Preview: One of the Black Organization tries to leave. The third one to become a child. The Organization seems to come closer and closer the truth about Conan/Shinichi. Is this the beginning of an end?

Warning: Probably it is going to have a lot of grammatical problems and bad spelling.

Disclaimer: Detective Conan and all the characters does not belong to me but Aoyama Gosho-sama, except Tonic or Kirihana Shiro that is one of the main characters and my OC. If I owned Detective Conan Kaitou KID would show up more often.

Chapter 1: Tonic

It had just stopped raining, so almost no one was outside besides a few couple of persons. The sun reached down through the clouds and had started to warm the ones outside and a nice, warm summer wind blew through the really wet city. It might have been better if he had actually stayed at Doctor Agasa's house, but Conan had chosen to walk back to Mori's detective agency. Thanks to the umbrella he hasn't seen them yet, but now he almost walked right into the long-haired man that couldn't be anyone but the one that had given him the drug that made him to a kid.


Conan swallowed and was just about to start running when he felt a gun being held against his temple. He swallowed again and waited, hoping he got to go. He glanced at Vodka, the person that held the gun against his temple. At last one of them started to speak. Gin. But the words stroke fear in Conan.

"You know where Kudo Shinichi is, don't you, kid? Spill it."

Conan didn't answer the man's question. He just couldn't say that he was the Kudo Shinichi they were looking for, not after all this! He was scared. Right then he heard gunfire and to his surprise Vodka dropped his gun because he was shot in the hand. One shot more. Then a voice.

"Oi! Run, kid!"

He flinched and did as the voice that belonged to an unknown person said. When he looked in front of him he saw one woman, completely dressed in black with a gun in her hand. Was it that woman that had saved him? She seemed to be 18 years old, like he was. Only with the difference that she was in her own body, not in a 7 years old child's body.

"TONIC!!" Gin shouted.

"Don't worry! The effect of the poison isn't deadly, it will just paralyze you for a while - sadly!"

She started to run too. Conan looked at her when they were running away from the two men from the Organization. Who exactly was she? A member of the Black Organization? But why had she helped him in that case? She saw his wondering facial expression and smiled.

"Do you wonder who I am? Tonic. Former assassin for the Organization. Who are you?"

"Edogawa Conan! Why did you help me back there?"

"I can't see a child get hurt. That is the only reason. You think it is weird?"

"No, thank you!"

She stopped and leaned herself against one house wall, panting, it was quite clear that she had been running too long, even before she saved him. Conan stopped right after she did. She looked at him and shook her head.

"Run, kid. Don't let them get you, and for the sake of every god that exists: Don't die. Leave me here and run."


"NO BUT! If you wait at me you will get captured and killed! Run!"

He looked helplessly at the young woman in front of him, the former member of the Organization. There wasn't a thing he was able to do to help her, so he followed her orders and started to run. As fast his tiny little legs could carry him.

Tonic saw the boy run away as fast as he was able to and a small smile spread over her face. A real smile. It really was a long time ago that she had actually smiled. She wasn't able to remember how long ago. But she had done everything she was able to do for the little kid, and now she was probably about to die. She didn't have the energy to run anymore, not much longer even if she could. She would hardly be able to run a few meters. She took a few steps away from the wall and looked around for an escape path. Where? She didn't notice that Gin came up behind her and hit her to the ground. She wasn't unconscious but she wasn't able to even move a finger, and she had dropped the gun when Gin hit her. Now Vodka had caught up with them too. This was bad. Gin picked up the gun.

"Did you really think that you were able to escape, Tonic?" Gin said. "At least I will honor you with killing you at your favorite way."

She knew what that meant. They were going to poison her, and with a deadly poison. Different from the paralyzing poison she had dipped her bullets into. She saw Gin open a bag and pick out a pill. She became frightened when she understood what the small pill was. APTX-4869. It had to be it. Gin put it in her mouth while she thought up as many curses as she was able to and forced her, with a little help from a little water, to swallow it. Then he stood up.

"Let's go. We have wasted too much time hunting for her", he said. Then he looked at the girl. "Good bye then, Tonic."

The two men left Tonic there to die. Her body felt like it was on fire, as if her skeleton was melting. Was she... about to die? Then the world went black for her.

She heard voices. So hell did exist? It was probably the devils talking about her...

"Is the girl dead?"

"No, no, she is still breathing!"

What? But... The poison was about to work perfectly! So why, why wasn't she dead now? She slowly opened her eyes and sat up. Around her were civilians and she saw that the police were on the way there. How big it all seemed. No, wait! The police? She became a bit nervous. What would she do if they discovered that she was a former member of the Organization? No, now the police were there, beside her...

"Hey, kid, are you okay?" one of them asked.

"Of course she isn't okay! She is bleeding from the head!" another said.

Wait a second! Kid? She was 18 years old, why did they call her a kid? Ouch! Her head hurt. She raised her hand to touch it but stopped. The clothes! They were too big for her! Wait now again... She started to think. Everything seemed so big, kid, too big clothes as if she had shrunk... Mirror! Was she able to find a mirror?

"Um... Excuse me, Mr. Policeman? Do you have a mirror?" she asked, pretty unsure on herself.

"Mirror?" the man asked and looked at the other police.

"I got one", it was a female voice.

A woman walked up to them and gave her a mirror. She looked into it and panted in horror. She didn't look at the young woman Tonic, but a kid.d.

One week later...

Ayumi, Genta and Mitsuhiko were gathered around Ai and Conan, talking very much. About unnecessary things. Conan did listen a bit bored when Ayumi finally said something new.

"I've heard that it will begin a new girl in our class today!"

"What? I hope she is cute!", Genta said.

As fast he said it the door did open and the teacher followed by a young child with short, black hair and dark brown eyes but light skin behind her. The girl looked over the class and stopped a short while at Conan. Then she smiled.

"This is Kirihana Shiro that is about to begin our class today. Be nice to her now!", the teacher said. "You want to say something, Shiro-chan?"

"No. It isn't needed."

She started to walk towards a empty seat, but when she passed Conan she did whisper, very quiet, to him:

"We meet again, Conan-kun. I was lucky."