Warning: Some yaoi in this chapter and attempted bad stuff.

Sky's eyebrows rose a little at his announcement, a smile tugging at her lips. "Is that so..."

A door slamming and heavy footsteps alerted the two of them, both turning to see Kisame hurriedly shrugging on his Akatsuki cloak as he rounded the corner into the hall where they were, Itachi right on his heels.


Hauling Samehada over his shoulder, he stopped before them, quickly explaining that he and his partner had been summoned for an emergency mission.

"Right now?" She blinked.

"Yeah, barely gave me time to finish my shower," he grumbled, the beads of water trailing from his blue locks backing up his words.

Hiding her amused smirk, she followed after them to the hideout's exit, backing up a step before she crashed into his back as Kisame abruptly stopped. He signalled for Itachi to go on ahead of him, who shrugged, nodding his goodbye to Sky before doing so. The blue giant then turned to her, pausing for a moment as his eyes locked with hers before closing the space between them. He pulled her close, ensuring that she couldn't skip off on him again like before, and gently took her chin in his hand, tilting it upward and placing a soft kiss upon her lips. His forehead lightly brushed against hers as he spoke quietly, telling her that he would see her in a few days, before stepping back and taking his leave. Blushing, she unconsciously brought her fingers up to her mouth, tracing over where his lips touched as she stared in the direction of the exit for a moment longer.

'That sure was unexpected...'

Having forgotten about him momentarily because of Kisame, Sky turned back, expecting Tobi to still be where she had left him, only to find that he had used the opportunity to slip away. She supposed that she wasn't too surprised, perhaps his bumping into her really hadn't been planned after all. Sighing, she headed to her room to sleep.

The thought of him vandalising the scroll had, for now, left her mind, though she didn't fully buy that his cheerful personality was genuine. He couldn't possibly be completely talentless either, since no ordinary person could have such strong mental guards against her telepathy... right?

A couple days later, Sky felt what it was like to be summoned via her ring. Surrounding her finger, she felt a slight burning sensation beneath the thick band of metal. At first she was a little alarmed, but quickly understood what it meant, particularly when the image of Pein's shadowy visage entered her mind.

Entering the meeting room, she was encompassed in the still darkness before the leader's hypnotic eyes appeared. Apparently, he had been tipped off about Mist's plan to hunt her down and gave her a disapproving look.

"Care to tell me how they are aware of your allegiance with us?" he asked, his tone edged with accusation. It was as if he knew exactly how they had come by the information.

Avoiding his piercing gaze, she relayed to him how she had telepathically contacted her old team mate, only to later realise where their loyalty truly laid.

"Foolish girl," he barked, causing her to flinch back. "Now Akatsuki's alternative mission may be revealed!"

"I'm sorry," she whispered, subconsciously hugging herself and hanging her head.

After a few moments of silence, she looked up, wondering if she had been dismissed by default, only to have his orange orbs penetrate hers once more.

"This will need to be atoned for."

Sky nodded slowly, expecting punishment.

"Your first mission starts now."

Eyebrows rising in surprise, she listened carefully as he gave his instructions. It turned out that she was to keep up appearances: to contact Hematite over the course of the next couple months under the pretence of knowing nothing of her betrayal, and to lay false trails for the Mist nins to follow.

Although she was apprehensive about contacting her traitorous friend, she knew it was a good course of action. Grinning at the thought, she also realised that she could exact her revenge this way.

Afterwards, since her room was next to his, she was sent to retrieve Orochimaru, who had been ignoring his summons.

Waiting for a few moments after rapping her knuckles against the wooden door of his room and receiving no reply, she pressed her ear to it, listening for any movement on the other side. Hearing nothing, she hesitantly pulled down the handle and stepped inside, assuming that perhaps he was in the bathroom and hadn't heard her knocking. What she found was far from that.

The sound of moans hit her ears, and she realised that a silencing jutsu had been placed upon the room. Before her, Kimimaro was on top of Orochimaru, riding him for all he was worth. His white hair was loose and his skin shined with sweat as the Sannin below him thrust up into him.

Momentarily frozen with surprise, she quickly stepped back, the embarrassed pink flushing over her face deepening as Orochimaru spotted her.

"Come to join us have you, Sky?"

Kimimaro looked back then, his lip curling slightly in displeasure as he saw her. Turning back, he continued as before.

Stuttering slightly, she ignored the Sannin's words and passed on the message from Pein, closing the door a bit too loudly in her haste to leave.

Shaking her head in a mental attempt to throw out the images of what she had just witnessed, she made her way down to the training area.

Seeing as all the people whom she were due to be training with that day were otherwise preoccupied, Sky decided to do a little by herself, following on from the bombs she'd worked on with Deidara. Forming a few snow bombs, she guided the water from her gourd to shape into tentacle-like arms, each holding an explosive ball. Focusing on the set up targets points, she fired toward them, replacing the bombs the minute they were sent into the air with new ones and chuckling quietly as the targets were demolished.

"...Sure wouldn't want to get into a snowball fight with you, yeah."

Jumping slightly, she turned to see a smirking Deidara and a slightly grouchy-looking Sasori trailing behind him.

"Settle an argument for us, would you, Sky?" the redhead called to her.

Sending the water tentacles back into her gourd along with the – now deactivated – bombs, she turned to give the two her full attention.

"What is art in your opinion? Something which lasts forever or-"

"Or something which is quick and fleeting, which goes out with a bang," the blonde cut in, finishing for him.

Tilting her head, she thought for a moment. "Art is in everything, from a tear drop clinging to an eyelash to the sun glowing gold in the sky."

The two blinked, glancing toward each other before looking back at her.

"Well, aren't you poetic, yeah," Deidara laughed. "Though... you do have a point."

Sasori nodded in agreement.

Smiling at them, she spotted Orochimaru over their shoulders at the arena entrance, heading toward them. Her expression dropped slightly as she looked to the side, absent-mindedly stroking the back of her neck as blood rushed to colour her cheeks.

Following her gaze, Deidara looked back at the Sannin too, a grin spreading across his face. "You like old snakey or something?"

Snapping her gaze up to meet his, she glared half-heartedly. "As if."

At his smile widening even further, Sky rolled her eyes. "I'll tell you later, Dei Dei."

Satisfied, he and Sasori left as Orochimaru neared their little group.

"Not training today, Sky?" he grinned.

"O-oh... I was, by myself."

"By yourself?" he pressed, moving closer.

"Kisame's on a mission," she explained, resisting the urge to step back.

Halting in his stride, Sky thought she saw his eyes darken slightly. "Is he now."

Nodding, she wondered what he was getting at.

"Itachi-kun too?" he asked.

Repeating her nod, she briefly pondered when Orochimaru had begun calling him that. It seemed a little too cute for the Uchiha. Were they closer than she had realised? It was odd that she had not picked up on it if that were the case.

Moving on from the conversation, Orochimaru changed into sensei mode. "Shall we spar today?"

Since they hadn't done much of that, Sky was eager to go ahead with it. "Sure!"

Compared to previous sessions, Orochimaru proved to be unnervingly difficult to defeat. Although being unable to read his mind had been a slight hindrance before, Sky found that it was a challenge to even land a hit on him this time. Barely retaliating, he repeatedly skipped just out of her reach. It were as if she were fighting herself; that kind of power level. It made her wonder if it were possible that Tobi held such skill; if all of the unreadable people she had encountered did.

Pausing to catch her breath, something which she rarely had to do in battle, she noticed how he hardly appeared ruffled.

"Tired, Sky?" he asked. She was unsure of whether there was a mocking undertone to his question or not.

"No...but a break would be nice," she puffed, breaking her gaze from his.

"Certainly," he replied slowly, something she didn't catch on to.

Plopping down on a rock seat, she focused on the earth, drawing up a glass' worth of water and guiding it into a newly formed ice bottle. Drinking from the water in her gourd would work just as well, but the idea made her feel uneasy. Though she purified it often, her enemies blood had, after all, mixed with it many times. Plus, it was charged with her chakra, which meant extra effort to drain it, and the lost amount of liquid would need to be replaced – right back from underground.

Sipping slowly, her eyes slid to the side then back ahead as Orochimaru joined her, his closeness causing her to feel a little nervous.

"Hey, Orochi..."

Raising his eyebrow in amusement at the nickname, he replied with a "hmm?"

"Does Kimimaro not like me?" she asked quietly, setting her chin in her hand as she finished with her drink.

The pinkette didn't see his lips twitch into a smirk. "...What makes you think that, Sky?"

Eyes shifting from side to side for a second, she blushed slightly. The thought had come to her when she had walked in on the two of them, when the white-haired man had given her that look. Sadness flashed through her turquoise orbs as she recalled how the village elders had given her such a look, something which she had never realised the reason for until she discovered what she was. After having publicly revealed it to the Akatsuki members, she had thought that Kimimaro's initial dislike toward her would diminish, but it clearly hadn't.

Wanting to hear it, she pouted slightly and turned to him. "Just tell me if he does, you should know."

Smirking fully now, he leaned forward. "He's jealous."

She snorted. "Yeah, no shit."

"...But not of what you think."

Blinking, she asked, "if it's not of my dancing, then what?"

"Well, I suppose there is still that," he continued. "But there's more."

"Which is..?" she pressed, her curiosity causing her to mirror him and lean forward herself. If not that, then what could possibly have made Kimimaro feel that way?

Indicating with his finger for her to move closer, Sky did so, disregarding the fact that he would be whispering to her when no one was even around to hear them. Swallowing as she felt his lips brush over the shell of her ear, she froze at his words.

"He's jealous...because of what I'm going to do to you."

Before she could react, she felt teeth bite deep into her shoulder. Gasping, she threw him off of her, sending new shock waves of pain through her as his fangs tore from her flesh at an angle.

'Since when has he had fangs, anyway?' she thought frantically, skidding backwards as she aimed to put as much distance between them as possible, a hand clasped over her wound.

Glaring as he casually began walking toward her, not even treating her as a threat, she attempted to edge around him, aiming for the exit, but he followed, still calm even as she drew close to only a few metres from it.

Out of nowhere, she stumbled in her platforms, weakness setting into her limbs. Shaking her head, she willed her body forward, forcing herself, but found her movements had drastically slowed.

'What the hell is wrong with me!'

Hearing Orochimaru's cold laugh behind her, she whirled around, dizziness momentarily darkening her vision. Continuing to back up, she felt her other senses begin to falter. Only just about in her right mind, she realised his bite had done something to her, and sent chakra to her shoulder, searching. Venom, poison, whatever he had injected her with, she would remove it right now. Locating it - already coursing through a good part of her body - she threaded her chakra through it, beginning to extract it. Within seconds, Orochimaru was before her, his own chakra forcing its way into her body and immobilising hers.

"Wouldn't want you going and ruining the plan now, would we?" he hissed.

Attempting to strike at him, she found her normally deadly punch had withered to a kittens' pawing at air. Her strength fading, she futilely fought against his chakra as her vision blurred around the edges. Before she knew it, she lost consciousness and was effortlessly caught around the waist by Orochimaru, an eerie smirk set upon his lips.


When she next awoke, she found her hands in cuffs attached to a chain on the wall above her, her fingers bound together to prevent the formation of handsigns. By the dull ache in her arms, she deduced that she must have been kept where she was for some time, and staggered to her feet to take the pressure off. Around her neck, she felt the cold press of a metal collar, the reason for she discovered after attempting to summon water - her chakra had been suppressed, just as she had suspected.

Whichever substance Orochimaru had injected into her had now seeped through her entire system, hindering her movement and senses. It worried her. Would the effects wear off or was it intended to kill her?

Allowing her gaze to scan the room as her vision cleared slightly, she recognized the interior of Orochimaru's bedroom. Picking up on the sound of shuffling footsteps, she turned to see the snake himself advance toward her.

"Awake now, are we?" he purred, stroking pallid fingers over her cheek.

Glaring, she shrank away from his icy touch, her voice weak as she snapped at him. "What do you want? If you're going to kill me, then why didn't you while I was out of it? Why slowly poison me? The hell did I do to you?"

Laughing, he moved closer to her. "So many questions. Now why would I want to kill you, Sky? No, there's no fun in that."

Pressing against the wall behind her in an attempt to keep her personal space, her eyebrows furrowed. If that was not his intention, then the substance inhibiting her body couldn't be poison. There was another reason for its use.

"Then what is it you want?" she asked again, feeling nervous as one suggestion came to mind. One which, unfortunately, was correct.

"This," he whispered, cupping her face in his hands so she couldn't escape as his lips pressed over hers roughly.

Eyes widening in shock, she gasped – a bad move, as he took the opportunity to slip his abnormally long tongue past her lips, curling around her own. Disgusted, she bit down, drawing blood and causing him to hiss in pain. Moving back, he growled, angrily striking her across the cheek and sending her head whipping to the side. Holding back a whimper as her skin rapidly painted a pale red from the stinging slap, she chewed on her bottom lip, blinking away tears that had begun to form as she tried to stay calm. Thinking back, she mentally scanned through the scroll of the two clans. It had said something about rape, hadn't it?

If anyone were to try and force themselves on either of the clans, they would be repelled. The only exception would be those of the opposite clan and anyone they have slept with previously.

Smiling secretly to herself for a moment, she raised her head, confidence glowing in her eyes.

'I don't know how it works...but he's screwed now.'

Eyeing her expression, he withdrew a kunai, swiftly slicing through the lacing of her corset as he spoke.

"Oh my, what's with that look, Sky? Still not figured out what I am?"

Her self-assurance a little dimmed, she frowned, keeping quiet. He couldn't possibly mean...?

"I am a Jigoku."

Drawing in a sharp breath, fear covered her features before she began to struggle, fighting even as she knew the substance impeding her movement was too strong.

Irritated, Orochimaru pressed the kunai deeper into her skin, threatening to cut her if she didn't settle down as it parted through the sleeves of her Akatsuki cloak and shirt together. Stilling as she felt the blade, she looked away in shame as the fabric fell away to reveal her bra.

"If you are a Jigoku then... why are you even doing this?"

"I have attainted immortality," he replied simply, his kunai slitting upward twice through her skirt and down through her black silk underwrapping.

Lips parting in surprise, she listened as he explained how he had perfected the body switching jutsu, her embarassment at being left in so little clothing momentarily forgotten. Falling silent for a moment as he finished, she stared at him before slowly beginning to laugh.

Having just snapped through the straps of her bra, Orochimaru paused. "...And what is so funny?"

Annoyance growing as she murmured something under her breath, he placed the blade under her chin and lifted it. "What?"


Frowning at her outburst, he stepped back as she continued to yell.

"You think that is immortality? You can still die! Is that why I'm here? So you can breed an immortal? Because that's not what the result will be, moron!"

"As you well know, future generations perfect the techniques of the last," he snapped back, slitting through the centre of the last garment which covered her.

Disgust gripping her, she fruitlessly tried to clench her legs together as he seized her thighs, pulling them apart and lifting her up as he unzipped himself, positioning at her entrance. Unnoticed by either of them, a tremor went through the side wall, sending particles of dust floating down from the cieling.

Tears stinging her eyes, she turned away, wishing she could do something, anything. She didn't want this. She didn't want Orochimaru to take what she wanted to be Kisame's.

As if he could read her mind, the snake leant forward, laughing softly as he spoke into her ear. "Let's see how much he wants you after I've had you."

Audible this time, the wall rumbled, sending down a heavier shower of dust upon them as a deep crack formed down the centre, halting them both. "What the-"

Squeezing her eyes shut, Sky turned, shielding her face as best as she could as the wall took a third hit, thankful for once that Orochimaru was before her, taking most of the damage as chunks of plaster and concrete came hurtling toward them, barely settling before Orochimaru was seized by the throat and slammed into another wall, the figure moving past her toward him so fast that they were a blur.

Vision hazed from the giant dust cloud which had been created, Sky squinted toward her saviour.

'That hair...who...Tobi?!'

The sound of hurried footsteps met her ears and her gaze whipped back toward the opening blasted through the wall, heart pounding as she recognized to whom they belonged. Eyes shifting away in shame as theirs widened, Kisame emerged into the room, briskly barging the rage-filled Tobi out of the way and taking his place, his large hand almost completely encompassing Orochimaru's pale throat.

"What the hell did you do," his voice hissed, colder than she'd ever heard it before.

A horrid choking sound filled the room as his blue fingers tightened around the snake's neck, not allowing him to answer. He could see what he'd done. Cowering back against the wall, Orochimaru clawed at Kisame's wrist, desperately trying to free himself, but to no avail. The shark drew back his free hand, curling it into a fist and slamming it into his ashen face, then again into his gut, repeating all over his body with more and more force until the wall behind the sannin gave, sending the both of them through together. Yet, he did not stop. Climbing atop of him, the blue giant continued, even as Orochimaru's body stilled, clearly unconscious. Whimpering slightly, she rushed forward, freed due to Tobi and now clothed in his cloak, and circled her delicate fingers around Kisame's arm, prepared for the reaction but stumbling nontheless as he automatically made to release himself and whirled round, meeting her tearful eyes, his own widening.

After staring at each other for an age, Sky took a tenative step forward. Seeing that he made no move backward, she launched herself at him, sobbing into his chest. His gaze softening, Kisame's hand moved to her hair, gently stroking as his arms circled her, feeling guilty that he had clearly frightened her.

A clinking sound drew their attention to Tobi, who stood over Orochimaru's unconscious form, holding up little glass vials, one of which was empty.

Glancing over at Sky, Tobi took in her fragile appearance, his eyes travelling upward to silently meet hers. He had figured it out.

"The effects should wear off by morning. Take her to one of the spare rooms, Kisame," he instructed softly. It only just about registered in Sky's mind that his voice sounded deeper than usual.

Kisame's hold on her tightened slightly. "What about him?" he asked, his eyes hardening as his head indicated toward the unconscious snake.

"Leave him to me."

Kisame looked as if he were about to protest, but Sky clung tighter to him, whining softly as she peered up at him. Pausing as he looked down at her, he sighed, nodding as he kept his arm around her and headed out. From how Tobi was treating Orochimaru right before he came in, he seemed capable of dealing with him now. They didn't reach very far before she stumbled, her legs still weak.

"Careful.." Catching her around her waist, he righted her once more. After a few more careful steps, it repeated, and he lifted her into his arms.

Watching them go, Tobi made sure they were out of earshot before turning toward the knocked out Sannin.

"You're out of this organization, Orochimaru."


"Sorry," she whispered, curling against his chest. It sounded like she was apologizing for more than her inability to walk.

"You have nothing to apologize for," he answered, his voice gruff as he moved forward. Yes, he was angry, but not at her, at him. At what he'd done to her.

Quietly tuning in to his thoughts, Sky realised that he didn't know. He didn't know that Tobi had gotten there in time... Or rather, he was unsure.

He kept walking, trying to get as far away as possible from where they had just been, until they reached the empty rooms at the opposite side of the hideout. Sky grasped onto his sleeve just as Kisame was about to open the door with his foot. Halting, he tilted his head slightly as she averted her eyes.

"Stay with me?" she asked shyly.

He was hesitant for a moment but realised she asked because she needed him. She had just been through a traumatising experience and didn't want to be alone – she was scared. Nodding, he headed inside and laid her down closing the door, he settled down beside her, instinctively wanting to hold her from how fragile she looked but unsure of whether now would be a bad time. He wanted to comfort her, but if she had just been... raped, then she most likely wouldn't want to be touched.

Aware of his eyes on her, Sky turned to him. The look he was giving her was fairly blank, emotions flittering across every now and then as he thought. He wasn't really seeing her, just watching, guarding.

Shifting closer, she laid a hand upon his chest, catching his attention. Not reacting for a moment, just keeping eye contact, he then slowly raised his palm, moving it to her hair where he lightly stroked it, his lips turning down at the corners slightly as he really looked at her.

'This is my fault,' she heard him think. Her eyes widened at that, lips parting as she arranged her words, planning to assure him that it wasn't, but he spoke first.

"I'm sorry...if I had been here, none of this would have happened," he spoke, hand slipping down to stroke over her cheek. "I should have realised...how did I not notice that freak had such intentions? God...I'm so sorry, Sky." His hand shook slightly as he again fought the urge to hold her, voice turning hoarse toward the end.

Reading him, she launched herself at him instead, wrapping her arms around his chest. He quickly responded, his own arms encircling her in their warmth.

Feeling touched by what he said, she blinked through the tears forming at the corners of her eyes. "It's not your fault, Kisame. Neither of us saw that coming. He would have only tried another time if you had been here," she told him, voice slightly muffled and she buried her head in his chest before looking up at him, repeating, "it's not your fault."

Their faces were barely a couple of inches apart now, her eyes soft but determined. "...You don't blame me," he stated quietly, hopefully.

"No," she replied, smiling sadly. Again, she was touched that he would even think such things. She found it..sweet of him. Closing the distance, she pressed her lips to his softly, reassuring him. At first, he was frozen, returning the kiss but for a second before pulling away.


Sky stared, her hold on him loosening. As he didn't immediately explain, she shoved him onto his back, flipping into his lap and looming over him. "You don't want me now, is that it?" she asked, her voice barely above a whisper, hardly disguising the venom held within it. Her eyes radiated with hurt.

The cloak she wore had split open, escaping her notice but certainly not his. He swallowed.


"No?" she growled, her hands curling into fists.

He quickly grasped onto her wrists, struggling to hold her into place as she tried to tear away from him, angry. "Not..not no. 'No' to this, I'm not going to take advantage of you right after you were-"

"Does it change things if I was?" she cut in once more, struggling harder.

Hauling her toward him, halting her movements as she momentarily lost her balance, he looked her right in the eyes as she was once more barely inches from him. "No, it does not. It doesn't change how I feel about you, and it doesn't stop me from wanting you. I just can't be the kind of bastard who'll touch you when you are vulnerable." He paused for a moment "I'll always want you, Sky."

She blinked, cheeks reddening. "Oh.."

Since she had calmed down, he released her wrists and she sat back, looking away for a moment before climbing off of his lap, silent, only just now realising the cloak had opened and wrapping it closer.

"He...didn't," she said, her head lowering. "He didn't get to, Tobi got there right before he could."

"Why didn't you tell-"

"I didn't want to. I didn't plan on talking about it...and then I wanted to make sure how you felt about it. If I had just said it, any disgust you felt could have been gone, and I'd have never truly known if it had been there."

Kisame sighed. A second ago he had started to feel lied to but her explanation made sense. "Yeah, if had been that kind of person," he grumbled, pulling her into his arms. "I'm relieved, for you, that he didn't get to do anything, but it wouldn't have made me think any less of you if he had."

Sky turned, cuddling against him. "I'm glad."

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