Well... That's just something you'll have to figure out my dear.

Mom? What do I tell Hanabi.

Nothing, She isn't my daughter.


Hinata, she wasn't bad to you was she? Your step-mother I mean?

No, not really she just never pays any attention to me that's all.

I'm sorry. Don't worry Hinata, after this everything will change for the better. I promise.

Hinata just sighed and said fine.

Excellent! Now you go back and remember Hinata make them all pay. Hinata heard her mother's insane laughter as she went into the light.

But that was 2 days ago.

With the sensei's.

"I can't believe that those damn Hyuugas won't let me even know how she's doing!" Hissed Kurenai. "I mean I am her guardian!"

"Calm down, I'm sure she's fine." Assured Asuma.

"How do you know Asuma!"

"Relax Hiashi is a cold-hearted fucker if she was in trouble I'm sure we'd all know" Said Kakashi with his nose in his book.

"You idiot!" Screamed Asuma. Iruka slapped his forehead at his friends stupid ness. Anko was Anko .Genma stifled a laugh.

Kurenai looked murderously at Kakashi, Genma and Asuma had to hold her back from killing the copy-nin.

"Ah, maybe you should take her home, besides he was just kidding right Kakashi?" Iruka said.

"..." Finally Anko kicked him. Making Kakashi glare at her. "Right Kakashi, you were just kidding!?" Iruka said with urgency.

"mmm, oh what?." He said slightly confused. Why was everyone pissed at him and why did Anko kick him? Oh yeah. "Don't worry, she'll be fine." he said with a lazy sigh.

Kurenai was still fuming and muttering curses. Well I think everyone needs to sleep. Besides everyone still needs to do for work for the exams. Stated Iruka. Everyone agreed and went their separate ways.

"He's kind of cute and smart to." Thought Anko as she walked away.

At the Hyuuga compound.

Hiashi-sama, Hinata-sama has made a full recovery. Said a branch member who's name Hiashi still didn't know. Not like he cared to know anyway.

Hn. Leave. Hiashi said bored. Well Hinata I'll you give one thing, you don't die easily. oh well. Your no longer my burden.

At the Ramen stand.

Hey Naruto did you visit Hinata-san? Asked Sakura.

No, nobody would let me! Yelled Naruto while getting ramen in her face.

Naruto you idiot! Sakura yelled as she hit him on the head.

Dope we're all 2 feet from you! There is no reason to yell.

Oh, hehe. Naruto said sheepishly .

Man, he's right you know no body can she her. Said Kiba sadly.

That's' because even thought they don't care about her, they have to keep up appearances. Stated Shino. Everyone "huh?"

Troublesome. If they let anyone see her then that wouldn't be protecting themselves. Because she's isn't at her full health then anyone could attack her, and they don't want to look weak.


At the hospital . In a darkened room. Okaa-san I'll make you proud. I'll show them! And I have the prefect way to do so. Hinata chuckled darkly.