laughing. "God damn. Favourite colour?!" he snickered, releasing his hold on her.

"I'll bet you give good hickeys too".

He almost choked. "I wouldn't know" he coughed, turning away and blushing, continuing to jump from tree to tree.

"Hey, where we goin'?" she inquired.

"Back to the base" he answered.

"Oooh...more hot guys, huh?" she giggled.

A rush of jealousy flowed through him. The others would not be getting their hands on her. "I thought you were my whore?" he said.

"I said I could be your whore, Kiss" she drawled.

"K-Kiss?" he spluttered "What...?!"

"Aww, you don't like it? I thought it sounded better than Kee-Kee, ya know? Besides, it sounds hot" she said, pouting slightly.

Cringing at the alternative, Kisame decided he did like it, coming from her, but he wasn't about to admit that. Too bad she could hear peoples thoughts.


Soon they reached a small village and Kisame halted, causing Sky to 'accidentally' bump into him. "I need to restock on equipment. We're gonna stay here overnight" he stated, using a genjutsu to change his features and turning his cloak inside-out so it was plain black, also putting Samahada into a scroll. Sky simply tied her headband higher on her thigh so it wouldn't be seen (Kisame watched the whole time), and changed her gourd with genjutsu to just look like a big bottle of water.

Kisame now looked like an aged man that could possibly be her father (or her master seeing as she was pretty damn good looking), confirming why he wasn't the one carrying the bottle, as opposed to a supposedly weak little girl doing it.

He proceeded to walk towards the nearest inn and pressed a bell on a counter to call in the receptionist. Sky leaned on the counter beside him, a little to closely if you asked him. A gruff looking, balding man came to the desk.

"One room, please" Kisame requested.

'One, hmm?' she chuckled, sending the thought to him. He blushed.

'For the leash' he snapped back.

The man winked at them while handing them a key with the number 14. Sky winked back and latched onto Kisame's arm, pulling him towards the room, leaving the man at the desk blushing slightly and amused she hadn't hit him.

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