A/N: Written for Hanna-chu.

Warnings: Shoujo-ai.

Disclaimer: Kazuki Takahashi owns.


Neither of them could tell how it started or what started it. Their recollections starting from the moment when Anzu opened the door skipped straight to the part when they had started kissing and undressing each other. Lips went wandering all over every bit of exposed skin, hands tangled in clothes and hair; and somewhere between wistful sighs and satisfied moans everything else ceased to exist.

Mai slowly moved her hands up Anzu's sides, pulling up the pale yellow shirt as they went. She leaned down to press fluttering kisses on the brunette's shoulder before slowly moving up to her neck in search of her pulse point where she intended to leave a mark. Anzu moaned against the blonde's ear, tracing the tip of her tongue along it and lightly dragging her teeth over the earlobe. Her hands reached up behind Mai's head and tangled in her hair, pulling on them and forcing her to lift her head up for a scorching kiss that made their blood roar.

"Bed?" Mai suggested in a low voice once they broke apart to breathe.

Anzu chuckled against Mai's shoulder and slowly dragged her teeth along her collarbone. "For the sake of progress?"

"Progress?" Leisurely, Mai moved one hand down to brush against Anzu's panties. First the touch was light, then grew harder and faster before switching to a slower one again.

"Didn't make it that far last time," Anzu reminded her, biting back a moan and pressing harder against the other woman, her own hands setting on a slow exploration along Mai's body. She lightly dragged her nails down the other's sides, spread her fingers and rubbed her hips, and then continued to move them down and to the inside of her thighs.

"Honey," Mai purred in amusement. "Beds are overrated."

It wasn't until a lot later when they had picked themselves up on the floor and curled up on the bed, holding each other close and sharing some leisurely kisses and touches when Anzu remembered the reason why she had come to Mai's room.

"Oh? So it wasn't for the sex?" Mai teased.

The brunette scowled half-heartedly in response. "All I wanted was to borrow your toothpaste."

"Toothpaste?" Mai quirked an eyebrow, tossed her messy hair over one shoulder, got up from the bed and left the room. She was back in less than a minute and threw a white tube onto the bed.

Anzu looked at it, then back at Mai.

"Keep it." Mai winked, making the brunette laugh, and slipped back into the bed.