No, it's a lie. This ain't no new chapter, it's a personal note about this fanfic.

I have walked myself neckdeep into a pile of shit, I must say. I have not updated this in a long, long, time and this count for the other fanfics I'm currently writing too. This is because, over night, my motivation for writing has just vanished and I seem not to deprive any pleasure of it anymore. A natural consequence of that is that I can't juggle three fanfics at once, and until I manage to remove the major writing block that has clogged up my brain, this one has to go.

One important reason for this is as Code Veronica X is indeed a great game, I'm not sure how I can write about endless series of puzzle-solving and backtracking without boring myself and the reader to death. Another reason is that my OC is deeply flawed and a stereotype.

I have only recently become aware of my overwhelming ignorance when it comes to gender- and racial issues non-Caucasian women face. As someone so blatantly put it, African American women are often portrayed by the media as being "the angry black bitch".

I can only blame my ignorance on myself. I wanted to make a character similar to Heather Mason from Silent Hill 3, and seeing as African Americans very rarely are presented in games and fanfictions, I decided to make her African American, unwillingly creating a tired stereotype.

I am sorry to the ones who enjoyed the first chapters of my fanfic. If I do decide to continue it, I have to revamp the whole thing.