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Four Years Ago…

"Excuse me, sir?" Riza Hawkeye, First Lieutenant, came inside Roy Mustang's inner office. When she closed the door, he looked up.

"What is it, Hawkeye? I want to finish early so I can go home to my fiancée."

Her face fell, and she looked pained. "That's just it, sir. Do you really love her?"

"Of course, I did propose." This, he knew was a lie. He didn't love her, not like he loved Riza. He couldn't tell her that; it wasn't like him; besides, rejection wasn't something he was good at. Hawkeye, however, did not know this was a lie.

"Alright. It's just…it's nothing." Hawkeye looked away.

Thinking he was catching on, he said, "Oh, is this because of what we…did a month ago? It really meant nothing, we were both drunk."

Now he had cut deep. A month ago was a military work party. Roy had too much to drink and so had Riza. Somehow, they took a cab together and ended up at Roy's place. Things did get out of hand before Riza could stop them. The next morning, she left before he was awake and they went on like it never happened. Riza secretly hoped something might have come from it. Never would she have imagined this would happen.

"No sir, it's not that. I was just curious. She asked me to ask you and, well, you know. Girl things, I suppose." Slowly, she shuffled the papers in her hands.

"What is that, more paperwork?" He groaned. Just when he thought he might get a break.

"Kind of, sir. These are my withdrawal papers. I have decided to quit the military and pursue a career elsewhere." She handed them to him, wanting to leave his office. "Tomorrow's my last day. Good evening, sir." She turned to leave. If only her plan had worked out, she wouldn't have handed him those papers. She should be staying. Instead, she was going.

"Do they know?" He jerked his head out towards Havoc, Breda, Falman, and Fuery.

"They will tomorrow. I'd like to tell them myself, so please don't say anything." She then opened the door and walked back to her desk, leaving Roy with a million and a half questions. Mostly, why are you leaving?

The next day, Riza came into work. She sat at her desk like normal. Mustang watched her and wondered how she did so calmly. She was leaving her family for 8 years.

She let Havoc smoke in the office, which was a little suspicious. When they all went to eat lunch, she went with them. That was something she rarely did. Their suspicions were satisfied when only 15 minutes of work remained.

"Men, I have enjoyed working with you over these eight years. I'm sorry to say it has come to an end so soon." She was standing.

"What? Are you leaving or something?" Havoc said from behind the cigarette. Fuery's eyes grew big. She would never leave the General, especially since he'd only been back to work for a year after coming home from the North.

"I have resigned. I'm going to live life as a civilian now." By now, her eyes were slightly shiny. Moisture threatened to come out.

"But…why?" Falman asked.

She took a deep breath. Havoc glanced up at the General, who apparently already knew. "My grandfather offered me a different lifestyle and I've decided to take it. It'll be a refreshing change." Havoc got the feeling there was something more than that; something that had to do with the General getting married in a few months. Honestly, if he'd been with Mustang this long and he married someone else, he'd probably leave too. Of course, he wasn't in love with Mustang.

"Oh, well, you'll stay in touch, right?" Breda asked.

"Probably. I'll be sure to stop by sometimes." That was the end of the discussion, Breda knew.

When five o'clock rolled in, Riza stood up. Tonight, she was leaving the office on time, for the almost first and last time. After giving hugs to the men and a look at Roy, she walked out feeling tremendously sad.

Eight moths later…

"Hey, Havoc, come here." Gracia Hughes poked her head in the door. Havoc, being curious, took a look at his superior, who was busy on the phone with his fiancée (they still haven't gotten married, he was such a procrastinator) arguing about when to have the wedding, and snuck out the door.

"What is it, Gracia? I'm sure Mustang would enjoy it if you came in the office." Havoc took out his cigarettes and gestured to see if he could smoke. With her nodding, he lit on up.

"I'm here on more personal affairs. Promise me that you won't give this up to anyone? You can tell the others later, okay?"

"Yah, sure. What's the big deal?"

"I'll explain in the car ride over. Go tell them you have to take a half-day." Havoc nodded obediently, and went inside. Mustang had just gotten off the phone and looked mad.

"Sir, I need to take a half-day."

"Whatever, Havoc. Go." Mustang waved him off. Obviously, his fiancée had ticked him off; what else was new?

Once in the car, Havoc demanded answers. Gracia looked sad, then started in on the tale. "You know Riza? She showed up at my doorstep eight months ago with a confession."

"Right after she quit?" Whatever could it have been? Hawkeye wasn't one to keep many secrets.

"Yeah, like the day after. I sat her on the couch and she spilled everything. Apparently, she and Roy were drunk after the military party and things…got out of control at his place." Havoc could feel his eyes widen. No way; they'd never told any of them. Why was he engaged to that other girl?

"The day before she left the office, Roy told her that it didn't mean anything, because they were both drunk. He messed her up a good one this time, though. When he said that and got engaged to some other person, Riza knew she couldn't tell him."

"Tell him what, exactly?" Havoc wondered what this had to do with him.

Gracia looked stressed. "She couldn't tell him that A) she loved him and B) she was carrying his baby."

Havoc nearly dropped his cigarette. "What!" He managed to choke out.

"I know, I know. She really needs someone to share her secret with, but she doesn't want Roy to know. She knows he'd take responsibility and do the honorable thing or ignore his daughter completely. I think she's scared he might not be able to love his daughter and she doesn't want her to get hurt by him, like she was hurt by him."

"I can understand that. While the General is an arrogant jerk, he'd do what's right. Hawkeye has every right to be upset. She is keeping the baby, right?"

"Yes, she is. As a matter of fact, a little girl was born just about four hours ago. Hawkeye wanted someone from the past to be there for her daughter. She knew you, Falman, Fuery, and Breda were reliable. Also, she named you the Godfather and me the Godmother."

Havoc felt a hitch in his breathing. This was the way the men and him had always bet and envisioned Mustang and Hawkeye's first child, except that Mustang was getting married to someone else and Hawkeye was knocked up. This wasn't the way it was supposed to happen. Leaning his head against his window, he sighed, "What's her name? When do I get to see her?"

"Hawkeye named her Rosalie Emily Hawkeye. Honestly, if the world were perfect, her name should be Rosalie Emily Mustang. Too bad things aren't picture books. Oh, I'm taking you to see her right now. At the hospital, you should call the other guys and tell them to get down here."


A few hours later, and people had surrounded Hawkeye's bed. Fuery and Falman were amazed at how little and beautiful the baby was. Breda looked a little nervous when he first held her, but was now holding her close. Havoc beamed like a proud parent over his little goddaughter.

Nobody asked who the father of the child was. Almost anyone who knew Mustang well could tell that was his child sitting there. She had the onyx colored hair growing in little tufts. She had Riza's amber eyes. But the most prominent thing that stuck in all their minds about who the father was was when little Rosalie smiled. It wasn't a smile, so to say, it looked more like that smirk several of them had seen or been on the receiving line of.

Four Years Later…

"Mommy, can I go play with Hayate?" A little black-haired child stood at Riza's leg. Riza smiled, thinking how much more she got like her absent father each day. Still, it hurt to think that she was nothing to him.

"Sure, honey. Make sure to keep clean. Uncle Jean will be here soon. So will Uncles Breda, Falman, and Fuery." Gracia had been kind enough to take them in for the past four years.

"Yes, mommy." Clapping her hands at the dog next to her, the three-year-old, soon to be four, as it was her birthday, skipped out, humming. Riza smiled a sad smile.

At the military office, things weren't going so great. Mustang had let the paperwork get away from him again and was desperately trying to play catch-up. He'd ordered all the men to stay behind to help him. Sitting at his desk, which was right next to Havoc's, he listened to the men complain.

"Great," Havoc muttered under his breath, but Mustang could still hear him, "we're all gonna be late to little Rosalie's fourth birthday party and it's all this asshole's fault. She'll never forgive me; after all, I am her Godfather."

"Havoc, who's Rosalie?" Roy was slightly curious. Nobody in his or her right mind would name him a Godfather.

"She's…a…um…a daughter of a friend. We all have to go to her birthday party. You're making us late."

"I didn't realize you all had similar friends. And a married one at that, I'm surprised."

"Oh, she's not married, sir." Havoc mentally beat himself. He had said too much.

"Really? Is that why you're all nice to her kid? To win points with the mother?" Mustang was surprised even further. Never had he thought his men were able to be child-friendly people.

"No, sir. She's still in love with Rosalie's father, even if she'll never admit it."

"Hmm. Maybe I should go with you to the party and teach her to get over him." Mustang smirked wickedly.

"NO!" Breda practically screamed.

"Breda, I wasn't being serious. Still, I do have nothing better to do." Roy had to admit that he didn't have anything planned for tonight. The engagement from four years ago was his last serious relationship. Well, other than Hawkeye, but that was over, too. He'd ruined that one. He was so stupid then.

"Sir, I'd highly recommend that you not come. She's very particular if we invite over guests." Fuery twitched nervously.

"Sounds like Hawkeye." Roy muttered. "What's your friend's name, Havoc?"

"Um, her name's…um, Maria."

"Havoc you are a horrible liar. Tell me the truth." Roy wondered what the big secret was. Havoc wasn't one to normally keep secrets. He had way to big of a mouth, well, when he wasn't smoking.

"Her name's Colleen, sir." Fuery lied okay. Maybe Mustang would back off.

"Still no truth, Kain. You need some work on convincing lies. Havoc, I order you to tell me who it is. Otherwise, I will fire you right here."

Havoc gulped. He was the worst liar, and Mustang knew. He needed this job; he loved this job. Hopefully, Riza would forgive him. "Her name's Riza, sir."

Mustang felt a scar open up deep within him. She was there, somewhere inside of him. And he'd only heard her name. "What's her last name?" He demanded, sounding cold.

"It's…its, Hawkeye, sir. It's Riza Hawkeye and I really hope she doesn't kill me."

"What do you mean? Hawkeye left four years ago. She's never made any contact."

"Yes, she has. Just not with you. You messed her up good, Mustang, sir." Falman spoke this time.

Realization flooded to his brain. "And she has a child? Who's the father? Where is she right now?" Panicked, he needed to see her. He needed to apologize. He needed to turn back time and start over again.

"Sir, I cannot tell you those things." Havoc refused.

"Why not? I order you to." Roy tried to keep his voice in check, but was failing.

"Sir, you messed her up. Her happiness is worth more than my job."

"Whatever." Slowly he pulled on his alchemy gloves. His fingers took their snap position. "I bet Fuery will tell me. Or, I bet you all don't want to be charcoal tomorrow."

Fuery was terrified. Forgive me, Hawkeye, Fuery prayed. "Mustang, I will tell you whatever you want to know, just not who the father is. I will walk out of here charcoal if I have too." Fuery sounded braver than he felt.

"Deal. She has a child, then." To Fuery, it was stated, not a question.

"Yes. Her name is Rosalie Emily Hawkeye. She's turning four today. We were going to go to her birthday party at the Hughes residence, where Hawkeye is living. She owns a store near the house. What else do you want to know?"

"Nothing. I've got to go see her." Mustang grabbed the keys to a car and ran out the door before anyone could stop him. A few seconds later, they were all piling in a car, racing to get to the Hughes' house.

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