Death Comes Close

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Nothing Important

"Gwen! Gwen!" Owen walked quickly down the stairs and barged into the kitchen. "You!" He pointed at Kyle. "You're coming with us!"

"Owen, what are you talking about? What's wrong?" Gwen asked with a frown.

"I found this in the wardrobe upstairs," said Owen. He held up an oddly shaped circular shaped test tube full up with a sickly green liquid.

"What is that?" Gwen asked fearfully.

"No idea, but it's alien that's for sure. So this idiot is coming for a drive with us."

Kyle looked at Owen with a calm but ugly and angry stare. "I've never seen that before." He looked Gwen and stared hard into her eyes. "I haven't seen that before Gwen."

Gwen stared at Kyle with a glazed over hypnotic look. "I think he's right Owen. He hasn't seen it before," she said in a robotic tone.

Owen stared at Gwen and frowned. She blinked and looked up at Owen as if she'd said nothing unordinary. He suddenly swallowed hard and took a sharp look at Kyle. Sensing something was very wrong he grabbed hold of Gwen's arm and took out of the kitchen, "Go call Jack. Get the SUV over here." Gwen looked ready to protest but he yelled, "Go!" He headed back to the kitchen and looked sharply at Kyle, "What the fucking hell are you?"

Kyle raised his eyebrows and shrugged, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Owen shook his head, "Well, whatever the hell you are, you're coming to torchwood." Taking a few steps forward he grabbed tightly onto Kyle's arm. Suddenly their eyes locked and Kyle's facial expression changed quickly from a slight smile to a gasp of horror as he stared at Owen's eyes. He shook his head, in disbelief almost, shocked. Owen frowned at this behaviour. "What?"

Kyle shook his head and looked quickly away, "Nothing."


"We'll be right there," Ianto's voice said in Gwen's ear. She thanked him and turned to see Owen leading Kyle out of the house. She stood by the gate, running her hand along the railings, waiting for them. Owen smiled at her as he shoved Kyle in front but she didn't return it.

It didn't take long for Ianto to arrive in the SUV; glancing at Kyle he opened the door and chauffeured him in. "Ianto Jones," said Ianto nodding.

Kyle just gave wry smile and reluctantly got into the car.


"So Kyle, tell me, if you have never seen this before… then why, exactly, was in your wardrobe? …Was it your wife's?" Jack questioned. They were in the interrogation room; Jack, looking down on Kyle's place in the chair; Owen, leaning against the wall with his eyes closed; and Kyle, sitting in the chair unfazed.

Kyle smiled, "That liquid isn't, uh, alien. It's just a sweetener my girlfriend uses-"

"I thought you said you'd never seen it before," interrupted Owen.

Kyle turned to Owen and said hotly, "I didn't recognise it then."

Owen rolled his eyes. "Of course you didn't," he said sarcastically.

"Well," said Jack. "Our computer genius is examining that that… stuff as we speak. So, we'll know you're lying."

Kyle smiled, "I know. Okay."

Toshiko's voice popped into Jack's ear, "Jack… you need to see this."

Jack nodded, "Be right there." He turned to Owen, "You – keep an eye on this guy."

Owen nodded as Jack left. He looked at Kyle with unease, wondering what he'd done to Gwen, and what exactly he was. He stared at him for a few more seconds before asking, "So, what did you do to Gwen?"

Kyle simply stared at Owen, "Sorry?"

"Come on; what did you two talk about? You got some sort of… hypnotic power?" questioned Owen.

"I don't know what you mean."

"Oh come on, she was sticking up for you."

"Her own choice," said Kyle coolly.

Owen snorted, "I don't think so. Gwen doesn't go for blackmail, and she knows bad when she sees it."

"How would you know? You've only known her, what, a month?" Kyle smiled slyly.

"I -" Owen began, but stopped in mid-sentence. "How do you know that?" Kyle just smiled knowingly, so Owen took a different approach. "Why did you look so shocked earlier?"

Kyle's smile fell, "What?"

"Looked like you'd seen a ghost or something…" Owen raised his eyebrow, sensing Kyle's weakness. "Something you… sensed? Or am I just special?"

"No," Kyle said coldly.

Right then Jack walked back in the room. He heaved a sigh, "Well, looks like you're free to go Kyle." Kyle smiled, not at all surprised.

"What!?" Owen stared at Jack.

"He was right Owen. Tosh double checked, there's nothing wrong with that stuff. It's nothing important," Jack said shrugging.

"But… Gwen! He's done something to her, she thought he was innocent!" Owen said loudly.

"Yeah… and he is," Jack laughed.

"No… but you don't understand…" Owen insisted, but his words went on deaf ears as Jack led Kyle to the main hub.

"Uh, you'll want a drink," said Jack quickly, holding out Kyle a glass of water.

"Ah, so I forget everything I've seen," Kyle nodded. He drank in large gulps as Jack led him out and Owen watched on miserably. Gwen waved to Kyle as he left. Owen looked at her, wondering if she was under a spell… or if she really did simply trust that man.


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