Okay, so maybe there was something wrong with this picture.

One, me and my family are all vampires.

Two, my brother fell in love with a human girl, and she's been through mass amounts of danger.

Three, she also wants to be a vampire.

Four, I'm in love with her.

…I just revealed a bit too much, didn't I? Oh God. Just listen to the story, okay?


I went kind of unnoticed these recent days. With Alice running around planning Edward and Bella's wedding. And everyone else involved too. What was I supposed to do? Shout "Pay attention to me, Rosalie!"


Don't think so.

"Rose? Do you think you could hand me a pen?" I was immediately snapped out of my day dream like state.

"Oh…sure…" I grabbed the nearest pen I could find and handed it to Alice.

"Rosalie? Something on your mind? You seem…distant…" I went back to looking at the floor, but it probably just made it seem like I was even more distant.

"I…" Here it was, I've been waiting to tell someone for so long. But what would she think? Would she be shocked? Mad? Happy? Anything at all? "Alice, I think that…"

Then, he walked up. The perfect charmer, handsome like a god, smart, wise. What else could she ask for?

"Oh, hello again Edward." I tried not to establish the bitterness towards his sudden arrival. He gave a small wave and turned to Carlisle.

"Carlisle? Have you seen Bella?"

Oh God. There it was. The name that made me weak at the knees.

"I think she's upstairs. Rosalie, could you go bring her down here?"

Of course, pick me. But the whole time in my head, I was screaming out, "I HATE HER."

I was very crafty at concealing my thoughts. Whenever Edward was around, I would just think something absolutely sour towards the girl. No harm, no foul.

I went upstairs without saying anything, and knocked on the door to Edward's room.

"Bella?" I saw her eyes flutter open as soon as she heard her name.

"Rosalie? Is it time to get up already?"

I laughed softly. "It is, you're so lazy. I think we might just have to get the cattle prod out."

She coughed a little, like she was choking on something. "Sheesh, I'm up!"

She pushed her hair down and then tied it back in a ponytail.

"You know, when I'm a vampire, you won't have to get me up anymore. Now, there's an improvement."

I flinched. But I knew it was coming, she was going to become a vampire. But it was a complicated matter for myself.

You see, I love her. I found myself to be in love with her, and I want her to be my soul mate and spend an eternity with (which will never happen), but…I don't want her to give up her human life. She has so much to enjoy which the rest of us will never able to.

I was in my trance again, as she turned to me and started talking.

"Rosalie? Listen…I know, we aren't the best of friends, but we've become closer. And…I want you to be my bridesmaid…if you don't want to, that's okay."

My face lit up with a fake smile.

"Are you kidding? You are like a sister to me, I would love to."

Of course, fate deals me a nice little hand. The bridesmaid to the woman I love.

Sometimes, I just wish I could fold.


I was sitting in the usual spot. At the table with no one around to talk about the precious wedding.

"Rosalie?" I spun around.

"Oh, Alice…do you need something?"

"Well, earlier you were going to tell me something, and then you left to get Bella. At this point, I know something's wrong…"

"And they say Edward is the mind reader…" I murmured.

"Rose, you know you can come to me for anything. Hell, we're vampires, what should it matter? It's not like you're pregnant or caught a sexually transmitted disease."

I started to laugh. "They call them STD's for your information."

"Does it matter, wait…totally irrelevant. Rosalie, what's going on?"

"Would you believe me if I told you?"

She raised one eye brow at me. "Shoot."

I took a deep breath in and shut my eyes.

"Alice, you can't tell anyone about this. Not Jasper, not Esme, not Emmett, and DEFINETLY NOT Edward."

"Go on…"

"I think I'm…in love."



She blinked and her mouth shaped to an O. "Should I even ask who it is…?"

"Is Edward anywhere around?"

"No. He left with Bella a little while ago. If I'm correct, he won't even be listening in on our thoughts, too busy with his fiancé."



I sighed and pursed my lips very lightly.

"You don't get it? As if vampire love wasn't already forbidden enough…"

"Rosalie Lillian Hale. Tell me who it is, or so help me…"

Her look was stern as she looked me in the eyes. It was a bit too much for me; usually she was quite animated and bubbly even. But now she was, oddly serious.

"Does it matter? She's taken."


I flinched, this wasn't going the way I wanted it. The way I wanted it, was for nobody to ever find out.

"Yes, is that so hard to believe?"

"No. I'm just surprised. My own sister to love a woman. It doesn't bother me though. Is it another vampire?"

"Soon to be…"

She was quiet; I think she was stunned because she had figured it out. Not that it was hard to figure out anyway.

"You're in love with…her…"

I looked away. The words too much for me. It all suddenly felt so wrong. Would I be willing to give Emmett up for some girl engaged to my brother?

"Yes. I am…"

"Rosalie, are you sure?"

I turned around and inhaled sharply. "I've never been more sure of anything in my life. Not even about the fact about wanting to stay human…"

I was shot a shocked look. "Wow, you and…Bella. Wow. How will you get around this? I mean, she's going to live forever like the rest of us, and you'll have to see the woman you love with your brother for an eternity…" She said drifting off with her last words.

"Thanks for reminding me." I hissed. She frowned.

"How do you expect to keep this from everybody else?"

"I've been doing well so far, haven't I? I can conceal my thoughts from Edward, and it's not like I'm usually a chatterbox, so when something is bothering me, it's not like people will notice…well, except for you."

Alice tapped her chin. "True, but, what if Edward finds out? Or even Bella…"

I gritted my teeth at the thought. "Bella CANNOT find out."

"Be careful Rose…I don't want you to end up more hurt than you have to be."

"I won't…" Suddenly, her face turned to a smug smile.

"I have to know though, since when?"

I scoffed at her. "You don't HAVE to know anything, okay?"

"But Rosalie," She said in sort of a whiny voice. "It's not like I'll go telling everyone, please?"

A sigh escaped my lips.

"A while now…after you and her saved Edward in Italy. She was just so selfless. But, you know the thing that draws me to her the most? It's her humanity, her heat. Being around her reverberates through my entire soul, it draws me to her, and when she's one of us, that'll be…"


I hung my head and sighed again. "Yes."

"One question though."


"Why won't you tell her?" I snapped my head back up to look at her after she said that.

"She…won't accept it. She's with Edward. You know that."

It was her turn to sigh. "You know, I think you should tell her, you really should…"


It was the next day. I hadn't slept well through the night, well okay, since I didn't sleep at all, I hadn't had a very good night in general.

Edward was starting to get worried again that someone was coming after Bella, so we took shifts watching her.

First for two hours it was him (of course), then Alice, Esme, Jasper, Carlisle, Emmett, and lastly, me.

My two hours couldn't come soon enough it seemed. But it felt like I was last for a reason, did they all really think I hated her that much?

I walked into the room as Emmett was walking out, he smirked at me.

"Try to keep your track record clean."

"Oh please," I tried to sound indignant. "Like I would taste her human blood and then face the consequences afterwards. I'm not that stupid darling."

He chuckled. "Just be careful, okay? Her blood is…more than tempting. Don't be an Edward now and fall in love with her too."

I heard Edward from down the stairs. "I can hear you Emmett."

"That's what I was hoping for Edward." He laughed some more and walked down the stairs.

Now, it was me, an empty room, no supervision, and my greatest temptation I had yet to face.

Bella Swan.