Full Summary:

Full Summary:

Firestar and Sandstorm have just left and Leafstar has to handle a whole Clan alomst by herself. But her deputy, Sharpclaw, helps. But trouble arises when Leafstar falls in love with her deputy and becomes pregnant with his kits. Sharpclaw is thrilled but Leafstar is not. She-cat leaders arn't supposed to have kits! As Leafstar struggles with her love, Cherrytail struggles with a prophecy: Cherries can grow with the swiftest breath. Cherrytail is startled by this prophecy and even more surpised when a loner cat arrives in their territory. His name is Swift.

A/N: This is my first sequel EVER!! So please forgive me if it's bad. I mean, I wrote this out a Loooooong time ago. XD


Leader Leafstar- Brown-and-cream tabby She-cat with amber eyes

Deputy Sharpclaw- Dark ginger Tom

Medicine cat Echosong- Silver tabby She-cat with green eyes


Patchfoot- Black-and-white Tom Apprentice, Bouncepaw

Clovertail- Light brown She-cat with white belly and legs

Sparrowpelt- Dark brown tabby Tom Apprentice, Tinypaw

Cherrytail- Tortoiseshell She-cat Apprentice, Rockpaw


Bouncepaw- Ginger Tom

Tinypaw- Small white She-cat

Rockpaw- Black Tom


Petalnose- Pale grey She-cat Kit(s): Sagekit, Mintkit


Sagekit- Pale grey Tom

Mintkit- Grey tabby She-cat

Other Cats

Firestar- Handsome ginger Tom

Sandstorm- Pale ginger She-cat

Hutch- Dark brown tabby Tom

Tangle- Dark tabby Tom with amber eyes

Kelly- Tortoiseshell She-cat with green eyes

Cosmo- Dark grey Tom with brown-black eyes and white paws

Kitty-Bear- Calico She-cat; white with brown and black patches and amber eyes

Koda- Calico Tom; black with white neck fur, brown and white legs and brown-amber eyes

Poncho- Blue-grey Tom with green eyes

Pepper- Dark grey She-cat with white neck fur and paws

Lad- Golden brown Tom with white patches and blue eyes

Hiccups- Grey-and-white She-cat with white paws and amber eyes

Hades- Black Tom with cold blue eyes

Lucifer- Pure white Tom with green eyes and one black paw

Zeus- Golden brown Tom

A/N: I'll do the Prologue since this is only the alligiances….